Albufeira: Best Things to Do

Image by Jimmy Pierce from Flickr - Photo by Jimmy Pierce

Albufeira is a coastal city located in 160 mils away from Lisbon city famous for its beaches.

This city also part of Praia da Oura, a town with numerous beaches and museums.

If you are looking for iconic places for aesthetic pictures, Praia da Coelha and Marina de Albufeira are here for you.

Make sure to stay at Balaia Golf Village Resort & Golf or Alfagar Village for the best to rest in.

And for the better experience, you may want to learn one or two things about Portuguese as it's their official language.



If you intend to go for a walk, Albufeira is a major holiday destination in Portugal. Marina de Albufeira is a famous marina in Albufeira. This is a nice clean Marina, the flats that are different colors are definitely different and an attraction. Lovely walks around the marina area, look out for nearby squares where you can stop for a drink on a shady terrace.

Marina de Albufeira

This is a nice clean Marina, the flats that's different colours is definitely different and a attraction.

Nice walk looking at the boats, you have many choices of bars and restaurants.

View is amazing as well as the weather.

Beautiful to sit and see the boats and the fish.

Address : R. da Orada, 8201-918 Albufeira, Portugal


If you're bustling around the downtown you can find many interesting places. You can visit The Strip Albufeira is a great little street, if you're looking for a good place to go tourist shopping. Here, you can find an amazing place with plenty of shops and bars and restaurants.


ALE-HOP Albufeira 1 is one of the best shopping centers for all shopaholics out there. It offers souvenirs and unusual gifts. You can also visit Cork Shop that provides good quality cork products made in Portugal.

ALE-HOP Albufeira 1

Great place for souvenirs and unusual gifts.

Friendly and informative staff.

Address : R. 5 de Outubro 23, 8200-109 Albufeira, Portugal

Cork Shop

A great shop in Albufeira.

Good quality cork products made in Portugal.

The workers are kind.

Address : R. do Município 32, 8200-445 Albufeira, Portugal


In Albufeira, you can find numerous restaurants spread throughout the city. Because of close with some beach, the dish dominated made from seafood ingredients. Cataplana de marisco is one of a menu made from seafood. Just get around the city and find a good place to eat and you'll be satisfied with the cuisines.


Albufeira has many historic buildings which are usually called the old city. Whether it is the museums, churches, or other popular attractions. The city speaks Portuguese as its official language. But you may also hear people speak another language English.


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Have a comfortable stay at Balaia Golf Village Resort & Golf is located in 2 km from the nearest beach along the North Atlantic Ocean. With comfortable rooms and complete facilities, this hotel is an ideal choice for your stay in Albufeira. The easy access to public attractions and shopping center allows you to get around at any time. You can also stay at Alfagar Village located a 5-minute walk from Santa Eulália Beach. The rooms have not only all the amenities to complete your stay, but it also overlooks the most stunning views of the city.

Balaia Golf Village Resort & Golf

Perfect property for families or even couples on their own.

Lovely complex with good facilities including a nice restaurant and sports.

The rooms are spacious and comfy bed.

Friendly staff at the reception, good parking.

Address : Balaia Golf Village 38, 8200-594 Albufeira, Portugal

Alfagar Village

The resort is outstanding and the views are breathtaking.

Has everything you want, beautiful gardens, many pools, mini market, soccer and tennis courts.

The rooms are spacipus and breakfast is outstanding.

Staff are very helpful and pleasant.

Address : Aldeamento Alfagar, 8200-912 Albufeira, Portugal


Nosolo Italia - Albufeira is an Italian restaurant providing a variety of cuisines. While the deliciousness the menus are thoughtfully prepared, the amazing room setting is something else, cozy and very comforting for the eyes. You might as well order the sweet and yummy desserts at the restaurant like ice cream, tiramisu, and pancakes. Another good restaurant to stop by in Albufeira is Uzonj Restaurante-Grill. Very tasty food at an excellent value, especially the combination/tourist menu deals.

Nosolo Italia - Albufeira

Lovely restaurant with superb choice and quality.

Big selection of the food and dessert.

The cakes, pastries and ice creams are delicious too.

The staff are polite, professional.

Address : Av. Sá Carneiro Nº106, 8200-362 Albufeira, Portugal

Uzonj Restaurante-Grill

One of pleasant restaurants with lovely atmosphere.

Very tasty food at excellent value, especially the combination/tourist menu deals.

Nice setting, friendly and efficient staff you won't leave disappointed.

Address : Rua Dunfermline, Edifício Navegador, Lote 11, Loja A, 8200-278 Albufeira, Portugal


Grab a quick bite at Pastelaria Barhon. This nice and cozy cafe serves very good breakfast menus such as cakes, toast, coffee, shakes, and tea. Lovely cozy place with friendly helpful staff. Beautiful location, very picturesque spot. Café Vira Milho is located in the heart of the city, it offers good options for breakfast menus with the best selection of drinks. Lovely place for a snack and drink a really friendly place to relax.

Pastelaria Barhon

One of the best coffee shops.

Good selection of cakes and coffee.

Pleasant staff and great prices.

Address : Praça Miguel Bombarda 26, 8200-076 Albufeira, Portugal

Café Vira Milho

Very affordable cafe to eat and drink.

They now do the best 100% Italian burgers.

Cheap café, excellent coffee.

Seriously, they are so lovely.

Address : Estr. de Albufeira 64, Albufeira, Portugal


Matt's Bar is a great place for a drink in Albufeira. There different rooms in this bar, but the most fun is on the first floor where there's a live music performance where you can dance to great music. You can also come to Wild & Co, which is another great place to enjoy tasty drinks as well as live music performance in a fun atmosphere.

Matt's Bar

Simply the best bar to enjoy an evening night in Albufeira.

Good DJ, reasonable indoor and outdoor space.

The beer is decent though.

The bartender and waiters are nice.

Address : R. Victória 21, 8200-395 Albufeira, Portugal

Wild & Co

One of the best bars and vibe is lively and festive.

Fantastic steak and atmosphere, great for the family.

Good wine and beer.

Address : Portugal, Av. Sá Carneiro 29, 8200-295 Albufeira, Portugal


Dolphins Driven has to be the most interesting activity in Albufeira. You will get a great crew who took us straight out to view a massive pod of dolphins. Then, a superb boat trip along some of the Algarve's beautiful coastline. Another interesting place is the Old Town Of Albuferia. The nice old town, plenty of good food and drink bars. Lots to see in the old cobbled streets. Lovely place plenty of shops restaurants bars and entertainment.

Dolphins Driven

Absolutely brilliant place.

The dolphins are up close to the board.

Guides are very helpful and informative.

Address : Várzea da Orada, 707-H, 8200-394 Albufeira, Portugal

Old Town Of Albuferia

One of the most interesting places.

Fantastic atmosphere and super friendly people.

Lovely place plenty of shops restaurants bars & entertainment.

Address : R. da Bateria, 8200-146 Albufeira, Portugal


One of the best attractions for the picture would be Praia da Oura. This beach located in the eastern district of Albufeira. Known as a blue flag beach, Praia da Oura has lovely looking, superb, sandy beach with stunning looking cliff and rock formations. Beach Alemães is another beautiful beach in Albufeira. This is a great place to walk along the water's edge, only the brave walk in the water as it was choppy and cold despite the hot day. There are open areas that are very sunny that are shady and it's good for the photo.

Praia da Oura

Lovely looking, superb, sandy beach with stunning looking cliff and rock formations.

Lots of places to explore around the rocks and headland.

Some nice bars and restaurants along the way.

Address : R. Ramalho Ortigão, Albufeira, Portugal

Beach Alemães

Beautiful beach, a great place to walk along the waters edge.

Great to take some photos from the cliff or from the beach when the waves hit the rocks.

Address : Forte de São João, Aldeamento Mónica Isabel Beach Club 313, Forte de São João, Portugal