Panama: Best Things to Do

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Panama City is the biggest as well as the capital city of Panama

Located at the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal, this metropolis city is inhabited by 1

5 million

You can go sightseeing Panama's beautiful museums like The Biomuseo, Panama City’s Museum of Contemporary Art, and Museum of Religious Art

Or you can explore the tasty local Panamian cuisine in El Trapiche, Restaurante Tomillo, Peach Fuzz International



The Biomuseo is the biggest museum that you have to visit in Panama City. There are total eight galleries in this museum that contain the history of Panamian culture. For the alternative, you can sightseeing the collections of Panamian contemporary art in Panama City’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Although the place is kind of small, but the collection is diverse and full of variation.

The Biomuseo

Whimsical museum structure by the renowned Frank Gehry with 8 galleries on Panama's biodiversity

Address : Amador Causeway 136, Panama City, Panama

Panama City’s Museum of Contemporary Art

Modest contemporary-art museum showcasing works from Panamanian & Latin American artists

Address : Calle San Blas, Panamá, Panama


You have to visit the iconic Iglesia del Carmen in downtown Panama. The architecture of this building is the reminiscent of the classical Middle Ages style. This beautiful church has a very breathtaking view that will make you relaxed enjoying the ambiance of Panama City. This place is also the most-visited spot in Panama City.

Iglesia del Carmen

Beautiful church, easy to find the metro station

Address : Panama City, Panama


You can’t go to Panama City without tasting its delicious variety of seafood. Fish Market is a good place to start your exploration of Panama’s culinary especially seafood. You can also buy fresh seafood from the fisherman here.

Panama fish market

A central for a lot of vendors selling seafood in Panama City

Address : Ciclovía Cinta Costera, Panamá, Panama


One of the most favorite traditional cuisines is Creole cuisine. The tasty Creole cuisine is usually marked with rice served with hot and spicy seasonings and seafood fresh from the Caribbean coast. El Trapiche is one of the best places to get a mouthful bite of the local food in Panama City.

El Trapiche

A good place to try a variety of traditional Panamian food

Address : Albrook Mall, Panamá, Panama


The culture in Panama is a blend of American Indian, North American, and Spanish culture. This mixture of various culture is seen through its customs, arts, and culinary field. The most common language spoken by the majority of people in Panama is Spanish. But several other languages are also spoken by indigenous people. Museum of Religious Art is a very interesting place to visit if you want to get a glimpse of pre-Colombian civilization and overall Panama’s culture here.

Museum of Religious Art

A wondeful place to learn about the history of Panama

Address : Av. A y, Calle 3a Oeste, Panamá, Panama


For the maximum experience, it is recommended for you to come between May to October. During those months, the air temperature is relatively warm and pleasant.


Located five kilometers from the old town Casco Viejo, Hotel Las Americas Golden Tower Panamá is a very good recommendation for you stay in Panama City. With a modern and stylish building, you can view the city from floor-to-ceiling windows in each room. Casa Sucre Boutique Hotel is another very promising place for you. The building has a unique Colonial-style decor that can add an extraordinary experience to your stay in Panama City.

Hotel Las Americas Golden Tower Panamá

Set in the financial district, this luxury hotel in a striking modern building is 5 km from the 17th-century Casco Viejo old town

Address : Av Balboa y Calle 53 Esquina Marbella, Panama City, Panama

Casa Sucre Boutique Hotel

Set in a restored 19th-century building, this quaint boutique hotel is a 3-minute walk from the Panama Canal Museum and 2 km from Ancon Hill natural reserve

Address : Calle 8 y, Av. B, Panamá, Panama


Restaurante Tomillo is one recommended restaurant in Panama City where you can get many menu options. The vegetarian menu is also available here. Mushroom risottos is the must-try menu. Meanwhile, Peach Fuzz International is the best seafood restaurant in Panama City located in Curudu.

Restaurante Tomillo

An exquisite restaurant in Panama City where you can get many creative menu options

Address : Calle victoriano lorenzo paralelo, Panama

Peach Fuzz International

The best seafood restaurant in Panama City located in Curudu

Address : Calle Q, Panamá, Panama


One of the best places to have a good shot of espresso in Panama City is definitely Bajareque Coffee House. The Geisha coffee is a must-try order in the menu selection. Café Unido Coco del Mar is another alternative for an excellent coffee experience in Panama City. The food menu is also as goodly served that you shouldn't miss.

Bajareque Coffee House

Cozy, friendly coffee shop making the ubiquitous "geisha" coffee pour over

Address : Calle 8a Este, Panamá, Panama

Café Unido Coco del Mar

Splendid alternative for an excellent coffee experience in Panama City

Address : Le Mare, planta baja Panama City, Panamá, Panama


Want to spend an unforgettable night in Panama City? Amano, located at the heart of Panama City, has a various menu of cocktail that always bring a fresh atmosphere for you. You can enjoy many kinds of Panamanian artisan beers while sitting at the outdoor garden of this bar. Pedro Mandinga Rum Bar is the highly recommended place to have a nice shot of tropical variations of cocktail. The full music adds the enjoyable ambiance of this place.


Great pub with mainly locals variety of beer on tap

Address : Calle 70 Este, San Francisco, Casa No. 20, Panama City, Panama

Pedro Mandinga Rum Bar

A highly recommended place to have a nice shot of tropical varations of cocktail

Address : Calle Avenida A. Casco Antiguo, Panamá, Panamá, Panama


Come to Soberania National Park, a tropical forest national park, offers jungle-like trails inhabited by monkeys, jaguars, parrots, eagles and many other kinds of fauna. Another unique place here is the iconic Einstein’s head statue located near El Cangrejo. This statue was made by a sculptor Carlos Arboleda.

Soberania National Park

Tropical forest national park with trails & streams inhabited by monkeys, jaguars & birds

Address : Panama

Einstein’s head

A cool monument of Einsten's head in Panama City

Address : Panama City, Panama


Fill your Instagram feeds with the vintage atmosphere of Panama Viejo. Built in the year of 1519, you can trace the history of Panama from the ancient time through the museum and bell observation tower. Casco Viejo is another old town place to be featured on your Instagram post. A lot of boutiques, cafe, and restaurants are available here for you to enjoy.

Panama Viejo

Founded in 1519, the archaeological ruins of old Panama include a museum & a bell observation tower

Address : Vía Cincuentenario, Panamá, Panama

Casco Viejo

The old city’s heart, popular for its lively dining and nightlife scene

Address : Panama City, Panama