Apeldoorn: Best Things to Do

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Apeldoorn is a municipality and city in the province of Gelderland in the center of the Netherlands.

The authentic food from Apeldoorn is the amazing Flemish goose.

Culturally, the locals very appreciate art, especially painting and sculpture. That's why there are many artful events you might join in the city.

Don't forget to taste its koffie verkeerd and jenever when travel to Apeldoorn!

Scrool down below to get information about cool places to visit in the city.



Paleis Het Loo is a popular attraction you must visit in Apeldoorn. This site is so historical and beautiful. There is a palace and garden from the 17th century to explore. Also, there is a notable art collection you can see in this area. Take a walk and enjoy the atmosphere! Don't forget to visit the Het Oude Loo and Restaurant Balzaal to complete your visit.

Paleis Het Loo

A beautiful authentic palace with an interesting history.

The garden attached to the palace is so big you can walk around for hours.

The staff is excellent, very helpful in explaining things about the castle.

It's absolutely gorgeous.

Address : Koninklijk Park 1, 7315 JA Apeldoorn, Netherlands


Julianatoren Apeldoorn is a fun theme park to visit in the city. The park is located near the Queen Juliana Tower and Het Loo Palace. There are more than 60 rides and attractions to enjoy at this park. If you come with your kids, they will be so happy with this place! Besides its cool rides, this park is also great to take a walk and enjoy the crowds. There are nice eateries you can stop by at this place.

Julianatoren Apeldoorn

Amazing amusement park exclusively made for kids.

It is a paradise for children-with all the attractions, delicious meal, ice-cream.

The place itself is super child friendly, almost every ride is suitable for small kids.

Address : Amersfoortseweg 35, 7313 AC Apeldoorn, Netherlands


Cadeau Variant is a nice store to get local souvenirs to buy. This warm store sells items, from accessories to little sculptures or ornaments you can choose and bring home. Get something to remind you of your trip to Apeldoorn! Another souvenir from the city is coffee. Come to Simon Lévelt koffie & thee. This is a store, offering high-quality coffee and tea. The typical coffee or tea from this store can be a souvenir
from Apeldoorn.

Cadeau Variant

A cozy little shop with beautiful gifts for everyone.

Great stuff and great beautiful gems.

You can find beautiful contemporary gifts.

Owner always has a nice chat.

Address : Adelaarslaan 132, 7331 GJ Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Simon Lévelt koffie & thee

Delicious store in the right place in the shopping street of Apeldoorn.

With many types of coffee and tea.

The range is very extensive and the tea is always tasty.

Friendly & helpful staff.

Address : Hoofdstraat 124, 7311 BA Apeldoorn, Netherlands


The authentic food from Apeldoorn is the Flemish goose. It's cooked with local ingredients and an old recipe. You can get the cuisine at many local restaurants in the city. Mashed vegetables, tomato soup with lentil, and smoked eel are the popular dishes to taste in Apeldoorn. For the drink, there are koffie verkeerd and jenever to offer.


Apeldoorn is a municipality and city in the province of Gelderland in the center of the Netherlands. The city is well-known for its historical palace of Het Loo, as well as the natural parks. There are about 163.829 people live in the city. Most of them speak Dutch, but many of them also speak English. Culturally, the locals very appreciate art, especially painting and sculpture. That's why there are many artful events you might join in the city.


The best time to visit Apeldoorn is between May 14th and September 23rd. You will get pleasant and warm weather to explore the city. Also, there are many outdoor things to do during those months.


Stay at Van der Valk Hotel Apeldoorn when you travel to Apeldoorn. This rural hotel has comfortable bedrooms and nice neighborhood to offer. There are indoor and outdoor pools to enjoy in this hotel. The hotel is located 6 km from Apenheul Primate Park and 8 km from the 17th-century Het Loo Palace. You can also stay at Bilderberg Hotel De Keizerskroon. This elegant hotel offers comfy rooms to sleep in. They have complete facilities and a nice atmosphere. This hotel is located near Het Loo Palace, Park Berg en Bos, and Julianatoren Apeldoorn.

Van der Valk Hotel Apeldoorn

Fabulous, comfortable hotel in a pleasant atmosphere.

The room is large with a luxurious bathroom.

The morning breakfast is fresh with a delicious selection of warm foods, breads, fruits,cheese and meats.

Friendly staff.

Address : Landgoedlaan 26, 7325 AW Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Bilderberg Hotel De Keizerskroon

Superb venue in Apeldoorn.

Rooms are large and well appointed with huge comfortable beds.

Breakfast is great and also gluten-free options which good.

The swimming pool, gym and sauna are fantastic.

The staff are so nice and friendly, always helpful.

Address : Koningstraat 7, 7315 HR Apeldoorn, Netherlands


Have dinner at Het Stadscafé restaurant. This place has a cozy space with its nice outdoor and indoor seating to sit and eat. The late-night foods are delicious, as well as the local cuisines. For the drinks, the cocktails are highly recommended to try. You can also go to ‘t Zusje Apeldoorn. This wooden restaurant is so warm and elegant to visit. They serve various delicious foods, even like burgers and tapas. Vegetarian foods are also served here, as well as beer, wine, and cocktail. Those two restaurants are so recommended for you to come!

Het Stadscafé

Pleasant restaurant in the nice location, also very nicely decorated inside.

They have a room especially for presentations and meetings.

It has a wonderful high beer,5 types of beer and tasty snacks.

Friendly service and entertainment for kids.

Address : Nieuwstraat 295, 7311 BP Apeldoorn, Netherlands

‘t Zusje Apeldoorn

One of the best restaurants for a nice evening with delicious dishes.

Inside of the restaurant is nicely decorated, you can sit up or down.

The menu is mainly tapas and the dishes are also very tasty.

The waiters are superb.

Address : Marktplein 25, 7311 LJ Apeldoorn, Netherlands


The Apeldoorns Coffee Huys is a cozy cafe to visit with your travel buddies. The place is warm well-decorated. They serve delicious coffees and morning dishes to order. Don't forget to try its yummy desserts too. Another great cafe is Bagels & Beans. This coffee shop is perfect to visit by coffee lovers. They offer coffee in various ways. For the foods, there are tasty foods you can taste in this cafe.

The Apeldoorns Coffee Huys

The cutiest cafe to have a high tea, with a stylish interior and fast service.

It offers delicious coffee and home made pie.

The sandwiches and cakes are carefully made.

Definitely recommend it for breakfast and lunch.

Address : Korenpassage 37, 7311 LZ Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Bagels & Beans

One of favourite places to go for lunch.

They serve amazing and healthy food and drinks.

Excellent espresso, growing number of organic options on the menu, and the "Bugs bagel".

The staff is really chill and nice.

Address : Hoofdstraat 143, 7311 AT Apeldoorn, Netherlands


Hang out at De Buren Cafe & Tapas to enjoy your night. This tapas bar is warm and cozy to visit. They serve late-night foods and drinks, like the yummy tapas, beers, and wines. Don't worry, there are options for vegetarians too! Another nice food to visit is Finnegan's Irish pub. This pub is popular among locals and tourists. This Irish pub serves delicious beers and late-night cuisines to order. Enjoy the night side of the city at this cool pub!

De Buren Cafe & Tapas

Lovely and pleasant bar.

Very good selection of tapas.

Cozy atmosphere and tasty tapas for a great price.

Service is friendly and makes you feel welcome.

Address : Leienplein 1, 7311 EE Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Finnegan's Irish pub

One of favorite places to go have an afternoon lunch or an evening drink in Apeldoorn.

They have a wide range of beers.

Nice ales and ciders.

The staff is really nice.

Address : Hoofdstraat 176, 7311 BD Apeldoorn, Netherlands


Apenheul is an interesting attraction to visit in Apeldoorn. This is a zoo with over 200 primates, a treetop trail, and nocturnal monkey house to explore. Meet the cute animals at this zoo. You will feel so close to the exotic creatures! Don't forget to visit the CODA Museum too. This is a cool museum, housing many artful exhibitions. This place worths your visit to see how beautiful Apeldoorn's art is. Also, you can stop by at the warm cafe in the area before you leave.


This is an amazing zoo, everyone should visit.

There is a fun interactive feature where children can explore hand sizes, tool usage, food choices, limb length etc.

Nice thing to know, some monkeys walk free in the park, so you can see them from very close.

Besides, a lot of staff walk through the park and they love to tell you more about the monkeys.

Address : J.C. Wilslaan 21, 7313 HK Apeldoorn, Netherlands

CODA Museum

This museum is perfect for art lovers to visit!

There are many cool paintings to see and capture.

Address : Vosselmanstraat 299, 7311 CL Apeldoorn, Netherlands


Park Berg en Bos is a natural park with many nice spots to capture. There are fountains, orange trees, and little waterfalls. Also, you can take a walk and enjoy the breeze at this park too. Another nice spot is De Naald. This is a historical landmark with many monuments and sculptures that you can take pictures with. Don't forget to take a we-fie with your travel buddies too!

Park Berg en Bos

Beautiful park where the apes can live freely in between the visitors.

In summer a variety of evening activities are offered.

The apes are pretty smart and known how to open your bags.

Lots of snack-shops and play grounds for the kids.

Address : J.C. Wilslaan 21, 7313 HK Apeldoorn, Netherlands

De Naald

This place is also one that you should visit when you are in Apeldoorn.

Beautiful monument with a recent historical value.

And, artwork with a historical meaning.

You can take different walks here, something for everyone.

Address : Zwolseweg 1, 7315 GG Apeldoorn, Netherlands