First Time Tourists Guide in Macau, Macao

Image by Andy Leung from Pixabay

Macau is a Special Administrative Region in China

This country is also famous for its casinos, hence the nickname 'Vegas of China'

The long history of the country influences the diversity of the country that makes it unique and worthed to visit



A-ma Temple is a famous temple in Macau, located in São Lourenço. It was built in 1488 for Mazu, the Chinese sea-goddess. Another religious building that is worth to visit is the Ruins of Saint Paul's. It's a ruin from the 17th-century Catholic church dedicated to Saint Paul.

A-ma Temple

This temple, Macau's oldest, was built in 1488 & is dedicated to the sea goddess

Address :

Ruins of Saint Paul's

Well-known facade of a 17th-century church destroyed by fire, with an on-site religious museum

Address :


Downtown Macau is the epitome of perfect tourist destinations. This location has many interesting places such as the St. Michael Cemetery. There are many important figures who rest here such as the artist George Chinnery. Near the entrance of the cemetery, there is a light blue chapel built in 1875. This chapel is one of Macau's heritage history appointed by UNESCO. This colorful building makes it less scary than a regular cemetery.

St. Michael Cemetery

São Miguel Archangel Cemetery

Address :


The Taipa Flea Market located near the Bombeiros Square in Taipa is worth a visit. But keep in mind that the market only opens on Sundays. You can find unique souvenirs and accessories here, and don't forget to use your best skill at bargaining.

Taipa Flea Market

Modest flea market offering craft & souvenir vendors, plus food, snack & drink options

Address : Largo dos Bombeiros, Macao


One of the most famous street food in Macau is the Portuguese egg tart. It is a flaky pastry filled with egg custard. The caramel on top makes this snack even more appetizing. Pork chop bun is another famous street food in Macau, the soft bun and the tender pork chop inside will spoil your weary stomach.


Although Macau is located in China, the culture of this city is heavily influenced by Portuguese culture. The Portuguese who colonized Macau from 1557 to 1999 left an abundance of heritage, from food, building, and even the official language of Macau.


Peak Season: The late autumn and early winter is the best time to visit Macau, from October to December, the weather in Macau is perfect to tour around the city, there's less rain and the temperature makes it comfortable to tour around the city.


Conrad Macao Cotai Strip hotel is a five-star hotel located in Cotai. This hotel offers luxury and comfort. The hotel also has a great restaurant that will bring your experience of staying in this hotel is great. If you're looking for a budget-friendly option, you can stay in Sanva Hotel. This hotel with traditional Chinese architecture is located on Rua da Felicidade, you can also find many historical sites located near the hotel.

Conrad Macao Cotai Strip

This opulent hotel is 2 km from the Venetian Macao casino, 8 km from Macau Tower and 12 km from the 17th-century Ruins of St


Address : Estr. do Istmo, Macao

Sanva Hotel

Amid restaurants in the historic city center, this unpretentious guesthouse in an 1873 building is 3 km from the observation decks of Macau Tower and 5 minutes on foot from a ferry terminal

Address : 65-67 R. da Felicidade, Macao


Portuguese cuisines are a huge thing in Macau because of the history between Portugal and Macau. This Portuguese restaurant called the Macau Military Club Restaurant is worth a visit. The building of the restaurant was initially used as a private military club, but then it got restored in 1995 it is reused as restaurant. The pink color of the building will be easy to spot. If you want to experience fusion food between Macau and Portuguese, you can come to Albergue 1601. The restaurant's colonial style offers both Portuguese and Macau restaurant. If you want to experience the taste of Asian food with the atmosphere of the European, then this place is the right place for you.

Macau Military Club Restaurant

A Portuguese restaurant in Macau with a unique building

Address : 975 Av. da Praia Grande, Macao

Albergue 1601

A Portuguese and Chinese restaurant in Macau

Address : 8 Calçada da Igreja de São Lázaro, Macao


Blooom Coffee House offers the tastiest coffee. The ambiance of the cafe can help you relax after hours of touring the city. You can also buy a variety of freshly roasted coffee beans to bring home. Bored of coffee? Don't worry, Cha Bei has the various type of delicious tea that you can try. This elegant but casual cafe offers high-end tea experience that you can experience with your travel buddy.

Blooom Coffee House

A cozy and comfortable coffee house in Macau

Address : MacaoR. de Horta e Costa, 5 號雀仔園

Cha Bei

An afternoon tea house in Macau

Address : MO 1/F, 1047, Galaxy Macau s/n, Estrada da Baia de Nossa Senhora da Esperanca, Macao


It's believed that if you haven't see Cotai Strip, then you haven't seen Macau at all. Bars, casinos, and resorts are scattered around this resort. The Ritz-Carlton Bar & Lounge is an incredible place for cocktails and snacks. They have an astonishing selection of drinks. The service and staff are top notch. Old Taipa Tavern has a great atmosphere, you can drink a glass of beer while mingling with the locals. This place also offers flavorful food to accompany your drink.

The Ritz-Carlton Bar & Lounge

An incredible place for cocktails and snacks

Address : Macao, 51/F, The Ritz-Carlton, MacauEstrada da Baía da Nossa Senhora da EsperançaMacau, s/n China

Old Taipa Tavern

A tavern located in Macau

Address : R. de São Joao, Macao


The Venetian Macao is one of the biggest casinos in the world. It has more than 500 gaming tables. Other than casinos, this place also has other interesting things worth experiencing like riding the gondolas while being serenaded by real gondoliers. The resort has a canal that runs in between buildings that makes it possible to ride the gondolas inside. Another amazing feature of this place is the painted sky. The artificial sky looks so clear that people are often mistaken for a real sky. If you're in the mood to pump your adrenaline, come to the Macau Tower to experience the World's Highest Bungy Jumping. The Bungy Jumping is safe with high standard safety gear and professional staff, you can have the best experience in your life without any worries.

The Venetian Macao

Buzzing casino quarter with cocktail bars, fine dining & upscale stores, plus musical shows

Address : s/n Estrada da Baia de Nossa Senhora da Esperanca, Macao

Macau Tower

Tower with shops, a cinema & eateries, including a revolving restaurant, plus observation areas

Address :


A good public space is the best to spend the evening after a tiring day of travel, Senado Square is a good choice to take a break and watching busy street in Macau. This place is popular among the locals too, surrounding this square are shops, heritage sites, and street food vendors. And if you don't know which place to go during the night, you can come to the front of the Wynn Hotel to watch the amazing light show. The light show's stage is the huge pond, and it's able to create a combination of water and light art, the performance is also accompanied by great music.

Senado Square

A frequent venue for public events, this large town square is surrounded by shops & restaurants

Address :

Wynn Hotel

Buzzing casino quarter with cocktail bars, fine dining & upscale stores, plus musical shows

Address : MacaoR. Cidade de Sintra, MO Rua Cidade de Sintra NAPE