Cusco: Best Things to Do

Pixabay - Cusco is the part of the city in southeastern Peru. Known as Cuzco, this city close with Urubamba Valley of the Andes mountain range. From the 13th century until the 16th-century, this city becomes the historical city of the Inca Empire.

Cusco is the part of the city in southeastern Peru. Known as Cuzco, this city close with Urubamba Valley of the Andes mountain range.



Start your journey by visiting Cusco Cathedral. It is a church located in the Plaza de Armas. Close with the first Christian church in Cusco that is Iglesia del Triunfo. This church has The Gothic-Renaissance that makes you amazed when seeing this building.

Cusco Cathedral

A beautiful, huge and incredibly ornate cathedral.

Address : Cusco 08002, Peru


Qorikancha as well as great attractions for you to walking around. Qorikancha is an important museum in Cusco. Located in the old Inca capital of Cusco, this museum becomes tourist places when you visit Cusco. Known as Koricancha, Qoricancha or Qorikancha, this museum after the 16th-century war this museum mostly destroyed with the Spanish conquistadors.


Beautiful place and worth a visit and probably one of the best points in Cusco.

Address : Santo Domingo s/n, Cusco 08000, Peru


Centro Artesanal Cusco is the famous souvenirs store that you can find in Cusco. This is a good place for bargains some authentic things to bring home. Artesanias Llancaqmaki is the other recommended souvenirs stores that you can visit. In Artesanias Llancaqmaki you can find much handy craft that made from local people in Cusco. They provide various kinds of gifts and souvenirs at affordable prices.

Centro Artesanal Cusco

The best place in Cusco to buy the beautiful memories for family, girlfriend, lover, blessing, etc.

Address : Av Tullumayo 28, Cusco 08000, Peru

Artesanias Llancaqmaki

Nice clean uncrowded market with a beautiful array of handicrafts.

Address : Av Tullumayo 1229, Cusco 08000, Peru


The authentic food from Cusco that you should try is Adobo. Adobo made from meat, vegetables and marinated in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and black peppercorns. Then, the typical drink of Cusco is Pisco Sour. Pisco Sour is the alcohol or cocktail that has ingredients that are Lemon Juice, 1 Egg white, Pisco, and Simple syrup.


Cusco is a cultural city that has many things about culture such as traditional dance, festivities, and religious rituals. When you visit here make sure that festivals you want to visit are held on your schedule. In January you can visit Cusco by enjoying the feast of Ollantaytambo.


The best time to visit Cusco is from June to mid-September. At that period you can find a great temperature to walking around Cusco. If you are dying to see the festival in Cusco just come and visit in January.


The best-recommended place to stay is JW Marriott El Convento Cusco. JW Marriott El Convento Cusco is a five stars hotel with luxury vibes. Located 3 minutes from Cusco Cathedral by walk and other tourist places make you love with this hotel. The other option hotel budget is Ninos Hotel Meloc. Ninos Hotel Meloc is a highly recommended hotel budget in Cusco. Ninos Hotel Meloc serves the unique decoration in every space with the complete facilities.

JW Marriott El Convento Cusco

The building used to be an old convent, so the architecture has a beautiful, colonial style feel.

Address : Esquina De La, Ruinas 432, Cusco 08001, Peru

Ninos Hotel Meloc

Super charming budget hotel with a great location in Cusco

Address : Meloc 442, Cusco 08002, Peru


For the food lovers, Ceviche Seafood Kitchen is the recommended restaurant to try the authentic seafood menu in Cusco. Located in the heart of this city, this restaurant easy to find it. The homey atmosphere makes you comfortable when eating here. The other restaurant is Morena Peruvian Kitchen. Morena Peruvian Kitchen is a modern restaurant with a typical Peru menu. Not only the Peru food menu, but you can also find Latin and fusion menu.

Ceviche Seafood Kitchen

One of nicest places and fantastic restaurant.

Address : Portal de Panes 181, Cusco 08002, Peru

Morena Peruvian Kitchen

Fantastic lunch at Morena. Classic Peruvian food in a modern, hip restaurant.

Address : 08000 B, Calle Plateros 348, Cusco, Peru


Museo del Cafe is the great cafe when you visit in Cusco. This cafe offers delicious coffee with good snacks as a compliment in your breakfast in the morning. Located 4 minutes from Cusco Cathedral by walk, make it easy to find out this cafe. For ice cream lovers, visit Qucharitas is the best idea when you come to Cusco. Qucharitas provides you various of the ice cream that you can choose.

Museo del Cafe

Great place to chill out in Cusco. Excellent coffee and excellent food.

Address : Espaderos 136, Cusco 08000, Peru


Such a lovely little place with cool ice cream place, nice laid back decoration super colorful and supernice service.

Address : Procuradores 372, Cusco 08000, Peru


Hangout in Cusco when nightlife comes in Paddy's Irish Pub is the classic Irish pub. Paddy's Irish Pub has good service with a great menu, this pub has a competitive price. The cozy atmosphere makes you comfortable to hang out in this pub. The other option is Museo del Pisco. Museo del Pisco is a unique bar because you can learn how to make a cocktail with knowledge about history.

Paddy's Irish Pub

Nice pub in a good location.

Address : Triunfo 124, Cusco 08002, Peru

Museo del Pisco

An amazing chill and quaint spot in Cuscoa and it has excellent cocktails and good bar food.

Address : Santa Catalina Ancha 398, Cusco 08002, Peru


The interesting place that you can visit is Saqsaywaman. Saqsaywaman is a citadel located in the north of Cusco. This place added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1983. Next, Cusco with numerous historical attractions. You must visit Moray is an archaeological site located approximately 50 kilometers from Cusco. This place becomes an interesting place with beautiful scenery when you see this place.


Great cultural spot with incredible views of the city. Nice easy hike around the ruins with lots of great history.

Address : Cusco 08002, Peru


It is amazing place to learn about Inca civilization's horticulture.

Address : Maras 08655, Peru


The outdoor amazing place to take a photo is Tambomachay. Tambomachay is the archaeological place that you can find in Cusco. Here, you can find a series of aqueducts, canals, and waterfalls. Qenko is the Cultural Heritage or archaeological sites that you can find 6km from Cusco city. Qenko is one of the largest holy places, known as huacas.


It is a beautiful place with fresh water, where the Inka used to rest and reenergize.

Address : Cusco 08000, Peru


One of the larges "huacas" just outside Cuzco, where researchers believe that sacrifices and mummification processes took place.

Address : Cusco 08003, Peru