Tyumen: Best Things to Do

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Tyumen is a city on the Tura River in the vast Russian region of Siberia.

Its riverside runs northwest from city center towards the popular Holy Trinity Monastery.

Start your journey at some of the best places in the downtown area; Tura River Embankment, Skver Sibirskikh Koshek, and the iconic Bridge of Lovers.

Continue your trip by visiting this modern museum called Muzeynyy Kompleks Im. I. Ya. Slovtsova.

Take a rest and pamper yourself with the exciting menus that Poseidon Restaurant and CAFÉ 15/86 гриль & вино provides.

Before you leave, make sure to have the best moments with your camera at Znamensky Cathedral and Lesopark Imeni Yu. A. Gagarina.

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Tyumen and Mercure Tyumen Center are the best recommendations for your stay in the city.



The excitement at Tsvetnoy Bul'var should be the starter for your fun journey in Tyumen city. As one of the most high-rated places in the city, this spacious amusement park offers fun attractions like Ferris Wheel, scooters, bicycling, electric scooters, ice labyrinths, snow, ice slides, and many more. The park can be too crowded at the weekends, though. Be sure to have the most fun in this city-center park.

Tsvetnoy Bul'var

Nice spacious place with lots of interesting entertainment.

The place where you can meet creative people who demonstrate their talents.

As well as 3D paintings and photo frames for selfies.

It is good that you can ride the Ferris wheel in the cold season.

Address : Tyumen, Tyumen Oblast, Russia, 625000


There are many explorations you can do in the downtown area. From the most popular Tura River Embankment, the peaceful Gilevskaya Grove, the iconic Bridge of Lovers, to the simply beautiful Skver Sibirskikh Koshek. While all of them comes with its own qualities and uniqueness, Skver Sibirskikh Koshek is serving the best city vibes. It is known as one of the best attractions and the most high-rated spots in the city. This monument has interesting histories about how the animal cat have had relation and influenced the city. Visit and discover the interesting facts behind this monument.

Skver Sibirskikh Koshek

Beautifully decorated, one of the best tourist spots in the city.

Very original and unusual square with figures of cats.

An interesting story about the creation of the park.

Worth to go here, enjoys great popularity with tourists and local residents.

Address : Ulitsa Pervomayskaya, Tyumen, Tyumen Oblast, Russia, 625000


Kristall mall is ready to be your shopping place while you’re in the city. This spacious shopping mall will complete your shopping needs. It offers huge collections of brandy products. From clothing, shoes and bags, health and beauty, sporting goods, accessories and jewelries, and still many more. Other entertainment spots including restaurants, a supermarket, and movie theater. For all traditional goods, Mikhaylovskiy Rynok is the perfect place for it. The market offers all kinds of things you need in a colorful interior. From good parking, spacious marketplace, shopping carts, good food choices, traditional furniture, to the clean space. As the best traditional market in Tyumen city, this market is simply unmissable.


One of the best shopping centers in Tyumen.

A good shopping and entertainment center with many pavilions with good quality things.

There are shops with a business style for the older generation.

There are also entertainment areas for children in the form of a play area, and a cinema.

Almost all types of fast food are presented in the food court area.

Address : Ulitsa Dmitriya Mendeleyeva, 1А, Tyumen, Tyumen Oblast, Russia, 625062

Mikhaylovskiy Rynok

A great market for buying vegetables, fruits and meat products.

Many products from local manufacturers that are environmentally friendly.

There are huge selection of fresh products meat, fish of various options, seafood.

There is also wide range of dairy, bakery and gastronomic products.

Address : Ulitsa Fedyuninskogo, 55, Tyumen, Tyumen Oblast, Russia, 625062


Seafood and grilled-meat are the types food that are popular food in Tyumen city. Various of restaurants are serving these menus with its unique taste and ingredients. For a drink, a whiskey named Grouse Scotch is popularly known and sold here in the city. It has a taste of smoky, caramel, oak and sweet.


Tyumen is known for a cultural center of Siberia and Russian Orthodoxy. The city is noted for its tolerance for different religions as it has religions such as Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, and Jewish. Though dozens of other languages are spoken, Russian is the common and official language of the city.


Tyumen city has a humid, warm continental climate. The weather in the region is changeable and the temperature in town is always higher than in the surrounding area by a few degrees. But the best time to plan your travel in this city is from June until August. This is when you’ll have a pleasant temperature and limited rainfall.


One of the best recommendations for your stay while vacationing in Tyumen is DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Tyumen. Set next to a city park, this polished hotel comes with sophisticated rooms with all its suited amenities for your need. A beautiful restaurant is ready for fun culinary trip. Not to forget a contemporary bar to accompany your days with good drinks. Other amenities including an event space, breakfast, and underground parking. A fitness center is also available for a healthy life style. The classiness of Mercure Tyumen Center’s building is definitely not to be missed. Standing brightly with its unique shape, this upscale hotel is only a 15-minute walk from the Tyumen Drama Theatre and 2 km from the Tura River Embankment. The chic rooms presented itself with the most elegant ways, serving all the modern facilities. While a well-appointed restaurant is undeniably good, a relaxed lobby bar always at the ready to serve its visitors great drinks. Don’t miss out the fitness center for great exercises.

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Tyumen

Excellent and very convenient location.

The room is spacious and clean with a nice view of the city.

The restaurant/room service is a decent alternative to going out every night.

The staff is very nice and accommodating.

Address : Ulitsa Ordzhonikidze, 46, Tyumen, Tyumen Oblast, Russia, 625000

Mercure Tyumen Center

Modern Hotel in the center of Tyumen.

Rooms are spacious, exceptionally clean and well-equipped.

The food at the restaurant/bar is excellent.

Friendly staff and all in all a good place to stay.

Address : 14, 50 Let Oktyabrya Street, Tyumen, Tyumen Oblast, Russia, 625048


Maksimych restaurant should be the one restaurant you need to go to. As one of the best restaurants in the city, it has been serving its customers all great Russian cuisines for over 27 years. To make your trip easier, this multiple award-winning restaurant is located right in the heart of Tyumen city. The building itself is in a detached wooden two-story house made of round timber with cozy room setting. While the prices are reasonably good, they won’t stop serving great service and delicious cuisines like Borsch, Fish Soup, Muksun, and many other interesting menus. Poseidon Restaurant would be another good restaurant for you to visit. For those who loves seafood particularly fish, this restaurant is the best option for you. It has been known as the first and only fish restaurant in Tyumen city. While the food and service are the top notch, the pleasant atmosphere becomes your surroundings. The prices may be a little high, but for this kind of level and taste, it is considered reasonable. Definitely a must try.


Excellent restaurant of Russian cuisine

Nice interior and there is a small children's room.

They offer dishes of Russian cuisine from traditional to long-forgotten recipes.

The staff is very friendly and professional.

Address : Ulitsa 50 Let Oktyabrya, 52, Tyumen, Tyumen Oblast, Russia, 625027

Poseidon Restaurant

The restaurant is cozy, relaxed atmosphere, top class service.

The food is excellent and the service is top notch.

Large selection of seafood, a master chef and a beautiful presentation.

The waiters are kind and welcoming.

Address : Ulitsa Lunacharskogo, 47, Tyumen, Tyumen Oblast, Russia, 625001


CAFÉ 15/86 гриль & вино has to be the best cafe ever existed in Tyumen city. Not only classic European cuisines are served, the exclusive dishes such as Kamchatka crab and oysters are also available to make your choice various. The basis of their menu is dishes on a real grill, pizza from wood oven, and a decent selection of wines from around the world. The other best thing about this place is it offers the best panoramic view of one of the main attractions of the city, Tura River Embankment. It also overlooking the stunning city views. What a wonderful experience this would be. The other best recommendation would be Garden Coffee. This coffee shop is known as a reliable supplier of fresh and high-quality grain coffee. It also has been known as the first company in the city with its own roasting of specialty coffee. The things they offer are literally eye catching. From the most gorgeous room decoration, the service, the prices, the beautiful atmosphere, to the tasty menus. Your experience here is guaranteed as the best one yet.

CAFÉ 15/86 гриль & вино

Atmospheric restaurant with panoramic views of the river.

In the cafe there is a place for both a couple and a group of friends.

Delicious cuisine, balanced taste, fresh products.

Service is the best in the city, polite waiters and hookah workers.

Address : Ulitsa Volodarskogo, 3, Tyumen, Tyumen Oblast, Russia, 625003

Garden Coffee

Wonderful cafe with stained glass windows, beautiful views and very tasty food.

There are interesting options for a classic drink.

Coffee is perfect and the pastries are delicious.

The staff is polite and welcoming.

Address : Калинка, Ulitsa Respubliki, 65, Tyumen, Tyumen Oblast, Russia, 625000


Your nightlife must be started at Old School Bar. This stunning bar is known as the best mixology bar in the city and one of the best mixology bars in the world. It comes with the best room decoration ever. With its classic coloration, the room is filled with greatness. Whether the music, the lighting, the facilities, or the amazing service itself. All the menus are made and served very carefully. As the next recommendation, Pecado bar comes to you with the best music and great drink. The liveliness of this bar definitely will bring the best out of you. The bartenders will make sure you have the best night with the company of great drinks and service. To add excitement to your visit, the entrance is free.

Old School Bar

One of the best mixology bars in the world.

The atmosphere is perfect to spend a few hours with friends and enjoy fine spirits.

As for the cocktail, bartenders can satisfy every guest with an unforgettable taste symphony.

The barender and waiters are welcoming and fast.

Address : Ulitsa 50 Let Oktyabrya, 1А, Tyumen, Tyumen Oblast, Russia, 625048


Very popular place for evening rest of youth.

Noisy, alcoholic, moderately dissolute, fun.

Great performances from bartenders, and cocktails too.

The wiaters are fast and friendly.

Address : Ulitsa Dzerzhinskogo, 15, Tyumen, Tyumen Oblast, Russia, 625000


One of the most interesting places you need to visit is Holy Trinity Monastery. This cathedral was founded in 1616 by the monk Nifont who came from the Kazan Raifa Monastery. It is located in a picturesque place on a high cape of the Tura River. Standing beautifully with its bright color, it offers the decoration of the magnificent iconostases shining brightly in a picturesque style. The cathedral is famous for its vivid beauty. This trip would be an interesting one, because every step you make is literally an inspiration. Make sure to also visit this beautiful museum called Muzeynyy Kompleks Im. I. Ya. Slovtsova. This large, modern museum is showcasing huge collections of regional fine art and cultural artifacts. This museum welcomes you with its mission as a platform for organizing creative meetings of artists, art lovers, history of the region, experts of various profiles, and its visitors. The liveliness of the building will keep you busy blending in with the museum’s offers.

Holy Trinity Monastery

One of the ancient monasteries.

The territory of the monastery is beautiful, tiled paths, especially beautiful in the summer

The temple is also very beautiful, located on two floors.

Everything is neat and clean.

Address : Kommunisticheskaya Ulitsa, 10, Tyumen, Tyumen Oblast, Russia, 625001

Muzeynyy Kompleks Im. I. Ya. Slovtsova

A modern museum complex with various thematic exhibitions.

The museum is world-class organization, stylish, spacious, impressive.

There are some interesting exhibitions and performances (in the amphitheater).

The friendly and polite staff of the museum.

Must visit when arriving in Tyumen.

Address : Ulitsa Sovetskaya, 63, Tyumen, Tyumen Oblast, Russia, 625000


The beauty of Lesopark Imeni Yu. A. Gagarina is definitely one of the best spots for your Instagram feeds. The interesting thing is that despite being located in the city, this place feels like in real forest. Known as the biggest park in the city, this place offers aesthetic sceneries for your camera. The beautiful calm lake and the stunning colorful tree leaves are the kind of surroundings you’ll have here. And then there is Znamensky Cathedral as the next best recommendation for beautiful pictures. Located in the city center, this stunning cathedral is serving baroque towers in the best combination of stunning white and blue colors. Apart from its interesting histories, the beautiful details of this building will leave a huge impact as you walk through the room. Before you even enter the building, the simply gorgeous shapes and coloration will certainly charm you.

Lesopark Imeni Yu. A. Gagarina

Such a amazing forest park.

Wonderful white and black forest with one on side, birches, and on the other side, pines.

There is a sports ground, a bike path around the park.

Gorgeous cycle track and the child with pleasure rides a bicycle and roller skates.

Address : Tyumen, Tyumen Oblast, Russia, 625029

Znamensky Cathedral

Probably one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Tyumen in clear weather.

Its snow-white walls with blue swimsuits are unique.

And inside the temple, such beauty, breathtaking

Lots of flowers on site.

Address : Ulitsa Semakova, 13, Tyumen, Tyumen Oblast, Russia, 625003