First Time Tourists Guide in Bratislava

Image by Ajale from Pixabay - Bratislava

Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia

Located in the southwestern part of the country, this beautiful city lies on the bank of Danube River

Bratislava offers many historical buildings such as Bratislava Castle, St

Martin's Cathedral, Michael's Gate, and Old Town Hall

For culinary tour, Bryndzove halusky and Slivovica is a must try food and drink



Enjoy walking around the Old Town. This cultural area is filled with numerous museums, cultural centers, and historical buildings. The buildings of the area represent the Middle Ages period such as the blue church and the Gothic Cathedral Saint Martin church. In this area, you will also find a glorious Danube Bridge that represents the new century. You can also find a variety of beautiful cafes and restaurants along the street.

Danube Bridge


Address : Most Apollo, 851 01 Bratislava-Petržalka, Slovakia


Centered in the Old Town, Bratislava offers numerous tourist attractions in the downtown. This neighborhood is filled with many historical buildings. One of the city's most important buildings in the downtown is the former Palace of The Hungarian Royal Chamber which is now used as the University Library. This library is known as the oldest library in Slovakia. Not only a library, this building has become a multi functional cultural place in the city.

University Library

he oldest library in Slovakia

Address : Klariská 5, 811 03 Staré Mesto, Slovakia


Aupark is the first shopping center you should put on your list. It is the biggest shopping venue in Slovakia. There are various kinds of stores from local to world-famous brands available. Not only shopping areas, this place also provides numerous entertainment places for visitors. You can find almost everything here. Shop until you drop!


one of the top Bratislava destinations for stylish shopping and fun lovers

Address : Einsteinova 3541/18, 851 01 Petržalka, Slovakia


Bryndzove halusky is a potato dumpling dip in a cheese sauce accompanied with roasted bacon on the plate. And for the drink, you can try the traditional Slivovica. This authentic traditional drink has a strong alcoholic content and taste of a plum.


Slovakian people are the descendants of the Slavic people who settled in the Danube river. They speak in the Slovak language. The people tend to keep distant from strangers. Thus, they seem to be formal and reserved for visitors.


Bratislava has contrast temperature during summer and winter. What kind of holiday are you expecting from the city? If you are there for the winter trip, it is best to come between December to March. But, if you want to enjoy outdoor traveling under the blue sky of Bratislava, visit the city around mid-June to mid-September.


Plan your itinerary and book a room at Crowne Plaza Bratislava. This hotel is located in the downtown with easy access to the city's tourist attractions. It takes a few minutes to reach the famous Bratislava Castle. This first-class hotel offers high-quality service and free entry to the indoor pool, sauna, and the fitness center. But if you are looking for an affordable hotel, the Viktor hotel is the answer. This modern hotel has the best accommodations for your stay. The hotel is near the Old Town, Devin Castle, St. Martin's Cathedral, and the Cumil.

Crowne Plaza Vientiane

Located at 20 Samsenthai Road, Crowne Plaza Vientiane is known as the best hotel in Vientiane

International standard surroundings, best colorful swimming pool, beautiful building design with all its modern facilities

Address : Samenthai Road, Vientiane, Laos

Hotel Viktor

a three-storied hotel in Bratislava

Address : Kremnická 2009/26, 851 01 Petržalka, Slovakia


Tourists can find many restaurants along the city streets. The first recommendation is The Flagship Restaurant. This restaurant serves the authentic Slovak cuisines and the elegant decoration of the wooden medieval ship. Not only Slovak cuisines, but this restaurant also serves a refreshing Slovakian beer. But, if you are looking for street food culinary, Orbis Streetfood is where to go. This street food restaurant offers various tasty street foods from all around the world.

The Flagship Restaurant

one of icons in Bratislava

Address : Námestie SNP 8, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia

Orbis Street Food


Address : Laurinská 136, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia


If you are looking for a cafe to relax and chill out, Bratislava offers various cafe for you. Foxford Obchodná has the best atmosphere to relax and have a sip of coffee. This big cafe offers a quiet place to relax. You can also read many books that the owner provides. The second recommendation is Five Points. If you are a coffee addict, this place is your must-visit cafe. This cafe is known to serve only the high-quality coffee beans that have been made through the exploration to meet its best quality. You can also order their breakfast menu to accompany your morning coffee.

Foxford Obchodná

Great place, nice atmosphere, and music

Address : Obchodná 516/26, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia

Five Points


Address : Panská 23, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia


This beautiful small city offers the original and cozy nightlife for your trip. The Club, one of Bratislava's biggest nightclubs, is the perfect place to have a loud party night featuring the well-known local and international DJs. But if you want to have a quality nightlife drinking in an elegant bar, the Lemontree & Sky Bar Restaurant Bratislava is where to go. This elegant bar is located on the rooftop of a high building in the city center. Not only serving drinks, this bar also offers a beautiful view of Bratislava Castle from afar.

Lemontree & Sky Bar Restaurant Bratislava

Sky Bar & Restaurant

Address : Hviezdoslavovo námestie 7, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia

The Club Bratislava

Disco club

Address : Rybné námestie 4135, 811 02 Staré Mesto, Slovakia


As the city's most iconic symbol, Bratislava Castle is a must-visit place to your list. This historical museum of Bratislava has a massive rectangular size of the castle which includes four high towers in every corner. The tallest one is the Crown Tower situated on the southwest corner of the castle. Start your tour from the entrance and explore the history of the city from the castle. Another attraction in Bratislava that you can't skip is the St. Martin's Cathedral. Located between the Old Town and the Castle, the church has a large interior featuring the enchanting reliefs of the Holy Trinity. It used to be a Roman Catholic church but then rebuilt as part of the defensive city walls in 1291. Now, it's a historical center that is open for public.

Bratislava Castle

the landmark overlooking the Capital

Address : Hrad, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia

St. Martin's Cathedral

a church in Bratislava, Slovakia, and the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bratislava

Address : Rudnayovo námestie 1, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia


Every corner of Bratislava is an instagramable spot. One of the best spots in Bratislava is Michael's Gate. It is a preserved gate of the city with the 14th-century architecture. As the city entrance, you can picture the view of the Bratislava Castle and the Old Town. But if you want to capture the cityscape of Bratislava, climb on the Old Town Hall's tower. After climbing the stairs of the 45-meter-high tower, you will see the beautiful panoramic view of the city's Old Town from the top.

Michael's Gate

the last preserved gate of the medieval city

Address : Michalská ulica 22 806/24, 811 03 Staré Mesto, Slovakia

Old Town Hall

one of the oldest stone buildings still standing in Bratislava

Address : Hlavné námestie 501/1, 811 01 Staré Mesto, Slovakia