Tangier: Best Things to Do

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The city has an area of 116 km².

Tangier is a Moroccan port on the Strait of Gibraltar.

Most people in Tangier speak Moroccan Arabic.

Tajine is a popular food from Tangier.

Moroccan dirham (Dh) is the official currency in Tangier.



Caves of Hercules is a legendary attraction in Tangier. This amazing cave is famous for its Greek myths too. People believe that this place was where Hercules rested during his labors. This cave has two "doors", one to the sea and another one to the land. Besides its myth, this cave is truly amazing. You can go in with only 5 Moroccan dirhams per person plus 5 dirhams if you need a guide.

Caves of Hercules

Such a great Historical and mythical cave

Address : Tangier, Morocco


Dar el Makhzen is also known as Sultanate Palace. This is a historical building with 2 museums in the area. This site was built in the 17th century in the era of sultan Moulay Ismail. Here, you will see the Museum of Moroccan Arts and the archaeological Museum of Antiquities. The interior of this palace is so unique. It was built with wooden ceilings, marble fountains, arabesques, and Roman columns.

Dar el Makhzen

A landmark in Tangier, Morocco

Address : Tangier, Morocco


Tangier is famous for its antiques and wooden goods. So, go to Bazar Mehdi Roussi is an antique store, selling cool stuff including local souvenirs, like its ceramics you can bring home. For a wider market, you can go to Casabarata Market. It's rich in cultural stuff to offer. Also, this market is good to watch local people's activities.

Bazar Mehdi Roussi

A souvenir shop in Tangier, Morocco

Address : 128 Rue Salah, Addine Al Ayoubi, Tanger 90000, Morocco

Casabarata Market

A colorful market in Tangier, Morocco

Address : Avenue Abou El Kacem Acharif Sebti, Tanger 90060, Morocco


Tajine is an authentic food in Tangier you should eat. It's a stew cooked with sauce and prunes, fruit, or vegetables. You can get this food at many local restaurants in the city. Harira and brochettes are also the local cuisines you can try. For the drink, Tangier is known for its great mint tea.


Most people in Tangier speak Moroccan Arabic. But, many people speak the Berber language too. People who live in the city are called Tangerines. Here, you pay everything with Moroccan dirham (Dh). But, Many local sellers would be happy to accept payments in Euro too. For cultural events, there are TANJAzz and Festival du Court Métrage Méditerranéen you might join.


The best time to visit Tangier is from September to November and March to May. You will get perfect weather. It's will be not too hot and the tourist traffic is not high.


Hotel Rembrandt is a beautiful hotel with a beach view. It's a perfect choice for nature lovers. The hotel is located close to the beach, an 8-minute walk from the Tangier American Legation Museum, and 8 km from the Grand Stade de Tanger. Also, you can in Kenzi Solazur Tanger. This elegant hotel is a great pool and Tanger beach view. It's located 1 km from Tanger Ville railway station and 4 km from museums in Dar-el-Makhzen.

Hotel Rembrandt

Amazingly functional old-style hotel, clean and new shower/toilet, comfortable bed

Address : Boulevard Pasteur, Tanger, Morocco

Kenzi Solazur Tanger

One of good choices and good place with a nice view by the beach

Address : Ave Mohammed VI, Tangier, Morocco


Restaurant Bachir is a popular Moroccan restaurant in Tangier. It's a perfect place to eat like locals. There are many authentic foods to offer. But, the high-recommended options are its tajine and couscous. Also, you can come to the Hamadi restaurant. This place also serves typical Moroccan foods. It's popular for the pastilla and mint tea.

Restaurant Bachir

A local restaurant with good food and cheap price

Address : Rue Zyriabe, Tanger, Morocco


A Moroccan restaurant in Tangier

Address : Rue de la Kasbah, Tanger 90000, Morocco


Café Hafa is a beachfront cafe, located close to Monument Historique Laala Jamila. This cafe has a relaxed terrace and delicious foods for breakfast or brunch. Ordering its bissara and a cup of mint tea is a good choice. You can also go to the Café Restaurant Vintage Tanger. This is a coffee shop with great quality of coffee and tasty cuisines to offer. Don't forget to try its crepes and hamburgers.

Café Hafa

One of the signature places of Tangier with the most beautiful view

Address : Rue Hafa، Tangier, Morocco

Café Restaurant Vintage Tanger

Good hospitality and delicious food with a graet view

Address : Ave Mohammed VI, Tangier 90000, Morocco


Londons pub is a good choice to enjoy the night with live music and cold beers. This pub has a shady theme with its popular tapas and various drinks to offer. People in the city usually come on Thursdays. You can also go to El Morocco Club. This club is a cabaret club, famous for its great cocktails. The space is so cultural and unique. This club also has a big selection of wine.

Londons pub

Cosy place with a good selection of drinks and tapas

Address : 15 Rue Al Mansour Eddahbi, Tanger 90000, Morocco

El Morocco Club

Beautiful restaurant in the old Town of Tangier

Address : Place du Tabor, Kasbah, Tanger 90000, Morocco


Tangier American Legation Museum is a cultural building in the medina of Tangier. This vintage building is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Now, it's a cultural center, museum, and research library focused on Arabic language studies. If you are not a history lover, at least you will be amazed by its exhibits and arts. Another place to visit is the Church of Saint Andrew. This church has stunning Moorish architecture. It was built in 1905 as an Anglican church in Tangier.

Tangier American Legation Museum

The Tangier American Legation is a building in the medina of Tangier, Morocco

Address : 8 Rue d'Amerique, Tanger, Morocco

Church of Saint Andrew

The Church of Saint Andrew is an Anglican church in Tangier, Morocco

Address : Tangier, Morocco


Kasbah Museum is a good spot for your feed on your social media. With only 20 dirhams to get in, you will get many spots with its cool interiors and garden inside the museum. If you like natural spots, go to Park Rmilat. You will get the view of big trees, rocks, and the sea. You can see the water line between the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea from this area.

Kasbah Museum

Highly recommend Kasbah Museum to learn about history and culture

Address : Place de la Kasbah, Tanger 90030, Morocco

Park Rmilat

A heartbreaking sight seeing, clean space with full of natural sights like sea, huge trees and Rocks also some fun parks

Address : Tangier, Morocco