Maputo: Best Things to Do

Image by Randall Langenhoven from Flickr - a capital city of Mozambique

Maputo is the capital city of Mozambique, located on the southeast coast of Africa

The city attracts tourists by its unique architecture of buildings

Maputo City Hall, Catedral de Maputo, and  Saint Anthony Catholic Church are the popular destination for visitors to enjoy the historical stunning architecture

Moreover, the touch of colonialist heritage can be found at Museu de Historia Natural and  Casa de Ferro

Besides tourist attractions, the rich culture of Maputo can also be felt in accommodation like Polana Serena Hotel as a historic Maputo landmark



Enjoy the historical sites built in the 18th century by visiting Fortress of Maputo. This National monument represents the history of the Portuguese presence in Mozambique. Jardim Tunduru Botanical Gardens is another destination if you want to go sightseeing for a natural place. Located in the heart of the city, this public park and garden offer a comfortable place to escape from the midday heat or to have a picnic.

Fortress of Maputo

A must for those interested in the Mozambican/ colonial history

Address : Fortaleza de localiza-se junto ao porto de Pesca na praca 25 de Junho, Maputo, Mozambik

Jardim Tunduru Botanical Gardens

A very safe environment to visit

Address : Rua Henrique de Sousa, Maputo, Mozambik


The central area of Maputo is well known as Baixa, home to centuries-old buildings with European-style architecture. Maputo City Hall is one of the best examples of the art deco architecture from the past centuries that worth visiting. This place is now operated as the Government office. After that, you can explore beautiful Independence Square located just in front of the city Hall. Here you will find the statue of Samora Moises who is the first president of Mozambique.

Independence Square

A wide and famous monument you must visit in downtown Kiev, offering its classic European architecture

Address : Maidan Nezalezhnosti, 1, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

Maputo City Hall

Maputo City Hall is the seat of the local government of the capital of Mozambique

Address : numero 1935, 975 Av. Olof Palme, Maputo, Mozambik


For shopaholic, Maputo Shopping Center is a must visit place. The clothing shops, jewelry stores, and a big supermarket make this shopping center become a popular stop for locals and tourists. Do not forget to bring back some souvenirs for your relatives. You can find many local crafts, sculptures, paintings, and fabrics at Feira de Artesanato. This is the most popular open-air artisan market full of stunning handmade things.

Maputo Shopping Center

complete snacks

Address : Rua Da Beira, Maputo, Mozambik

Feira de Artesanato

Worth visiting with complete handmade stuff

Address : Maputo, Mozambik


There are plenty of iconic dishes that you should try when visiting Maputo. Galinha Asada, a roast chicken marinated in the iconic sauce made of chili, lime, onion, and coconut milk. Other foods like Rissóis de Camarão, Matapa, and Dobrada are also worth Portuguese cuisines to try. Do not skip trying Laurentina and Tipo Tinto as great Mozambican beers to complete your dishes.


Maputo's cultures are dominated by the Bantu and Portuguese, but also the influence of Arab, Indian, and Chinese cultures also exist. However, Portuguese is becoming the official language of Maputo. In addition, it is home to a masterpiece of the world's famous architects that produce historical artworks. Therefore, it easy to discover historical sights and cultural highlights there.


The dry season is the perfect time for you to explore Maputo. It is between May and November where you can meet warm temperatures.


Head to Polana Serena Hotel to experience staying at a historic Maputo landmark that built-in 1992. The atmosphere of the Portuguese atmosphere can be felt here. Moreover, since the building is facing the sea, you can get an amazing stunning sea view from your room. Meanwhile, if you wonder to stay in the heart of the city, the Montebello Girassol Maputo Hotel is the best option. This 4-star accommodation will give you easier access to explore the tourist attraction in downtown.

Polana Serena Hotel

pretty clean hotel

Address : 1380 Av. Julius Nyerere, Maputo, Mozambik

Montebelo Girassol Maputo Hotel

one of pretty beautiful hotels

Address : Av. Patrice Lumumba, Maputo, Mozambik


Located close to the President's residence, Dhow Maputo is one of the most favorite places to eat. It is not only serving delicious Mediterranean cuisine with Greek influence but also offering a wonderful sunset view over the city. Do not skip trying seafood-based dishes at Sagres Shellfish Restaurant. Besides of its sophisticated place, the restaurant also offers a beach atmosphere since it is situated near the seashore.

Dhow Maputo

Really beautiful location looks over the sea

Address : 4 Rua da Marracuene, Maputo, Mozambik

Sagres Shellfish Restaurant

The food is nice, and great view of the ocean

Address : Maputo, Mozambik


Taking a break after strolling around the city is a must. You can have a delicious cup of coffee or a croissant at Chez Fred to make you more relaxed. It also has a charming interior design that makes visitors feel like they are in Europe. Uptown Cafe Maputo is another great place to recharge your energy. The trendy yet modern spot can be found here while you enjoy the favorite drink from the cafe.

Chez Fred

Highyl recommended for chill

Address : 914 Av. Julius Nyerere, Maputo, Mozambik

Uptown Cafe Maputo

great place to hunt photo

Address : Rua da Mesquita, Maputo, Mozambik


Plenty of night entertainment in the downtown of the city. One of the most popular places to enjoy dancing is Bar Lounge & Restaurante in 1908. Besides the place has set up for the party, this bar offers a variety of cocktails. If you want to enjoy drinking while listening to Mozambican music, you may go to Dolce Vita. This bar and restaurant have a good ambiance and live music.

Bar Lounge & Restaurante 1908

crowded bar

Address : 560 Avenida Salvador Allende, Maputo, Mozambik

Dolce Vita

Very nice lounge bar

Address : 822 Av. Julius Nyerere, Maputo, Mozambik


Maputo offers dozens of interesting places related to the city's past centuries. Museu de Historia Natural is one of the places that you should not miss. This museum has a remarkable collection of stuffed African animals, including the only collection of elephant fetus in the world. In addition, you can also take a tour to Casa de Ferro or famous for The Iron Horse. This building is a design by Gustave Eifel, the designer of Eifel Tower. The unique architecture and material building will bring you to wonder how it was back then.

Museu de Historia Natural

one of good historical places

Address : Travessia de Zambeze, Maputo, Mozambik

Casa de Ferro

The Iron house, a unique historical building indeed

Address : Avenida Samora Machel, Maputo, Mozambik


As the city has plenty of colonial and modernist architecture buildings, it is unfortunate if you skip capturing interesting spots while exploring the city. You can visit Catedral de Maputo to get an instagrammable worthy photo with a great scene of spectacular architecture. Saint Anthony Catholic Church is another great place to snap a photo because of its unique shape of the building.

Catedral de Maputo

historical place

Address : R. da Rádio, Maputo, Mozambik

Saint Anthony Catholic Church

beautiful place to vsit and hunt photo

Address : Avenida Kwame Nkrumah, Maputo, Mozambik