First Time Tourists Guide in Sidon, Lebanon

Image by Jenny Brophy from Flickr - Sidon city

Sidon is a port city of Lebanon and the third biggest city in Lebanon

Known as Sayda or Saida this city located in the South Governorate, approximately 40 minutes from Beirut by car

This city is famous for ancient historical buildings such as Khan El Franj, Sidon Sea Castle and Soap Museum - Saida

Don't forget to try the authentic food from Sidon that is Baino: Kebbe dan Lahme bil-khal and the beverage is Ayran



You can enjoy the famous architecture of Sidon right after you set foot in this city. Saint Louis Castle is the famous historical castle in Sidon. Known as Qalaat al Muizz and the Land Castle that built by the French crusaders in 1254. This building has been rebuilt several times.

Saint Louis Castle

Interesting site you can stop by the directorate general of archaeology

Address : Sidon, Lebanon


An absolutely lovely strolling place to walk around here! Temple of Eshmun is an ancient place of worship and occupied from the 7th. This building dedicated to Eshmun and located close to the Awali River. You can enjoy this temple by seeing that famous ancient building.

Temple of Eshmun


Address : Bqosta, Lebanon


Ain al-Hilweh knows as the famous market in Sidon. Here, you can find many authentic souvenirs that you can buy. Then, this market also offers fresh food such as vegetables and fruits. Al Bazerkan market is the flea market with traditional vibes that you many find souvenirs. They provide various kinds of gifts and souvenirs at affordable prices.

Ain al-Hilweh

Good place with good people and complete items

Address : Sidon, Lebanon

Al Bazerkan market

It is beautiful Traditional souks

Address : Sidon, Lebanon


One of the typical cuisines in Sidon is Baino: Kebbe dan Lahme bil-khal. Baino: Kebbe dan Lahme bil-khal made from meat with oats and vinegar. The authentic drink in Sidon is Ayran. Ayran made from yogurt, water, and salt.


The official language in Sidon is English and Arabic. The majority of Sidon residents embraced Islam and Kristen as its belief.


April through November is the best time to visit Sidon. In these months Sidon has a warm temperature with little rainfall that makes you comfortable when you traveling.


The best accommodation in Sidon is Al Qualaa Boutique Hotel. Al Qualaa Boutique Hotel is four stars hotel that famous in Sidon. Close with Sidon Sea Castle becomes the advantage when you stay here. This hotel has beautiful landscape with a sea view. The other recommended hotel is Yacoub Hotel. Yacoub Hotel is a unique hotel that traditional design. Here you can get good service with great amenities.

Al Qualaa Boutique Hotel

Good place to stay for a night with a great view on the castle

Address : 1600, Sea Side Road, Main Str, Sidon, Lebanon

Yacoub Hotel

quite beautiful and original hotel

Address : Saida Old Souq Street, Sidon, Lebanon


Sidon is famous for its seafood because Sidon located face to face with the Mediterranean sea. Beit Al Samak is a popular restaurant that offers many various kinds of seafood, Lebanese, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean menu. For Muslims, this restaurant offers halal food for you. Want to visit the beautiful restaurant with delicious food, Saida Rest House Restaurant is that place. Saida Rest House Restaurant is the restaurant that offers the Lebanon and seafood menu. The strategic place becomes an important point because close to the sea and Sidon Sea Castle.

Beit Al Samak

Great Fresh Food and Reasonable Prices

Address : New Corniche, Rafic Hariri Blvd, Saida, Lebanon, Sidon, Lebanon

Saida Rest House Restaurant

Fantastic location with a great food

Address : Sidon, Lebanon


Hangout in Sidon after walking around this city is the best idea. Ward Gardens Cafe is the great cafe in Sidon that offers you indoor and outdoor places. Here you can see the beautiful style with the plant as decoration. For coffee lovers, Switch Coffeeworks is the famous cafe in Sidon. This cafe offers various coffee that you can choose.

Ward Gardens Cafe

Excellent atmosphere, wonderful service, food very good

Address : Sidon, Lebanon

Switch Coffeeworks

Cozy · Casual · Groups

Address : Sidon, Lebanon


Enjoy coming here over traveling in Sidon. Shiny Star Theater And Hall the one of a night club that you can visit. Shiny Star Theater And Hall offers you many varieties of beer. Then, you will get a great service from the bartender.

Shiny Star Theater And Hall

nice bar with a nice atmosphere

Address : القياعه الشارع العام قرب جمعية المؤساة، Sidon, Lebanon


Sidon is home to many arts and cultural sites that will let you enjoy numerous great works from the old days. Soap Museum - Saida is the historical museum with an authentic style. Opened in 2000, this museum specializes in Levantine soap. Next, Dabane Palace / Debbane Palace Museum / Musee Historique de Saida is the historic home. This museum offers beautiful decoration with a rich history.

Soap Museum - Saida

A pretty well thought place where we discovered all about the soap making process and the history of this craft in Lebanon

Address : Al Moutran Str., Haret Audi, Old Town Saida, Sidon, Lebanon

Dabane Palace / Debbane Palace Museum / Musee Historique de Saida

It looks really nice and it’s worth visiting and you can get a top view of the city of Saïda from the roof

Address : Sidon, Lebanon


For those who love photography, Sidon Sea Castle is the castle built in the 13th century. This historical building located in the port city of Sidon. The other instagramable places are Khan El Frank. Khan El Franj is a historical landmark in Sidon. Khan El Franj is the most beautiful limestone buildings in Sidon. In the 17th century this building built by Fakhreddine.

Sidon Sea Castle

Great historical site

Address : Sidon, Lebanon

Khan El Franj

One of the oldest places in Lebanon

Address : Historical City، Sidon, Lebanon