Thessaloniki: Best Things to Do - Photo by Andrzej Wójtowicz

Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece famous for its amazing history.

The city holds rich history of Ottoman empire.

Its Byzantine monuments, White Tower is a popular destination to enjoy the historical site of the city.

Arch of Galerius and Rotunda also great place to impress the city's old building.

The heart of Thessaloniki is located at Aristotelous Square.

Let's explore this amazing city!



Explore one of the historical places in the city, Hagios Demetrios. It is a church that was constructed in the early 4th century AD and becomes the largest in Greece. The history and unique architecture make this place listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. At Roman times, the site was a large public bath complex. The building has a rich history related to religions.

Hagios Demetrios

A must-visit sight.

It is a UNIESCO monuments built in the 8th century.

The church is dedicated to Saint Dimitrios, the patron saint of city.

Definetely worth a visit when in Thessaloniki.

Address : Agiou Dimitriou, Thessaloniki 546 33, Greece


The heart of Thessaloniki is centered at Aristotelous Square. It is located on the city's waterfront and was built in the 1950s. The square has been used for major celebrations like New year eve, Christmas tree of Thessaloniki, and many more. You will be spoiled by the surrounding buildings with great architecture. Numerous cafes are lined up the square, it makes the area popular for young people.

Aristotelous Square

True landmark of Thessaloniki.

A magnificent square, ideal for photos, resting on a bench, gazing at the sea.

The most beautiful moment is when the bells from the magnificent Orthodox churches sound, it is music for the soul and the heart.

A must see for a tourist.

Address : Platia Aristotelous, Thessaloniki, Greece


One Salonica Outlet Mall is the biggest shopping center in Thessaloniki. This large mall is home to dozens of shops ranging from clothing, accessories, sports, and many more. While if you are looking for some stuff to bring back home, you should go to Hellofrom Thessaloniki. This small shop sells cute gifts such as bags, t-shirt, mug, and home decor. It is located near the White Tower of Thessaloniki, overlooking the sea.


Thessaloniki offers an excellent variety of local delicacies. One of the popular food you should try is Koulouri, a traditional Greek street food staple made from bread. Another one is Bougatsa, a rustic Greek pie layered with a filling of minced meat, cheese, or semolina custard.


The city of Thessaloniki produces rich cultures and pioneer the cultural life of Greece. Those can be seen from the existence of museums, theaters, concert halls, sculpture, and music heritage. The city also has story of the great Ottoman empire history. Moreover, a number of festivals and important events is annually held in downtown Thessaloniki.


The best time to visit Thessaloniki is during Spring and Autumn. You can go there from April to October when there are limited rainfall.


Do not worry about accommodation to stay in Thessaloniki. The city provides visitors a huge selection of hotels ranging from luxury to budget. If you have a budget to spare, you may stay at the Grand Hotel Palace, a 5-star hotel near downtown. For a medium stay, Egnatia Hotel is suitable for you. It has a strategic location, just 10 minutes walk from Aristotel Square. This hotel has unique architecture completed with stylish bar.

Grand Hotel Palace

Perfect hotel while in Thessaloniki either on business or vacation.

Rooms are quite comfortable with fridge, air conditioning, hairdryer and TV.

Dishes are exceptional and the same goes for drinks.

Extremely friendly staff always ready to make your stay an unforgettable one.

Address : Monastiriou 305, Thessaloniki 546 28, Greece

Egnatia Hotel

Egnatia hotel is a really nice hotel with a friendly staff.

The room is big with well-designed furniture and fridge.

The breakfast is various and delicious and above all.

Location is good close to everything.

Address : Adigonidon 16, Thessaloniki 546 30, Greece


Kanoula is one of the restaurants you should visit to taste Thessaloniki's local eateries. Besides serving Greek food, there are also Mediterranean and Vegetarian menus. The restaurant is located in a narrow street, yet everything is fresh and delicious. Go to Ouzeri To Yenti to try simple Greece cuisine at affordable prices. This small restaurant has cute decoration and suitable for family dining. It offers you live music performed by local musicians and you can sing along with them.

The cannula

Probably the best restaurant in Thessaloniki.

Atmosphere inside is lovely and servers are extremely warm & friendly

All the food is delicious - the beef curry with aubergine is a particular highlight.

Overall a lovely experience and definitely worth a visit.

Address : Raktivan 8, Thessaloniki 546 33, Greece


Pastaflora Darling Cafe is a lovely place to stop for a relaxing coffee. It is the oldest and most famous vintage cafe in the city. Situated on a busy alley, the cafe offers you a warm and friendly atmosphere. Another recommendation is Cafe Palermo, a garden coffee shop. There are plenty of coffee-based drinks to order. The coffee shop brings you to another era since it furnished with rich decor of antiques.

Pastaflora Darling Cafe

If you want to go be in a cozy and quiet place , it is the most essential place to visit.

It has got a lot of pictures and it combines both classic and friendly style.

Great selection of cocktails and in a nice area.

Lovely atmosphere and extremely friendly and helpful staff.

Address : Zefxidos 6, Thessaloniki 546 22, Greece

Café Palermo

Perfect place for a relaxing coffee in the heart of the city.

Cosy and really beautifully decorated makes the difference.

Cappuccino coffee, tea are great, background music jazz, really good.

Address : 1st Floor, Aristotelous 8, Thessaloniki 546 23, Greece


Kitchen Bar is a great place to spend your night in Thessaloniki. It is where you should go to enjoy beers and cocktails with a stunning sea view. The place also has an excellent food menu to complete your drink. You may go to Pulp for night fun activities. It is located in a very central area of the city. The interior design is dominated by rock themes and red color.

Kitchen Bar

Very comfortable setting with a stellar and unique view of the beautiful Thessaloniki waterfront.

Dramatic interior and comfortable seating, gorgeous lighting for Christmas

With open kitchen concept, and with a good quality food and cocktails.

There's plenty of choice for vegetarians, the cheesy pasta is lovely.

Staff is friendly and professional, the coffee really good.

Address : Αποθήκη Β2 Α' Προβλήτα Λιμένα, 54110, Thessaloniki 546 25, Greece


One of the best bars in Thessaloniki, with over 200 different beers.

Beautiful decoration, lots of customers with fast service.

Full with young and smiling people, perfect music for the vision of the place.

Address : Al. Svolou 8, Thessaloniki 546 22, Greece


Arch of Galerius should be listed in your itinerary. This is one of the most popular landmarks in Thessaloniki. Built in the early 4th century, it was also part of an impressive Roman Palatial Complex. Just a few walks from this site, you will find another historical building, Rotunda. This is the oldest church in the city. The round shape building is impressive from both exterior and interior.

Arch of Galerius

One of the most known touristic monuments in Thessaloniki.

Its presence state that the entire city used to be a gigantic fortress for people inside but a gigantic fortress for enemies as well.

It is located in the heart of Thessaloniki providing breathtaking photos to anyone.

A great location as a meeting point for the locals with food shops nearby until late at night.

Address : Egnatia 144, Thessaloniki 546 22, Greece


The Rotunda is one of the most remarkable buildings in Thessaloniki, regardless of its age and historical context.

It has served as a polytheist temple, a Christian basilica, a Muslim mosque, and is now an archaeological site.

Traces of old mosaics can be seen inside the building.

For sure a place to visit.

Address : Pl. Agiou Georgiou Rotonta 5, Thessaloniki 546 35, Greece


Get some great pictures for your Instagram feed by visiting the White Tower of Thessaloniki. This old tower is located really close to the sea, offering amazing sea view and unique architecture. Do not also miss to visit Heptapyrgion of Thessalonica. This is a Byzantine and Ottoman era fortress on the north eastern Thessaloniki. Enjoy capturing wonderful architecture of the building and its surrounding view.

White Tower of Thessaloniki

One of the most popular spots in the city.

It contains interesting information about Thessaloniki.

The information is very well organized through interactive resources, as well as staff who provide additional information to those interested.

And the panoramic view of both the city and the sea, will remain in your memory long after you've left.

Address : Thessaloniki 546 21, Greece

Heptapyrgion of Thessalonica

This is a Byzantine and Ottoman era fortress.

The destination is located on the north eastern Thessaloniki.

Enjoy capturing wonderful architecture of the building and its surrounding view.

Address : Επταπύργιο, Thessaloniki 546 34, Greece