San Salvador: Best Things to Do

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San Salvador (Holy Savior) is the capital and most populous city in El Salvador.

You have to make sure that the Metropolitan Cathedral Of San Salvador, Museum of Modern Art, Dr David J. Guzmán National Museum, National Palace, and Teatro Nacional are in your must-visit list.

Explore the authentic taste of San Salvador by having a bite of Pupusa.

Get a deep relaxing and better sleep at Hotel Boutique Sal y Luz after enjoying the amazing nightlife in Republik Bar.

Lastly, do not forget to buy the local handicrafts as souvenirs from Mercado Nacional de Artesanías.



Monument to the Divine Savior of the World is a place in San Salvador when you want to see and to be seen by people. On top of the monument, Jesus Christ is standing still on top planet earth. This monument is built in the center of Plaza El Salvador del Mundo that represents Salvadorian. The name of the city itself means The Savior. Although you can not explore the monument closely, you can take a seat on the steps at the base of the monument.

Monument to the Divine Savior of the World

Monument to the Divine Savior of the World consists of a statue of Jesus Christ standing on top of a global sphere of planet earth.

Address : Alameda Franklin Delano Roosevelt, San Salvador, El Salvador


Located in the downtown, the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Salvador becomes the main tourist attraction in the city. The building has a festive color as the image of Jesus. This area is always packed with locals and tourists who spend their leisure time by strolling around Morazan Plaza or having a light talk in the cafes and bars nearby.

Metropolitan Cathedral Of San Salvador

The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Holy Savior is the principal church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Salvador and the seat of the Archbishop of San Salvador.

Address : Calle Ruben Dario, San Salvador, El Salvador


Everything about artworks from San Salvador is available in Mercado Nacional de Artesanías. You can find a hammock, t-shirts, paintings, and many other handicrafts in here. Most vendors only do cash transaction so you have to make sure to bring cash. The vendors offer a bit high in price but there is always room for bargaining in this market.

Mercado Nacional de Artesanías

Mercado Nacional de Artesanías is a souvenir store and a wide range of local hand crafts.

Address : Avenida Manuel Enrique Arujo, San Salvador, El Salvador


Complete your visit to Sal Salvador by trying Pupusa. Pupusa is made from corn flour stuffed with cheese, cooked ground pork, and fried lorocco (vine flower bud found in Central America). Pupusa is usually served along with spicy cabbage slaw and tomato salsa. The dish is very special to Salvadorian, even they have Pupusas Day on the second Sunday of November.


El Salvador is the only country in Central America that has no Caribbean coast. Most of Salvadorian speak Spanish and in a small number, they speak native Pipil Language. The culture of El Salvador is the culture of the Spanish settlers.


The best time to visit San Salvador is from November to February, to avoid the hottest time of the year.


Hotel Barcelo San Salvador offers a comfortable stay in the busiest street in San Salvador. The room is full of classic yet simple decor and the city view from the window is no joke, it's amazing! But when you want to recharge your energy while mesmerizing the calm atmosphere of the city, you may book a room at Hotel Boutique Sal y Luz. The room and the building itself has an eco-friendly concept dominated by brown wooden furniture.

Hotel Barcelo San Salvador

Hotel Barcelo San Salvador is one of the most emblematic buildings in the city.

Address : Av. Las Magnolias, San Salvador, El Salvador

Hotel Boutique Sal y Luz

Sal & Luz Hotel Boutique is the space that invites you to rediscover your inner beauty, through the rest of your body.

Address : Col Campestre Cl A No 13-76 Ent Av Juan Ramón Molina San Salvador, El, San Salvador, El Salvador


Famous for its burger, Rustico Bistro is a restaurant that you have to visit in San Salvador. You have to try the signature burger called Rustico and you will never forget the taste for the entire of your life. But if you're craving for Mexican cuisine, you may have a seat at Los Tacos de Paco and have a bite of tacos. The restaurant is full of Mexican style ornament and some beautiful paintings are hanging on the wall.

Rustico Bistro

Rustico Bistro is a local's restaurant they provide massive meals.

Address : San Salvador, El Salvador

Los Tacos de Paco

Los Tacos de Paco is authentic Mexican restaurant you can find in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Address : Calle Lamatepec, San Salvador, El Salvador


4 Monkeys Coffee Shop is the right place to go if you're looking for a place that serves the authentic taste of the coffee. The coffee shop is an ideal stop for breakfast or brunch because it also offers a sandwich and pastries on the table. But when you want to experience any kind of biscuit, you may head to Biscuit Factory San Benito. Not only baked their biscuit, but they also offer hand brewing coffee which serves in the cozy outdoor and indoor seating.

4 Monkeys Coffee Shop

4 Monkeys Coffee Roasters is a nano batch artisan coffee roaster and cafe in San Salvador.

Address : pasaje 11 casa #1, El Salvador

Biscuit Factory San Benito

Biscuit Factory San Benito provide great variety of sweet and savory sandwiches and traditional Salvadoran sweet bread.

Address : Avenida El Almendro no. 1, Colonia San Benito San Salvador CP, 1101, El Salvador


Republik Bar is the right place to go when you are looking for a chill and trendy bar in San Salvador. This two-stories bar is always packed with locals and tourists who spend the night by having a glass of cold beers while enjoying the live music. But when you want to take a sip of cold beer while watching people from the cozy terrace, you may head to Cadejo Brewing Company. The beers are home-brewed and have many varieties from the smooth to the strong one.

Republik Bar

Republik Bar is an Irish pub in San Salvador with lit music playlist.

Address : Calle La Reforma #243, San Salvador, El Salvador

Cadejo Brewing Company

Cadejo Brewing Company is a local craft brewing beer in San Salvador, you will receive a tour inside the factory.

Address : Calle La Reforma #222, San Salvador, El Salvador


You have to add the Museum of Modern Art on your bucket list when you are in San Salvador. In this museum, you can explore the contemporary art masterpieces from the Salvadorian artists. The museum is free entrance on Sunday and if you come with your kids, they can join the art workshop in the museum. Doing museum-hopping in San Salvador is never complete before you set your step in Dr David J. Guzmán National Museum. In this museum, you can learn about El Salvador history from the prehispanic era until today.

Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art El Salvador exhibits a permanent exhibition of Salvadoran art with works from its collection, from private collections and loans from artists.

Address : Colonia San Benito, Final Avenida la Revolución, San Salvador, El Salvador

Dr. David J. Guzmán National Museum

Good place to find out about roots, culture, traditions and history.

Its displays cover the region’s history from the pre-Hispanic era up to present day.

Great way for local and international people.

One of the best museums in Latin America.

Address : Avenida De La Revolucion, San Salvador, El Salvador


Full with ornate decor, National Palace will give your Instagram feed the authentic English and Spanish vibes. In front of this historical place, there are a lot of pigeons so you have to make sure to capture it well. The majestic building of Teatro Nacional is not something you can miss from your camera lens. This oldest theatre in Central America has grand decor stage in the inside built in 1903 through a design competition.

National Palace

The National Palace of El Salvador is located in the historic center of the capital city of El Salvador. It was declared a National Monument in 1980.

Address : Avenida Cuscatlan, San Salvador, El Salvador

Teatro Nacional

Teatro Nacional is one of the most important scenic spaces in the country, built in the style of the “Renaissance”, it boasts a 42-meter-wide by 97-meter-high façade and was built using the Hennebique reinforced concrete system.

Address : San Salvador, El Salvador