Irkutsk: Best Things to Do

Image by Valery Chernodedov from Flickr - Photo by Valery Chernodedov

This city dominated with Khram Vo Imya Spasa Nerukotvornogo Obraza, Kazanskaya Tserkov', Alexander III, and Irkutskiy Oblastnoy Istoriko-Memorial'nyy.

Irkutsk is part of the city in Russia and as one of the biggest cities in Siberia.

It's just 6 hours from Moscow on flights.

Spend time in a cafe of Irkutsk such as cafe Amritta and Baikal Love Cafe.

Moreover, pelmeni is the authentic food in Irkutsk that you should try it.



If you love to try the new taste when visiting in Irkutsk, pelmeni is the authentic food. Pelmeni made from ground beef, sour cream, butter, eggs, flour and others. Kvass is an authentic drink in Russia. This drink made from sourdough starter, birch syrup, fruit, stale bread, raisins, and others.


Traveling to Irkutsk is not complete with knowing about their culture. This city has museums, historical buildings, churches and others that give you some experience and knowledge about Irkutsk.


The best time to visit Irkutsk is from September to October. The weather of Irkutsk will little cold with the dry winter atmosphere. This condition makes you see the pretty of this city.


Starts your journey with visit Toplyye Ozora Na Snezhnoy is a lake that you should visit when coming in Irkutsk. Toplyye Ozora Na Snezhnoy is great place to picnic, water games, and walking around this place. This place has a beautiful nature view that you can enjoy it. Just go and take a look and enjoy it!.

Toplyye Ozora Na Snezhnoy

A good place for a family holiday, you can live in houses / buildings and in tents.

The water is clean, warm, landscaping is in full swing.

The view of all three lakes is very beautiful.

Very nice and picturesque.

Address : Ulitsa Fridrikha Engel'sa, 17, Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, 664007


Bustling around the downtown of Irkutsk with visit 130 Kvartal is downtown of this city. 130 Kvartal is the right place to feel the vibes of Irkutsk with many buildings such as, restaurants, cafes, malls, and others. You can enjoy this place to try authentic food or spend time here.

130 Kvartal

The best place to get acquainted with traditional Siberian wood architecture.

Great variety of different restaurants - from Italian to Japanese.

The street has a shopping mall at the opposite end to the entry statue entrance.

Trendy, interesting, arty, very touristy.

Address : Ulitsa 3 Iyulya, Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, 664003


If you are looking for locally made products in Irkutsk just visit Tsentral'nyy Rynok. Tsentral'nyy Rynok is market with the modern vibes. This market offers fresh food such as vegetables, fruits, meats, flowers, and others. Yarkomoll is a massive shopping mall in Irkutsk. This shopping mall provides bags, clothes, cafes, restaurants, and others.

Tsentral'nyy Rynok

Central market where the locals sell and buy local food.

Inside and outside market for products and produce.

Inside the building is pretty clean market for meat, limited amount of seafood.

But lots of preserved seafoods and salmon roe caviar.

Outside is just selling cheap clothing from China mostly.

There's a section on plants too.

Address : Ulitsa Chekhova, 22, Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, 664003


It's good place for marketing and for shopping .

Very central and very convenient with the huge parking space.

A lot of different things, a huge selection of cafes, all the shops that may be needed.

There is also a playroom for babies with a nanny, very attentive girls.

Address : Ulitsa Verkhnyaya Naberezhnaya, 10, Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, 664022


The best accommodation in Courtyard by Marriott Irkutsk City Center is four stars hotel located 6 km from Moscow Gate. This hotel offers Wi-Fi access, flat-screen TVs and minifridges, plus safes, en suite bathrooms, and tea and coffee making facilities. The other facilities are a restaurant, a 24-hour gym, and a bar, as well as meeting and event space. Hotel Irkutsk is a three stars hotel with a competitive price. This hotel located 2.9 km from the Zoo galereya. This hotel also provides free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and minifridges. Other amenities are a complimentary breakfast buffet served in the elegant restaurant.

Courtyard by Marriott Irkutsk City Center

Great hospitality to spend a night in the area.

The amanties is great and the room is comfortable.

The breakfast is superb.

The staff are very professional people.

Address : Chkalov Street, 15, Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, 664025

Hotel Irkutsk

Gigantic hotel with a medium quality standard.

Good location, with all sights within walking distance.

The rooms are clean and comfy.

The food is outstanding in a calm atmosphere.

Their staff is very welcoming.

Address : Bul'var Gagarina, 44, Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, 664025


Stop by at Kochevnik is the famous ethnic restaurant in Irkutsk. This restaurant has an old classic style that makes it feels like a luxury vibe. This restaurant also serves Mongolian dishes. Rassol'nik is the favorite restaurant that you should visit in Irkutsk. This restaurant has a cute concept with a homey style that implement. Enjoy your food with the cozy atmosphere in this restaurant.


Excellent place for tourist as well as for locals.

Very succulent rich Mongolian dishes.

Siberian tea is really tasty, liver with onions is delicious and the soup with hot rocks too.

They have an English menu with pictures and the very friendly staff can speak a bit English.

Address : Ulitsa Gor'kogo, 19, Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, 664025


Fantastic traditional Russian food restaurant

Very well decorated and organized restaurant in old Soviet chic style.

It offers the best Russian food in Irkutsk.

Friendly and attentive service, eclectic decor.

Address : Ulitsa 3 Iyulya, 3, Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, 664003


Enjoy your journey with relaxing your body in cafe Amritta is the popular cafe in Irkutsk. This cafe has a great various snacks that you can order here. A simple style with a rock wall makes this cafe really unique. Baikal Love Cafe is another option cafe that becomes favourite in Irkutsk. This cafe have many snack that really typical from this city. Then, the restaurant has a homey vibe.

cafe Amritta

The cafe is quite cozy, there is a video broadcast of music.

Extremely affordable and high quality local cuisine.

They have an English menu.

Everything is delicious, served quickly.

Address : Ulitsa Sukhe-Batora, 13, Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, 664011

Baikal Love Cafe

Fantastic local Cafe.

Wide selection of good dishes at excellent value.

Cheap, fast and nice food for a quick bite.

The waiters are kind and fast.

Address : Ulitsa Lenina, 32, Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, 664025


Hangout in the EDISON craft bar is a bar with a great selection drink such as beer, wine, and cocktails. This bar also has attraction shows such as music live performances. If you want to come here, just visit this bar from 6 PM. Sky Lounge is a restaurant that serves various alcoholic drinks. This restaurant also has many facilities such as karaoke, cafe and bar place.

EDISON craft bar

The best bar in Irkutsk with lovely live music.

Cool place with relaxed atmosphere.

They have a great selection of Russian craft beers.

The bartender and waiters are superb.

Address : Ulitsa 3 Iyulya, 33, Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, 664022

Sky Lounge Irkutsk

The place is top-notch.

The karaoke bar has a cool atmosphere, everyone loves each other.

Funny girls waiters, delicious cocktails and cool sound.

The waiters are nice and friendly.

Address : Ulitsa Shiryamova, 10б, Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, 664009


The interesting place in Irkutsk is Irkutskiy Oblastnoy Istoriko-Memorial'nyy. Irkutskiy Oblastnoy Istoriko-Memorial'nyy is the famous museum in Irkutsk. For people who love history, this city just visits here to know more. This museum has an old building that you can see. Alexander III is a popular monument that becomes the tourist attraction place in Irkutsk. This monument is made to reminisce about the Russian emperor.

Irkutskiy Oblastnoy Istoriko-Memorial'nyy

Very lovingly and carefully designed museum.

Detailed descriptions of the individual rooms,the historical context in German are available for visitor.

English explanations are available.

Very worthwhile

Address : Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, 664007

Alexander III

A beautiful monument to the great emperor, which every self-respecting tourist should visit.

The place is good for relaxation

There are shops nearby, there is a kiosk with ice cream.

place is pretty decent, foreign tourists walk around, couples sit, mothers with children.

Address : Karl Marx St, 2, Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, 664003


For those who love photography, Kazanskaya Tserkov' is a Russian Orthodox church. This church is the best place to take some photos. This is because the church has a beautiful style and really colorful building. Khram Vo Imya Spasa Nerukotvornogo Obraza is also the famous church in Irkutsk. This church has a pretty building with the garden surrounding this place. Then, this really suitable for your feed Instagram.

Kazanskaya Tserkov'

Most beautiful church among all Irkutsk churches.

A very vibrant colour exterior church, equally nice on the inside.

The church is in a less luxurious area of the city.

One of the places you have to visit when you are in Irkutsk.

Address : Ulitsa Barrikad, 34/1, Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, 664001

Khram Vo Imya Spasa Nerukotvornogo Obraza

Wonderful Atmosphere inside the temple.

Excellent church ministers.

Overall The atmosphere is very positive.

The bells of this temple are particularly melodious

Very interesting excursions.

Address : Ulitsa Sukhe-Batora, 2, Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, 664011