Safranbolu: Best Things to Do

Safranbolu - Photo by David Bacon on Flickr

Safranbolu is a typical Ottoman city located in the Black Sea region of Turkey.

The city is famous for its Ottoman Turkish houses mostly found at Nomad Village.

The heart of Safranbolu is a historical area where you can find Kent Tarihi Müzesi.

There are also some stunning spots to take photos such as Cinci Han and Crystal Glass Terrace.

Scroll down to find out the culinary destination, hotels to stay, restaurants to visit, and other tourist attraction in Safranbolu!



Safranbolu Hidirlik Hill is a great place to go for sightseeing. This is a small hill overlooking the old town of Safranbolu. The amazing view from its top will worth your hiking. You will find The tomb of Hasan Paşa at the top hill. Also explore the Incekaya Aqueduct that located about 7kilometers from Safranbolu. This is a Byzantine aqueduct offers you panoramic greenery view. The building material of this aqueduct is all rubble stone.

Safranbolu Hidirlik Hill

A great place to watch Safranbolu from the hill and take nice pictures.

The place has the most beautiful view and ideal place to take photos and take pictures.

Especially if you go in the summer season, you will see that the wedding photos are frequented.

Address : Çeşme, Hıdırlık Ykş. Sk. No:2, 78600 Safranbolu/Karabük, Turkey


Kent Tarihi Müzesi or known as City History Museum is an interesting attraction you can discover in downtown of Safranbolu. This is a former old yellow government building that converted into museum. There are exhibition featuring excellent displays of typical household objects, jewelry, costumes, and textiles of Ottoman era. You will get a lot of insights about the history of Safranbolu.

Kent Tarihi Müzesi

The City History Museum, which is located on the Castle Hill.

Symbolizes one of the important points of interest in the region, which promotes the historical, social and cultural richness of the region.

Interesting artifacts, including gifts from foreign dignitaries and a bunch of old computers.

Most information is in Turkish, but admission is cheap.

Address : Çeşme, Kale Altı Sk. No:19, 78600 Safranbolu/Karabük, Turkey


Safranbolu is popular for its unique hand-crafted things from traditional artisans. You will get a lot of souvenirs or gifts to bring back home when you visit Eski Safranbolu Çarşısı. This area becomes the central shopping venue for every shopaholics. Many antique stuffs are sold along the aisles on the street.

Eski Safranbolu Çarşısı

One of the best places for shopping with calm environment.

See the tastes of the delights offered, buy from the double roasted Turkish delight.

And saffron Turkish delight, which is unique to Safranbolu.

There are many affordable prices for souvenirs.

Address : Çeşme, Eski Cami Sk. No:37, 78600 Safranbolu/Karabük, Turkey


As a district of Karabuk province, there are dozens of delicious traditional foods you can taste during your trip. Safranbolu cuisine is typical of the Black Sea Region. You can try the famous Peruhi, a homemade pasta. Another authentic taste is Bukme, a snacks made from vegetables. Also grab a bottle of Bağlar Gazozu to complete your meals.


The city of Safranbolu has rich historical and cultural heritage related to Ottoman era. The history of the city is respresented through its architectural structures and traditions. You can explore the culture from the city's attractions. There are many remarkable festivals you can enjoy such as Aladağ Festivals, Zümrüt Yenice Culture and Art Festival and Safranbolu Vintage Festival.


The perfect time for exploring Safranbolu is on the middle years. It could range from June to August. You will experience a moderate temperature and pleasant weather.


Experience a unique stay at İmren Lokum Konak Boutique Hotel once you are in Safranbolu. This traditional Turkish mansion is located in the historical square of the city. It combines a combination of modern and traditional living with rustic stones walls and gas lamps. Another option is Safranbolu Seyir Konak Otel, a beautiful old hotel. With a cozy decoration and a green garden, you will wintess a comfortable stay in this budget hotel.

Imren Lokum Konak Boutique Hotel

Lovely comfortable hotel in Safranbolou old town.

Location is excellent close to the transport hub - taxis and local buses.

The hotel is full of character, large bedroom full of dark woods. Breakfast

Breakfast buffet which could be taken in garden.

Address : Çeşme, 78600 Safranbolu/Karabük, Turkey

Safranbolu Seyir Konak Otel

If you want to experience an uncommercialized authentic visit to Safranbolu this hotel is right place for you.

The hotel's location is very good and close to most of the touristic places.

The rooms are bright and very traditional Turkey style, breakfast is delicious.

Price is very convenient and their staff are nice.

Address : Musalla, Hıdırlık arkası sokak no:3, 78000 Safranbolu/Karabük, Turkey


İki Kasik Restaurant will meet you option for trying local cuisines of Safranbolu. The restaurant offers you plenty of vegetarian menus to eat. The place also has nice indoor and outdoor seating to enjoy the street view. While NİL YÖREM MUTFAK CAFE-RESTAURANT is where to stop for great dinner. This lovely small restaurant has cozy atmosphere with delicious and fresh food. Variety of soups are good to try before leaving the place. You can also order International food here.

Iki Kasik Restaurant

This restaurant is wonderfully delicious, delicious and of high quality interest super friendly and sincere.

The exterior and interior design of the place are very beautiful.

Furnishings and accessories are carefully selected.

Tasty food, good çay and mezze offered.

The staff are very concerned and friendly.

Address : Babasultan, Tan Sokak 1/A, 78600 Safranbolu/Karabük, Turkey


Clean and neat restaurant with many local foods.

Everything here is fresh & flavorful.

Plus, it's a treat to try regional specialties, as well as Turkish standards that still taste original.

Good quality and good value for money.

Address : Çeşme, Celal Bayar Cd. No:26, 78600 Safranbolu/Karabük, Turkey


Take a short break at Arasta Kahvesi 1661 experience an authentic atmosphere like 18-19th century. In this cafe, you will get some typical Turkish coffee to enjoy. You will also be served by relaxing Turkish music. Do not skip to taste Turkish delicacies at Atiş Cafe Butik Restaurant. This cafe is situated near the famous Cinci Hamami. It sets with outdoor seating area that enjoy every visitor to see the surrounding historical vibes.

Arasta Kahvesi 1661

One of the popular coffee shop with authentic environment.

They serve traditional turkish coffee and tea.

You could taste tradtional Turkish coffee with Turkish delight and Ottoman sherbet.

You can drink your hot traditional drinks with a nice historical ambiance.

Address : Çeşme, Celal Bayar Cd., 78600 Safranbolu/Karabük, Turkey

Atiş Cafe Butik Restaurant

Atiş Cafe Butik Restaurant is the best place for brunch with friendly family atmosphere.

They offer traditional foods,truly delicious.

The breakfast spread is fantastic, the sausage eggs and marmalades are wonderful all of them homemade.

Both clean and friendly staff.

Address : Babasultan, Han arkası sokak No 34, 78600 Safranbolu/Karabük, Turkey


Jack's Bar is a great place to spend your nightlife in Safranbolu. This modern charming bar allows you to select huge selection of beers and wine. Located in the historical area, the bar is always crowded with young people. Arasna Cafe ve Bar is also a recommended bar to visit. Sets with a mix of cafe and bar, you will not only have cocktails but also another drink menus as well as food.

Jack's Bar

A place where you can sip your drink in an authentic place.

It offers delicious beer with lovely music.

Alcohol is available to employees.

Address : Çeşme, Hamamönü Sk., 78600 Safranbolu/Karabük, Turkey

Arasna Cafe ve Bar

A place where you can drink beer or what ever you want.

Alcohol is very nice with good quality of music.

The ambiance fun with quick service.

Address : Çeşme, Eski Çarşı, Arasta Arkası Sk. 2/4, 78600 Safranbolu/Karabük, Turkey


Take a stroll to the entire Yörük Köyü Safranbolu or known as Nomad Village and discover magnificient histroical structure. You will find many charming mansions tells the history of Ottoman Empire. The stunning Bulak Mencilis Mağarası cave should also be listed in your itenerary. You can explore stalactites and stalagmites all along the way. The cave will very busy in weekdays from May to September. It is because there are a lot of school trips.

Yörük Köyü

A pretty little village with traditional houses and an interesting old wash house.

There are lots of beautiful wooden houses.

The village is worth a visit to see old Ottoman mansions.

It is possible to look inside one of the mansions as well as an old wash house for a 2 TL.

Address : Unnamed Road, 78600 Yörük/Safranbolu/Karabük, Turkey

Bulak Mencilis Mağarası

One of the best attracrion near Safranbolu.

A beautiful cave, very good road until cave.

Inside the cave is cold if you are coming with your kids.

A must visit place if visiting safranbolu.

Address : Mencilis Mağara Sk., 78000 Başköy Köyü Merkez/Karabük Merkez/Karabük, Turkey


Safranbolu city offers you dozens of stunning spots including historical buildings and nature. Head to Crystal Glass Terrace, a glass platform suspended to a cliff edge. It is attached in 80 meters above Incekaya Canyon. Enjoy the wonderful view while capturing yourself. Cinci Han is obviously a beautiful spot for photography. Built in 17th century, the han have been used as hotel by old merchants.

Crystal Glass Terrace

One the most amazing places to see when you go to Safranbolu.

You can see little swallows swooping around the cliffs and a stunning view down the canyon.

There's also zip lining available for the more adventurous.

Taking photos here is fun, and the glass terrace is very solid.

Address : İncekaya Cd., 78600 Tokatlı/Safranbolu/Karabük, Turkey

Tarihi Cinci Hamamı

Ideal place of famous Turkish bath, located in Safranbolu.

An area that is a very nice tourist destination, everyone can visit with peace of mind.

Its historical area , mostly tourist visiting safranbolu visit this place cause its more like the city center.

Address : Çeşme, 78600 Safranbolu/Karabük, Turkey