Beirut: Best Things to Do

Image by djedj from Pixabay - Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut is the capital and the largest city in Lebanon

The city is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea

It is one of the oldest cities in the world

The luxurious architecture influenced by the French makes this city often called as "the Paris of the Middle East"

The recommended attractions you can visit in Beirut are the National Museum of Beirut, Pigeon Rocks in Raouche, Zaitunay Bay, and Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque

Get lost in the beautiful city of Beirut!



When you are in Beirut, you must visit Nijmeh Square. You will find the Lebanese Parlament, Deputies' office building, cathedrals, museums, and many more. This area is known to be the iconic square of Beirut. Enjoy the beauty of Art Deco architecture along the town exterior. Discover the truth behind Beirut's "the Paris of the Middle East" nickname.

Nijmeh Square

It is the central square in downtown Beirut in the Lebanese capital

The area is 2245 square meters

It is home to the Lebanese Parliament and its complementary buildings where you can enjoy sightseeing by walking around the area

Address : Paris، Lebanon


Downtown Beirut offers different vibes for your trip. The Beirut Central District is a financial and commercial district in Beirut. The downtown Beirut is known as a beautiful area in the city. The area is filled with nice boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. The district is located on the city's northern coast, so it has easy access. Many city attractions are located in the area like the Beirut City's Museum and Urban Cultural Center, Sea Corniche, Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque, and many more.

Museum and Urban Cultural Center

It is a museum filled with full of history of Beirut and Lebanon

Address : Beirut, Lebanon


For a shopping lover, Beirut Souks is a must-visit place in Beirut. It's a shopping area where you can find over 200 shops, 25 restaurants, entertainment places, and cafes. Get lost in time while enjoying shopping in the area.

Beirut Souks

Urban complex with various specialty shops & eateries, plus a cinema, arcade & children's museum

Address : Beirut, Lebanon


Beirut offers a variety of cuisines perfect for culinary destination. One of the authentic food you can try is Kibbeh. It is an Arabic authentic food made of bulgur (Arabic cereal food), minced onions, and lean meat. For the authentic drink, you can try their specialty of Arak. It's an authentic Lebanon's distilled alcohol with milky-white color. And for your information, it is a high-content alcohol drink.


Beirut is a multicultural city. Because of the diverse culture, people in Beirut also speak many languages. They are mostly trilingual. They speak Arabic, French, and English.


The most ideal time to visit Beirut is in the summer. It's between July to September.


Four Seasons Beirut is a hotel located on Wafic Sinno Avenue. This hotel offers a luxury stay for your trip. Not only offering the best quality service and accommodation, the hotel also has the best views of the city, mountains or Mediterranean sea from the private terraces. But if are looking for a budget hotel, the Albergo Hotel can be one of your options. The hotel location is very strategic. It's located near several popular attractions like Zatunay Bay and Orthodox Cathedral.

Four Seasons Hotel Beirut

an upscale luxury hotel in Beirut offering the best accommodation and hotel services in the city

Address : Minet El Hosn, Beirut, Lebanon

Hotel Albergo

traditional Lebanese architecture hotel in the Center Beirut

Address : Abdel Wahab El Inglizi street، Beirut, Lebanon


Get a fine dining experience in El Denye Hek. This restaurant serves the authentic taste of Lebanese traditional cuisines. It also has a comfortable dining atmosphere. Another recommended restaurant in Beirut is Enab restaurant. This restaurant has good service with friendly waiters. It's a must to try mezze, an Arabic mix snacks in one plate. You can enjoy eating while adoring the pastel-color-painted walls in this restaurant.

El Denye Hek

an upstairs balcony restaurant serving the best traditional Lebanese food

Address : Armenia street, Beirut, Lebanon

Enab Restaurant

a Lebanese restaurant with a nice authentic decor

Address : Beirut, Lebanon


Located in downtown Beirut, Al Falamanki is one of the popular cafes in town. Beside its quality coffees and deserts, this cafe also serves various kinds of Lebanese dishes. The cafe has a good vibe with a view of beautiful garden. Another popular cafe you can visit in Beirut is Urbanista. The cafe is known as one of the best breakfast spots in the town. Sip your cup of tea in the back terrace of the cafe while enjoying the street view of Beirut.

Al Falamanki

a cafe and restaurant located on top of Raouche offering great views

Address : Beirut, Lebanon


a good vibe cafe serving a delicious dessert and coffee

Address : 1866 Court & Suites, Ground Floor, Bliss Street, Hamra, Beirut District, Beirut, Lebanon


Discover the nightlife of Beirut at Antika. It's an outdoor lounge located at Beirut's Waterfront. The bar serves refreshing drinks along with Arabic music and the authentic shisha. But if you want to try the authentic arak from Beirut, Anise is where to go. Not only serving arak, this bar also serve various kinds of drink and cocktail accompanied by relaxing vibes and jazz music.


a relaxing bar and party place located in Waterfront City, Beirut

Address : Beirut Waterfront Biel Downtown، Lebanon


An authentic cocktail bar in Beirut serving the best cocktails and drink in town

Address : Beirut, Lebanon


Raouche Pigeon Rocks, located in Raouche, is a natural attraction of Beirut that you can't skip. This place is a coastline area surrounded by rocks. You can have a walking tour or boat tour in the area. It's very recommended to visit this place to enjoy the stunning sunset from the offshore. Another interesting place you can visit in Beirut is the National Museum Of Beirut. As one of the oldest cities in the world, Beirut has plenty historical traces. The museum displays around 100.000 collections of ancient and medieval artifacts. Explore the history of the old city there!

Raouche Rocks

Popular tourist destination known for its iconic rock formations in picturesque seaside surrounds

Address : Beirut, Lebanon

National Museum of Beirut

Archeological artifacts dating from prehistory to the 1500s & telling the history of Lebanon

Address : Beirut, Lebanon


Mar Mikhael is known as a trendy area in Beirut. The district offers various kinds of instagramable spots for you. One of the famous spots is the colorful stairs located in the district. The Mar Mikhail stairs, also known as Massaad stairs and St Nicholas Stairs, are colorful painted-geometric-shapes stairs. The stairs is a tourist attractions located at the Mar Mikhail district. Another recommended instagramable spot is the graffiti of Fairouz. The graffiti is made to honor the legendary Lebanese singer Fairouz. It's located in Corniche el Mazraa next to the Cola bridge.

Mar Mikhail Stairway

a good spot photo of colorful staitways

Address : Beirut, Lebanon

Fairouz Graffiti

a graffiti of singer Fairouz

Address : Mazraa Mazraa, Beirut, Lebanon