Saratov: Best Things to Do

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Saratov is a city in Russia and the largest city of Saratov Oblast. It has popular tourist attractions such as Gorodskoy Park Kul'tury I Otdykha.

You can explore museums and parks such as Gorodskoy Park Kul'tury I Otdykha, Radishchev Art Museum, Saratovskiy Oblastnoy Muzey Krayevedeniya, and Kumysnaya Polyana.

The recommended hotel to stay in Saratov are Bogemiya Na Vavilova and Park-hotel Noviy Vek.

Try the authentic dish in Saratov, SOHO, and Restoran Tary-Bary as the best restaurant.

So, just book your flight to Saratov as your journey while holidaying.



The city is famous for Memorial "Cranes". Memorial "Cranes" is a historical landmark of this city. This place is a great place to see what this city has to offer. Good air and cozy atmosphere make this place a good choice to start your traveling with visit here first. You can see and enjoy this place walking around this place.

Memorial "Cranes"

The memorial is located in Victory Park in the city of Saratov.

Truly a magnificent building erected in memory of the dead Saratovites during the Great Patriotic War.

A lot of different military equipment.

One of the best viewing platforms in the city.

Address : Ulitsa 32-Y Strelkovoy Divizii, Saratov, Saratov Oblast, Russia, 410003


Take a walk along Park Pobedy is a park in Saratov. This park has an amazing collection of military equipment, tanks, planes, helicopters, and boats. After that, this park is a nice place to walk around to see the different military equipment. You can also bring your family or child to enjoy and take some photos in here.

Park Pobedy

Nice place to walk around and see all the different military equipment.

Amazing collection of military equipment, tanks, planes, helicopters, boats.

Interesting from the historical and nature point of view.

It will be interesting to walk for both children and adults.

Address : Ulitsa Sokolovaya, Saratov, Saratov Oblast, Russia, 410003


You can find numerous gift shops with interesting items to bring home. Triumph Mall is a shopping mall in Saratov. This shopping mall offers clothes, food, pants, and others. Tau Gallery is also the shopping mall in Saratov. This shopping mall provides clothes stores, foods courts, restaurants, cafes, playgrounds, and others.

Triumph Mall

A very good and popular shopping mall in Saratov.

It is great with all the amenities shops,food courts,playgrounds for children and a cinema.

There are stores of famous brands and a very large selection of product directions.

The toilets are clean and in good condition.

Address : Ulitsa Zarubina, 167, Saratov, Saratov Oblast, Russia, 410012

Tau Gallery

A large western-style shopping mall with lots of stores, accommodations, and food courts.

There is also Auchan that is the best place where to find european food at a good price.

There are many places to relax and walk.

There are children's recreation areas.

Address : Prospekt 50 Let Oktyabrya, Saratov, Saratov Oblast, Russia, 410065


The authentic food in Bliny is the authentic dish that you can try when visiting Saratov. Bliny made from Citric acid powder, eggs, baking soda, all-purpose flour, white sugar, and others. Mors is typical to drink that you can enjoy it in Saratov. This drink serves with Lemon, honey, cranberries, and others.


Saratov culture offers an amazing culture that you can feel when walking around and blend in with the original culture. You can also find extraordinary architecture such as private residence, museum, theater, and church. Then, you need a tourist guide because most of the residence us the Russian language to communicate.


The best time to visit Saratov is from April to September. During these months, you can feel the best weather with warm temperatures that suitable for vacation.


Stay in Bogemiya Na Vavilova is three stars hotel located 3 km from the Radishchev Art Museum. This hotel offers free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and minifridges. The other public facilities are a restaurant and meeting space. Park-hotel Noviy Vek is also the three stars hotel with cheaper price. This hotel located 4 km from the family attractions at Igrik. Then, this hotel provides free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and minifridges. Other amenities are a gym, and a wellness center with an indoor pool, a kids' pool, and 4 saunas.

Bogemiya Na Vavilova

It is wonderful place for short and long stay.

They have a lovely sleeping room with nice bathroom.

In restaurant you can eat lovely breakfast and dinner and in upper restaurant you can eat Russian Marvellous Dishes.

Pleasant English-speaking staff.

Address : Zheleznodorozhnaya Ulitsa, 72, Saratov, Saratov Oblast, Russia, 410012

Park-hotel Noviy Vek

Pleasant hotel for staying in the area with a lovely environment.

The rooms are spacious and the beds are big with a nice bathroom.

The breakfast at the restaurant is superb.

It also,pool is very wonderful.

The staff is very accommodating and welcoming.

Address : Prospekt Stroiteley, 47, Engels, Saratov Oblast, Russia, 413151


Try the famous food with a visit to SOHO. SOHO is a famous restaurant that serves a Russian dish. This restaurant has a classic architecture building and casual vibes that make you love to eat here. Restoran Tary-Bary is another recommended restaurant in Saratov. Restoran Tary-Bary is open at 12 PM and they also serve many various of Russian food. This restaurant has a classic design with plants as the decoration di every side of this restaurant.


Excellent restaurant with the best kitchen int the area.

Good atmospheric institution where you can have a good time.

Amazing kitchen, service, furnishings - all at the highest level.

The waiter is friendly,suggest the menu, advise.

Address : Ulitsa Oktyabr'skaya, 5, Saratov, Saratov Oblast, Russia, 410000

Restoran Tary-Bary

This is the best traditional food in the city hands down.

Cozy atmosphere, a big selection of authentic Russian food.

In the summer they give as a compliment a watermelon.

The waiters can serve the foreign guests in English.

Address : Ulitsa Chapayeva, 64, 1 этаж, Saratov, Saratov Oblast, Russia, 410012


Hangout in Saratov, Central Perk Cafe is a famous cafe in Saratov. This cafe has a homey vibe with simple decoration. Here, you can order various coffee, pastries, and others. The cozy atmosphere makes you enjoy and comfortable to spend time here. Kafe-Restoran Arabella is another option cafe and opens at 10 AM. This cafe has a luxury vibe with classic things that adorn this place. After that, this cafe offers an indoor playground for children.

Central Perk Cafe

A chic place for a romantic meeting.

They serve good food and also have a long list of booze.

They have delicious European menu, with Italian flow at affordable prices.

Waiter is amazing, very friendly and helpful.

Address : Ulitsa Vol'skaya, 63/69, Saratov, Saratov Oblast, Russia, 410000

Kafe-Restoran Arabella

Awesome cafe and organizing concerts of local talent on top.

The kitchen is of high quality and interesting.

There is a selection of delicious desserts and ice cream, as well as a rich drink list for every taste and degree.

The waiters are kind and quick.

Address : Radishchev St, 18, Saratov, Saratov Oblast, Russia, 410028


Spend your time with a visit to Harat's Pub is a popular pub in Saratov. This pub has an old-fashioned style with comfortable vibes. Then, this bar has music live performances as the attraction activity here. Have a great selection of drinks such as beer, wine, and others. Pyatnitsa is a bar with many various games bar that you can play it. This bar also has music live performances and karaoke. In addition, you can enjoy this place by trying a good selection of alcoholic drinks.

Harat's Pub

Great pub in Volgograd, especially to watch the World Cup.

The atmosphere of the pub is beautifully recreated.

A full selection of beers and cocktails.

The prices are reasonable and the quality of the burgers is high.

Address : Ulitsa Komsomol'skaya, 4, Volgograd, Volgograd Oblast, Russia, 400052


A great bar for dancing and fun.

Delicious cocktails, reasonable prices.

Interesting contests, unusual design, comfortable conditions.

The waiters are superb and good.

Address : Volzhskaya Ulitsa, 28, Saratov, Saratov Oblast, Russia, 410002


The interesting place that you should visit is Radishchev Art Museum. Radishchev Art Museum is one of the biggest art museums in Saratov. This museum was opened on June 29, 1885. This museum offers amazing Russian and European masterpieces as well as Orthodox Church art. Saratovskiy Oblastnoy Muzey Krayevedeniya is also an interesting museum not only for adults but for children. This museum provides local culture, local nature and development of industrialization.

Radishchev Art Museum

This is one of the best regional art museums in Russia.

Beautiful museum with a good collection of paintings and objects.

A wonderful collection of Russian and European masterpieces.

If you are in Saratov, then by all means stop by!

Address : Radishchev St, 39, Saratov, Saratov Oblast, Russia, 410037

Saratovskiy Oblastnoy Muzey Krayevedeniya

Interesting museum, if you want to know the history of the city.

Amazing exhibits of local culture, local nature and developpement of industrialisation.

The polite staff and everything is clean.

Address : Ulitsa Lermontova, 34, Saratov, Saratov Oblast, Russia, 410031


If you want to search the Instagram spots in Kumysnaya Polyana is a beautiful park that you should visit here. Here, you can do walk, run, ski, bike and others. The nature landscapes with many trees are the best place to take some photos. Gorodskoy Park Kul'tury I Otdykha is a famous city park in Saratov. This city park also offers a great amusement area. Then, this park has many photo spots for your feed on Instagram.

Kumysnaya Polyana

The best natural vacation spot in the city.

There are many quite excellent roads that allow you to ride in pleasure and wonderful fresh air.

And the picturesque views of the city will be an amazing bonus for climbing there.

Address : Unnamed Road, Saratov, Saratov Oblast, Russia, 410053

Gorodskoy Park Kul'tury I Otdykha

Lovely gardens and a great amusement area with some fun rides.

The park offers plenty of attractions and activities both for kids and grownups.

There are a lot of oaks and squirrels.

A nice place for a nice rest.

Address : Ulitsa Chernyshevskogo, 81/83, Saratov, Saratov Oblast, Russia, 410004