Gdańsk: Best Things to Do - Photo by Daborius Black

Gdansk is situated at the beautiful northern Poland, at the mouth of the Vistula River on the Baltic Sea.

The city has several interesting places which are worth visiting such as Neptune's Fountain and St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica.

Green Gate and Westerplatte are the perfect place to explore if you want to get new experience by knowing the history behind it.

Take a snap to these stunning places which will make your Instagram feed good at Artus Court, Oliwa Cathedral.

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Neptune's Fountain is a mannerist-rococo masterpiece and one of the most distinctive landmarks in Gdansk. It is located at the Dlugi Targ, in front of the entrance to the Artus Court. According to the mythology, Neptune is an important God and the Roman God of the Sea. Take a look around at the rooftops of the merchant's houses on the square where the fountain is, you might be able to see between other Athena, Hermes, and other Greek-Roman mythical Gods adding to the importance to Gdansk as a powerful trading city.

Neptune's Fountain

Neptune Fountain is one of the prominent landmarks of Gdansk.

Easy to find- right in the middle of Old Town main street.

The fountain and the bronze sculpture are more than 300 years old.

Very nice view in the evening, when illumination is switched on.

One of the many must see sights in this wonderful city.

Address : Długi Targ, 80-833 Gdańsk, Poland


St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica or well-known as Crown of Gdansk is the largest brick temple in Europe. It has big walls and towers which rise high above the panorama of the city and the surroundings. The basilica has a length of 105.2 m, width in the transept 66.2 m. The volume is 155,000 m and the magnificent stellar and crystal vaults are supported on 26 free-standing pillars. Visit this historical site as we recommend you during your visit to Gdansk, an incredible view of Gdansk city will never disappoint you at all!

Gereja Santa Maria

One of the biggest churches made out of bricks in Europe

it is located at the centre of the city and challenge yourself and go all the way up to its tower.

The interior of the church is also so beautiful.

It is possible to pay to climb the stars to the tower inside for a nice view.

Address : Podkramarska 5, 80-834 Gdańsk, Poland


If you need souvenirs which relate to Gdansk. Folkstar might be the right place, it's not only selling toys but there are several unique items such as magnets, folk scarves, folk jewelry, folk costumes, ceramics of Boleslawiec, and many more. There is also a folk kitchen which has a colorful design.


A wonderful shop with lots of products with a regional - Kashubian motive.

An additional plus is a wide selection of souvenirs related to Gdansk.

For gifts you will find there the power of ideas.

A must for anyone who loves folk and folk culture.

Address : Targ Sienny 7, 80-806 Gdańsk, Poland


Polish's traditional cuisine is about calories bomb, but once you try it, you will not be able to resist the temptation. It is rich in several kinds of meat such as pork, chicken, beef, and famous for its excellent bread and delicious sausages. Poland is the land of vodka; it is around 40-45% strong alcoholic beverage. Vodka is in various types, from absolute (czysta in Polish) to flavoured.


Gdansk is one of Poland's cultural powerhouses which can be seen to the several aspects such as festivals, museums, galleries, historical sites, and traditional cuisines.


The best times to visit Gdansk for ideal weather are on May 21st to September 30th.


Hilton Gdansk is located on the Motlawa River with a view of the 15th century Crane which is the most famous symbol of Gdansk. There are around 150 comfortable rooms and suites including modern conference rooms with a total area of 600 meters square. The Sofitel Grand Sopot is a five-star hotel which is located on the beach just a few steps from the vibrant city center. The longest wooden pier in Europe is located right next to the hotel. Sofitel Grand Sopot has around 126 rooms and suites including a private beach. The hotel was built in 1927. You can enjoy several amenities and facilities such as WiFi, wheelchair accessibility, pets allowed, air conditioners, and etc.

Hilton Gdansk

A very awesome hotel in a picturesque set up in the centre of Gdansk.

The hotel is situated on the bank of the Motlawa river.

Hilton has a wide selection of breakfast,the rooms are clean and spacious.

The linens are of high quality,the service is excellent.

Address : Targ Rybny 1, 80-838 Gdańsk, Poland

Sofitel Grand Sopot

A fabulous hotel in all counts.

Great location, adjacent to the sea beach, exclusive sea beach for hotel boarders.

The rooms are tidy and wide selection at the breakfast.

The elegance is blended with tradition and comfort.

Address : Powstancow Warszawy St 12/14, 81-718 Sopot, Poland


Gdański Bowke is the place where you can feel the port atmosphere of 200 years ago. They are offered fresh bread, make dumplings every day and prepare unique dishes with traditional Polish flavors. Prologue restaurant is currently located on the banks of the Ottawa River in a charming building which was built on the ruins of the Teutonic Castle. Prologue restaurant surrounded by original walls among the 13th and 14th centuries. They served only with quality and fresh products. You can taste "sourdough" here, it is a bread which is made by natural fermentation and formed by hand and baked in the oven.

Gdański Bowke

Great decorated restaurant with very delicious meals and extremely tasty self made vodka and schnapses.

They serve amazing fish dishes and unforgettable cheesecake.

Quality of the food and choice of beer and wine too.

You can eat here without having to worry.

Address : Długie Pobrzeże 11, 80-888 Gdańsk, Poland

Prologue restaurant

One of the best and pleasant restaurants in Gdańsk.

A gastronomical feast with mouth watering appetizers and well thought out, creative main courses.

Food is on incredible level of serving.

Really great location and would definitely recommend to others.

Address : Grodzka 9, 80-841 Gdańsk, Poland


Drukarnia Cafe is such a smart cafe on the picturesquare ul, Mariacka. The cafe is open every day except Sunday at 9 a.m to 9 p.m on Friday and Saturday at 9 a.m to 10 p.m. They have several selections of freshly cakes, coffees, and teas. It's perfect for your next leg of sightseeing! Cafe Libertas is a sweet little cafe which is located in the heart of Gdansk. They offer a breakfast menu like croissants, cakes, and etc. The staff is very friendly. Feel the cozy atmosphere here while you can enjoy all the coffee or tea here with your buddies or even your loved ones.

Drukarnia Cafe

This cafe is the coziest place to warm up in the centre of Gdansk.

Coffee and cake are lovely and they have some dairy free milk available also.

Even breakfast or lunch, the place has WiFi, vegan options and very good service.

Friendly staff and great atmosphere.

Address : Mariacka 36, 80-833 Gdańsk, Poland

Cafe Libertas

Cute little place with a relaxing atmosphere and fun old-time music playing over the speakers.

Cool interior and a lovely sunny/shady outdoor seating.

Absolutely delicious cakes, excellent coffee and the best breakfast available in Gdańsk.

The staff are incredibly, friendly, polite and helpful.

Address : Chlebnicka 37/38, 80-830 Gdańsk, Poland


Craft Cocktails - Cocktail Bar is a small and intimate place drinking bar in the old city. Besides, it's stylized for the years around the 20s-30s of the 20th century. It features dimmed lights, stylish chandeliers, and high bar stools. There are several dozens of drinks and many rare mixtures such as Sidecar or Mint Julep. Flisak '76 is such a good place to spend the night with your buddies, it's the place where you can enjoy an artistic circle with clubs, culture, and good music.

Craft Cocktails - Cocktail Bar

Best cocktail bar in town.

Beautiful, intimate atmosphere with attentive service and an incredible cocktail list.

Staff are happy to create cocktails off the list and are great at making suggestions based on your tastes.

The menu is rich and full of classics with a twist as well as unique creations.

Address : Szeroka 48/49, 80-835 Gdańsk, Poland

Flisak '76

Great cozy bar in the heart of the heart of old town of Gdansk.

If you’re looking for original, unique cocktails,this is right place.

An exiting menu with some combinations that will surprise you in taste.

The extreme cool environment and nice staff make it a great experience.

Address : Chlebnicka 9, 80-830 Gdańsk, Poland


Green Gate is one of the city's most famous tourist attractions which is located between Long Market (Dlugi Targ) and the river Motlawa. It was built 1568-71 as the former residence of Poland's monarchs. Green Gate is such a masterpiece by Regnier and an Amsterdam architect, and it reflects Flemish architectural influence in Gdansk. Westerplatte is located on the Baltic Sea coast mouth of the Dead Vistula, it's one of the Vistula delta estuaries in the Gdansk harbour channel.

Green Gate

Fascinating old gate that greats you as you walk across the river.

Very beautiful and lovely architecture.

Always some shows or muscians around with a lovely atmosphere.

If you are planning to visit Poland, dont forget this place.

Address : Długi Targ 24, 80-828 Gdańsk, Poland


Very interesting open air walk detailing the Battle of Westerplatte.

The place itself is very nice and clean and you can learn a lot of you speak English or Polish.

It's worth visiting and you can easily get there by bus from Gdansk.

Address : 80-001 Gdańsk, Poland


Artus Court is a symbol of the city's power in the 16th and 17th centuries. It served as an exchange and as the seat of St. George and the brotherhoods of rich patricians. Artus Court has a Gothic style and is complete with ostentatious sculptures and paintings illustrating man's merits and vices. This Holy Trinity, Blessed Virgin Mary, and St Bernard's Church was first raised as a Cistercian place of worship, thinking back to the thirteenth century. Recreated in 1350 after a great fire, it reappeared in the Gothic style, yet a large number of the new installations were to be generally lived. The Gothic inside was amazingly harmed in a 1577 fire and was replaced with the Baroque installations we appreciate today for their excellence and power.

Artus Court

One of the landmarks of the Old Town of Gdańsk.

The facade of the building is full of artistic decorations.

Inside, the rooms also present interesting works of art collected.

Noteworthy is Europe's largest 11-meter tiled stove and All tiles are decorated and their total quantity in this oven is 520 pcs.

Make sure to visit it while exploring the old town.

Address : Długi Targ 43-44, 80-831 Gdańsk, Poland

Oliwa Cathedral

A beatiful church by a lovely little park.

The interior is stunning and the building has a rich history.

If you can visit on a day when the organ is playing then its an added bonus.

The sound it makes fills the place and makes the ground shake.

Address : Cystersów 17, 80-300 Gdańsk, Poland