Rotterdam: Best Things to Do

Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam - Photo by Markus Christ on Pixabay

When talking about Rotterdam, it's highly recommended to visit the famous "Erasmusbrug" (Erasmus Bridge).

Erasmusbrug connects the northern and southern part of Rotterdam that is divided by a river called Nieuwe Maas.

As the largest city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam, Rotterdam offers tourists many unique places to explore.

Besides Eramusbrug, there are Cube Houses, Oude Haven, Maritime Museum, Euromast, and De "Netkous" waiting for you.

If you come to Rotterdam to explore the locals, you must visit De Markthal. It's the city's iconic shopping center.

For the culinary tour, Rotterdam has its famous iconic food called Hollandse Nieuwe and Spikizi for the drink.

Now, let's scroll down to know more about where to stay, the best time to visit, and other attractions in Rotterdam.



If you are visiting Rotterdam, the iconic Erasmus Bridge (Erasmusbrug) must be included in your must-visit list. This iconic cable bridge nicknamed “The Swan” is connecting the northern and southern part of Rotterdam that is divided by a river called Nieuwe Maas. If you are into unique buildings, Cube Houses may please your visual needs. What makes it unique is the architect, Piet Blom. He did not only build the cube-shaped houses, but also constructed on concrete pillars and tilted houses 45 degrees resembling tree-tops of a forest. A truly must-visit!


Modern suspension bridge known locally as The Swan, designed by Ben van Berkel & opened in 1996.

The most popular area in Rotterdam with scenic views from the bridge.

Address : 3011 BN Rotterdam, Netherlands

Cube Houses

Furnished house with models, photos & computers explaining architect Piet Blom's cube project.

Inspiring and beautiful area in town to take photos.

Address : Overblaak 70, 3011 MH Rotterdam, Netherlands


If you are more into traditional and historical sites traveler, Oude Haven (The Old Harbor) is the right place to go. Located in the north area of Maas River, this harbor is a great place to hang out, get some coffee, and enjoy the scenery of boats nearby. Do not forget to visit Maritime Museum as well. It is one of the oldest and largest harbors museums in the Netherlands. You can definitely learn more about the historic vessels and cranes of Rotterdam’s port from this museum exhibition.

Oude Haven

The Oude Haven is part of the Maritime District with stunning buildings along the street.

Also a popular place for locals to meet, eat, drink and dance.

Address : Gelderseplein 24-8, 3011 WZ Rotterdam, Netherlands

Maritime Museum

Vintage ships & historic port models, plus hands-on kids exhibits in a multimedia maritime museum.

Explore and learn about Rotterdam naval industry and the gigantic ships.

Address : Leuvehaven 1, 3011 EA Rotterdam, Netherlands


If you come to Rotterdam to explore the locals, you may want to visit the iconic shopping places instead of the high-end supermalls. De Markthal is the answer. De Markhtal offers you a wide range of products – mostly foods. The tall ceiling and huge built will also please your eyes while enjoying your snacks. But, if you want to go to the sophisticated shopping place, Van Oldenbarneveltstraat shopping district is the right choice. You will experience Rotterdam’s high-end shops with a touch of Paris vibes.

De Markthal

Indoor food market with 100 fresh food stands and various restaurants.

Address : Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 3011, 3011 GM Rotterdam, Netherlands


Try Hollandse Nieuwe if you do not have any problems with eating fish. It is the most famous Dutch food. The red herring is served raw and you can try eating it with the real Dutch. You can always try the unique and tasty cocktails from Rotterdam. Meanwhile, Spikizi is a hidden gem to go for drink tasty cocktails and catch up with your friends. Don’t worry, Spikizi has a liquor license as well.


Rotterdam is known as the rival of Amsterdam when it comes to historical and cultural sites. You can visit the cultural axis between Museumpark and Witte de Withstraat for old and new art galleries. Feast your eyes on the street beauties and impressive wall paintings by local artists as well as visiting Luchtsingel pedestrian bridge and Hofbogen Arches.


The best time to visit Rotterdam is between April to October. Throughout those months, the city will serve you the loveliest Rotterdam in Spring to Summer.


Get your aesthetic photos by staying in nhow Rotterdam where you can take your photos with Erasmus Bridge as your background – and of course as your pleasant morning view as well. ss Rotterdam is also a great choice because this luxurious ship is now permanently converted into a hotel. You can visit a mysterious escape room while spending your night here.

nhow Rotterdam

Set in a striking modern structure on the Maas river, this polished hotel provides panoramic views and a contemporary living room.

The streamlined rooms offer fantastic facilities.

Address : Wilhelminakade 137, 3072 AP Rotterdam, Netherlands

ss Rotterdam

Set on the Nieuwe Maas waterway, this casual hotel is nestled in a former cruise ship.

The relaxed rooms with colorful accents have free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and tea and coffeemaking facilities.

Address : 3e Katendrechtse Hoofd 25, 3072 AM Rotterdam, Netherlands


Get your comfortable fine-dining with a modern-cozy ambiance in Restaurant Langoest. It offers you a wide variety of seafood and also European cuisines. This restaurant is only 0.3 miles from the Erasmus Bridge. If you'd like to try another seafood-Dutch restaurant, we recommend you to visit Zeezout. It is a family-friendly restaurant with local ambiance and located only 0.5 miles from the Erasmus Bridge.

Restaurant Langoest

A family restaurant offers an extensive range of delicious, freshly prepared seafood.

Address : Boompjes 677, 3011 XZ Rotterdam, Netherlands


A fine dining restaurant offers luxurious seafood menu.

Every dish on the Zeezout menu promises something special.

Address : Westerkade 11, 3016 CL Rotterdam, Netherlands


Vader Kleinjan Café has a good ambiance with the view of Oude Haven, the Witte Huis, and the Erasmus Bridge to have your Dutch-specialities snacks. This cafe is also famous for its burger. Vader Kleinjan Café also offers a vegetarian-friendly menu for vegetarians travelers.

Vader Kleinjan

Ideal place for a quick bite and a beer with the sun view by its window.

Address : Spaansepoort 73, 3011 MN Rotterdam, Netherlands


We recommend you night-owls who enjoy music to visit Rotown. This venue hosts open-mic session almost every week. You should spend your night in the on-site bar to find out the nightlife of Rotterdam.


Rotown is a cozy spot to have a beer and enjoy the small gigs in Rotterdam.

Address : Nieuwe Binnenweg 19, 3014 GB Rotterdam, Netherlands


If you are visiting Rotterdam, do not leave without visiting Euromast. It's an observation tower in Rotterdam. The tower offers 360-degree views of the city. What's more interesting, this tower even provides restaurants and hotels if you'd like to spend a longer time on the tower.


Euromast is an observation tower nestled in the bustling center of Rotterdam.

Address : Parkhaven 20, 3016 GM Rotterdam, Netherlands


Update your Instagram feed by taking many photos of De "Netkous". It is a visually pleasing walking and cycling site if you like your Instagram photo symmetrical with a modern touch. This site is also perfect for your selfie. Don’t forget to use the hashtag white aesthetic in your caption!

De "Netkous"

De "Netkous" is a tram bridge located in The Hague district Bezuidenhout.

Address : Driemanssteeweg 250, 3084 CB Rotterdam, Netherlands