Mońki: Best Things to Do

Image by Maciej Andraka from Google Maps - Photo by Maciej Andraka

Monki is an amazing city situated on Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland.

You can reach this place only two hours ride from Warsaw by car.

It's just 2 hours from Warsaw by car.

Destinations here include ROD „Tysiąclecia Państwa Polskiego” w Mońkach, Grodzisko w Krzeczkowie, Biebrzański Park Narodowy, and Tykocin Castle.

For the best night, stay in Zajazd Mońki or Łosinek - Agriturismo.

Don't leave Monki without trying Bigos, authentic food in Munnar.



Start your journey with a visit to Amfiteatr Miejski w Mońkach, a state park. Amfiteatr Miejski w Mońkach is a park with a great place to walking around in Monki. Usually, this park becomes a venue, walking place, and picnic area. We suggest you come with your family to enjoy this amazing place.

Amfiteatr Miejski w Mońkach

Nice place where you can go for a walk or ride a bike.

It has space to sit and relax.

A calm environment.

Address : Zielona, 19-100 Mońki, Poland


Bustling around the downtown of ROD Green Valley in Monki is the iconic garden in Poland. ROD Green Valley in Monki has a beautiful garden in Poland. This garden also has various flowers and plants. This garden is really nice place located in the middle of this city. Then, you can bring your family to doing some recreational activities such as a picnic.

ROD Green Valley in Monki

A quiet place to relax.

Filled beautiful folowers in a calm environment.

Nice to take your children.

Address : Kościelna 42, 19-100 Mońki, Poland


If you are looking for locally made products just visit Pepco. Pepco is a clothing store in Monki. This store offers t-shirts, pants, and others. Martes Sport is another shopping mall in Monki. This shopping mall offers t-shirts, shoes, and others.


A great shop to get cheap price.

A large selection of textiles, clothing.

The service is friendly and helpful.

Address : Strażacka 37, 19-100 Mońki, Poland

Martes Sport

A good shopping mall to shop.

There is a good choice at reasonable price.

The service is nice.

Address : Białostocka 31-25, 19-104, 19-104 Mońki, Poland


Bigos is the authentic food that you should try in Monki. Bigos made from Pork stew meat, red wine, kielbasa sausage, tomato paste, hickory-smoked bacon, and others. Krupnik is the iconic drink in Monki. Krupnik serves with Vanilla bean, lemon, berry, cinnamon stick, clover honey, and others.


Have a rich culture, the Slavic culture is the culture that you can find in Monki. Then, the culture influence by Byzantine and Ottoman. The religion that local people believe is Roman Catholic.


The best time to visit Monki is from June until August. These months have pleasant weather with limited til little rain. Then, these months a great time to holiday.


The best accommodation in Monki is Zajazd Mońki. Zajazd Mońki is a three stars hotel with a 12 km scenic views at Punkt widokowy. This hotel offers free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs. Other amenities are bar, an event space for up to 100 people, and a low-key restaurant. Łosinek - agriturismo is two stars hotel with an old design. The other facilities such as free wifi, beach access, and others.

Zajazd Mońki

Pretty good cheap hotel.

Buffet breakfasts tasty, varied and plentiful.

The rooms are always clean and tidy.

Their staff is kind and helpful.

Address : Sportowa 1, 19-100 Mońki, Poland

Łosinek - agriturismo

The house is beautiful and every detail is carefully thought.

The general ambiance of the property is very relaxed, very bohemian.

The hosts are very welcoming.

Address : Dolistowo Stare 58, 19-124 Dolistowo Stare, Poland


Stop by at Gościniec Dworak is a famous restaurant in Monki. This restaurant has a house as a restaurant and it's old style with wooden as decoration. Soup, crispy potatoes, pancakes and other as the recommended menu. Pizzeria Dobry Klimat is a pizza restaurant with homey design. This restaurant has an outdoor and indoor place to enjoy the menu.

Gościniec Dworak

One of greatest places for have a meal.

They serve delicious food and drinks at reasonable price.

The setting is very superb in a calm atmosphere.

The waiters are fast and polite.

Address : Ełcka 57, 19-100 Monki ul. Ełcka 57, Poland

Pizzeria Dobry Klimat

Pleasant place for have a meal in Monki.

Good climate is very conducive to good food.

They offeer the best pizza for a small price.

The atmosphere is very calm and great.

Address : Tysiąclecia 21/6, 19-100 Mońki, Poland


Enjoy this city with visit Pizzeria Dobry Klimat is a cafe with pizza as the main menu in here. This cafe has a classic design with an indoor and outdoor place to enjoy your food. Another cafe is Pizza Mikrus. Pizza Mikrus is also the pizza restaurant with a modern style decoration. This cafe opens from 11 AM with a cozy atmosphere.

Pizza Mikrus

Chill place for have a meal.

It offers a decent pizza and good ice cream.

It also has very good cake.

Friendly service and long active.

Address : Tysiąclecia 8A, 19-100 Mońki, Poland


Spend the night at Gościniec Dworak is a restaurant that offers some great selection of beer, wine, and cocktails. This restaurant also has bar side that offers to people who want to order the alcohol drink here. The cozy atmosphere makes you love to spend the night here.

Gościniec Dworak

One of greatest places for have a meal.

They serve delicious food and drinks at reasonable price.

The setting is very superb in a calm atmosphere.

The waiters are fast and polite.

Address : Ełcka 57, 19-100 Monki ul. Ełcka 57, Poland


The interesting place in Monki is Grodzisko w Krzeczkowie. Grodzisko w Krzeczkowie is a tourist attraction place in Monki. This place has a pretty view and usually, this place becomes the place to show some event. Biebrzański Park Narodowy is a national park that really famous in Poland. This park has the largest park in Poland. Here you can find some various animals and plants. This is a really interesting place to visit when you in Monki.

Grodzisko w Krzeczkowie

One of great open spaces in Monki.

The area is very lovely.

Many activities to do.

Address : 19-104 Mońki, Poland

Biebrzański Park Narodowy

Most beautiful and peaceful nature.

Superb hardwood forests, rocks,and forest roads.

You can enjoy freshest air and wild nature.

There is superb views.

Address : Poland


Monki has some best outdoor place for photos. ROD „Tysiąclecia Państwa Polskiego” w Mońkach is the amazing garden in Monki. This garden has a nice spot to take your moment in your feed Instagram. Tykocin Castle is a 15th-century castle and the tourist place that located close with Monki. If you visit Monki, we suggest you take a trip to Tykocin to visit Tykocin Castle. Tykocin Castle has many places to take some photos.

ROD „Tysiąclecia Państwa Polskiego” w Mońkach

Pretty amazing place in Monki.

The environment is very superb with a excellent views.

You can enjoy and relax with nature.

It is great to take some photos.

Address : aleja Niepodległości 28, 19-100 Mońki, Poland

Tykocin Castle

A fabulous castle in Monki.

Interesting place to visit with a scenic view.

Unique and lots of fun to stay there.

Address : Puchalskiego 3, 16-080 Tykocin, Poland