Ashgabat: Best Things to Do

Flickr - The Ashgabat Panorama

Ashgabat is the capital and the largest city of Turkmenistan famous for its Türkmenbaşy Ruhy Mosque as the largest Mosque in Central Asia

Altyn Asyr Bazar is the right place to go when you are looking for a carpet and any other things made by locals

You must have a bite of Manti when in the city and having a dry-aged steak at AlpEt Steakhouse

But if you wonder how Before Century building looks like, you can head to Old Nisa

After a long day of the trip, you may take a deep night sleep at Oguzkent Hotel after taking a sip of cocktails at City Pub



Strolling around at Independence Park is a good idea to embrace the city's vibe. In this park their many government buildings such as the Palace of Turkmenbashi, the Ministry of Fairness, the Ministry of Defence and Ruhyyet Palace, and many more which build under French corporation construction. But you can not make an entry to the building because it is not open to public.

Independence Park

Worth to see wonderful view from here

Address : Ashgabat, Turkmenistan


The heart of Ashgabat is around Ashgabad City Park which always packed with the tourists and locals since there are a lot of embassy offices such as the Republic of Turkey Embassy, Embassy of Ukraine, Embassy of United States, and many more. Besides, there are also stores, bars, restaurants and cafes. This area is never sleeping and getting more lively at night.

Ashgabad City Park

Great place for holiday with your family

Address : Magtymguly şaýoly, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan


When it comes to the shopping center in Ashgabat, Altyn Asyr Bazar will come along with that, you can easily find carpets and handicrafts in this market. But do not come at lunchtime because most of the shops were closed and be careful of the pickpockets.

Altyn Asyr Bazar

The big market in town where you can find everything

Address : Ashgabat, Turkmenistan


You never come to Ashgabat before you try Manti, it is a dumpling filled with ground meat, onions or pumpkin. A great snack when you just need that boost of energy.


Turkmen people were traditionally nomads even after the fall of the Uni Soviet, they were still hard to be urbanized. In Ashgabat, people mostly speak Russian since Turkmenistan was a part of the Russian Empire in 1881. But, nowadays due to revive the ancient culture of Turkmenistan, Turkmen has become the official language of the country.


The best time to visit Ashgabat from March to June, since the weather is pleasant at the day or night.


Spending some nights at the luxury Oguzkent Hotel is such a reward to yourself, and surely you will not disappoint by its classy yet cozy European style room decor and guarantee you a good quality sleep. The hotel located in the busiest area in town, mingling with government buildings, museums, restaurants, and shops. But when you want to see the beauty of Ashgabat city from the highest land, you can book a room at Yyldyz Hotel. The rooms have modern yet classy wooden decor which perfectly matches with the warm light, you will not have any other choice but sleep.

Oguzkent Hotel

Cosy European style hotel with luxury interior design

Address : Копетдагский этрап,Ашхабад, Turkmenistan

Yyldyz Hotel

Extradionary hotel with mountain views

Address : 2002/5 (Bagtyyarlyk), 17, Aşgabat, Turkmenistan


AlpEt Steakhouse is well known by its dry-aged steak which cooked in New York, Dallas or Brazillian style, along with some special side dish. When you are looking for a halal restaurant in Ashgabat, AlpEt is the right place to go because they already have the halal certificate and the spacy dining room may give you a reason to come to this restaurant. On the other hand, Euphoria restaurant is the most suitable restaurant for your young soul since this restaurant has a vibrant atmosphere not only by its decor but also its menu. You can order the fresh salad with European style or some sushi rolls with Japanese style or any other delightful menu.

AlpEt Steakhouse

You can find the best steak in Ashgabat here

Address : Rd of 9th Km, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Euphoria Restaurant

A restaurant in Ashgabat which has a vibrant atmosphere and has a lot of menu varieties

Address : 33, Owezberdi Kuliyew St, Aşgabat, Turkmenistan


Having a comfortable talk with your travel mate or read a book while taking a sip of coffee in the most relaxed state? why not? You can have a seat at Üzüm Café and order high-quality gourmet coffee. The cafe gathered a lot of love from the locals who try to escape the stressful life. Dominated with brick and wooden decor, Sha Coffee will give nostalgic feelings and bring you back to the old time. Bring your newspaper or book in the morning to this cafe and order its delightful breakfast menu.

Üzüm Café

They serve meal & good coffee

Sha Coffee

Place where you can relaxing your mind with food and good cofffee

Address : 80 On Ýyl Abadançylyk street, Bekarlar Mall, 3rd floor (D3), Aşgabat 744000, Turkmenistan


City Pub has the most "real British pub" vibe in Ashgabat by its menu and classic interior decor. Do not forget to take a sip of its great cocktails while letting the night slips. But when you want to spend a small amount of money in beer, you can head to Cafe Gunes (the local called it Zip Bar), since they serve the cheapest beer in town. While getting immersed by its outdoor seating with a friendly atmosphere, do not forget to order kebab to fill your tummy.

City Pub

One of the best pub in town with British pleasant atmosphere

Address : улица Алишера Навои 54a, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Zip Bar

A bar in Ashgabat which offers the cheapest beer in town

Address : улица Алишера Навои, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan


You have to add Halk Hakydasy Memorial Complex to your bucket list because explore this museum is like riding a time machine to the World War II era. This museum is built to giving honor to the World War II soldiers, the victims of the 1948 earthquake and those who killed in other Turkmen battles. Turkmenistan becomes a neutral state on 12 December 1995 and perpetuated in a monument called Neutrality Monument (as known as Tripod). This monument is worth visiting since it has a unique architecture and held the state's history.

Halk Hakydasy Memorial Complex

Halk Hakydasy Memorial Complex is a memorial complex to the honor of those killed in battle Geok Tepe, World War II, and the commemoration of the victims of the 1948 Ashgabat earthquake

Neutrality Monument

This 95-m

tower features an observation deck & is topped by a statue of Saparmurat Niyazov


Do you ever imagine how the before Century buildings look alike? Bring your step to the ruins Old Nisa to find the answer. The Old Nisa was the place where palace and temple buildings were concentrated even though due to political reasons in the past time its getting destroyed, you can still admire its remaining building. But you have to take some snaps in Türkmenbaşy Ruhy Mosque as a proof to your followers in Instagram that you have been to Ashgabat. This mosque is the largest mosque in Central Asia and its architecture holds the country's independence history.

Old Nisa

Archeological place in Ashgabat

Türkmenbaşy Ruhy Metjidi Gypjak Mosque مسجد

The largest mosque in Central Asia and its architecture hold the country's independence history

Address : M37, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan