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Stamford is a city located in Connecticut, the United States.

What makes the city attractive is a selection of things to do both indoor and outdoor.

The city offers relaxing nature destination, riverside trails, as well as historical sites.

Experience an exciting trip at its downtown, where Stamford Old Town Hall exist.

The romantic Harbor Point is also a must visit place to see water view.



Wondering such a lovely beach and park in City? Cove Island Park is where you should go for that. Used as a pound in the late of 16th century, the park is now boasting a marina filled with sail boats. The place is great for having picnic, walking, running, or even swimming. There is also a playground and outdoor exercise area. If you are tired exploring the park, you don;'t need to worry since there are restaurant provided.

Cove Island Park

Great for taking a walk with the view of the sound.

There is plenty of place to walk the dog or for a morning run.

There also is soccer, baseball and volleyball fields.

There is also a few isolated benches along the beach to sit and a few great fishing spots.

Address : 363 Weed Ave, Stamford, CT 06902, United States


The heart of Stamford is a central business area. Much of history of Stamford from colonial times took place in this area. It consists of shopping malls, university campus, companies, restaurants and accommodations. One of stunning building you will discover there is Trump Parc Stamford, the tallest building in the city. You can also take a visit to Stamford Old Town Hall.

Stamford Old Town Hall

Majestic, well preserved building.

The building has rich history inside.

There are many activities to do around the hall.

Address : 175 Atlantic St, Stamford, CT 06901, United States


For shopaholic, going to Stamford Town Center is a must. This local mall won't disappoint where you looking for high-end brands such as Vans, Macy's and many more. From this mall, you can take a walk to Bedford street and find many food courts. While if you want to hunt souvenirs, head to The Funky Hippie Spiritual, Wellness & Gift Shop. The store has collection of reasonably prices crystals.

Stamford Town Center

One of the most wonderful malls in the beautiful city of Stamford to get best shopping experience.

It always decorates for the holidays and has a friendly atmosphere.

A combination of high-end stores you don't see in many other places along with stores you see in every mall.

Several shops offer wonderful infant and children's clothing/accessories, high quality shoes, clothing of all description, and various good dining venues.

Parking is easy and plentiful, both covered and outdoor.

Address : 100 Greyrock Pl, Stamford, CT 06901, United States


Located in Connecticut, there are plenty to taste for Stamford's cuisines. Hot Lobster Rolls is one of famous food you can easily find in the city's restaurants. Another mouth watering foods are steamed cheeseburger and apple cider doughnuts.


The city of Stamford has rich cultures and arts. There are many things to enjoy ranging from theatre showing the historical dramas to traditional music and dances. A lot of classical concerts are held at Stamford Symphony Orchestra. Moreover, the city also offers many opportunities to see wonderful pieces of art by local, national, and international artists.


The perfect time to visit Stamford is from June to September. You will get the opportunity to explore the city in a pleasant and warm temperature.


Experience a luxury stay at Delamar Greenwich Harbor hotel. Overlooking Greenwich harbor, the place offers a scenic city and sea view from your rooms. As a 4 star hotel , you will be provided elegant rooms with great facilities. It also just 5 minutes walk from the station. While for a budget stay, head to Amsterdam Hotel. This 2 star accommodation is located just few metres from the downtown, allowing you to explore the bustling area of Stamford.

Delamar Greenwich Harbor

The amazing hotel to stay with phenomenal view form inside and outside.

Beautiful, spacious and spotlessly clean room and bathroom.

Complimentary champagne and water, continental breakfast.

Wonderfully team always welcoming.

Address : 500 Steamboat Rd, Greenwich, CT 06830, United States

Amsterdam Hotel

If you are looking for a good place to stay for a night with a good location at a fair price, this hotel fills the bill.

The facilities are complete with large and comfortable rooms.

The hotel is awesome in terms of cleaness, hospitality,etc.

Address : 19 Clarks Hill Ave, Stamford, CT 06902, United States


One of the best restaurant to try Stamford's local cuisine is Sign of the Whale. Located at Harbor Point Road, the restaurant is completed with rooftop bar with some great viewes of Stamford. The menus are not only American cuisines, but also vegetarian and seafood. For moderate price restaurant, Colony Grill is where you should visit. The restaurant is popular for its uncommon pizza with the signature of hot oil topping. It was first operated in 1935 and has 4 branches
spread in the United States.

Sign of the Whale

Sign of the Whale is the place to go for brunch.

The booths are comfy and lots of natural light.

The menu is good for lunch and the prices are reasonable.

Reservations are definitely recommended because this restaurant is very popular basically all times of the day and week.

Address : 6 Harbor Point Rd, Stamford, CT 06902, United States

Colony Grill

An ultimate restaurant to hangout with friends and family.

This place has a lot of character, and plenty booths available for comfortable seating.

Best old school hot oil pizza in a full bar setting.

Their range of beer and other drinks are good too and the customer service is excellent.

Address : 172 Myrtle Ave, Stamford, CT 06902, United States


Lorca is a nice spot for having relaxing local coffee brew. The cafe is located in downtown of Stamford that becomes everyone's favorite spot for breakfast or lunch. They have variety of coffee, pastries, and snacks to offer. Another recommendation is Humbled Coffeehouse. This lovely cafe has elegant decoration with many scenic spot to get capture. The place offers you a selection of coffee based drinks. It is a comfortable place to work with your stuffs.

Humbled Coffeehouse

The coffee house is the perfect setting to relax and enjoy a great cup of coffee.

The atmosphere is sweet and the coffee is amazingly good.

The staff is friendly and there are nice comfy couches/chairs where you can enjoy sitting and talking with your friends.

Address : 575 Hope St, Stamford, CT 06907, United States


Cute local coffee shop located on Bedford Street.

Superb coffee and quick bites for breakfast.

The tea latte is excellent and the churros with Mexican chocolate are downright tasty.

Address : 125 Bedford St, Stamford, CT 06901, United States


Head to Tigin Irish Pub to have a huge range of quality cocktails and craft beers. The pub has both indoor and outdoor seating area with live music available to enjoy. There are many options of food menu such as seasonal,party, and happy hour menu. If you love to watch sport competition, you may go to Bobby V's Restaurant & Sports Bar. This is a great place to spend your night with all of your travel mates. The bar provides huge screen and plenty option of drinks.

Tigin Irish Pub

Very clean and accessible spot.

They serve generous meals and for economical rates.

Fun events like live music and trivia night.

The crew is very affectionate and the cooking they place on your table is so flavorful.

Address : 175 Bedford St, Stamford, CT 06901, United States

Bobby V's Restaurant & Sports Bar

Bobby V’s is a cool sports bar in the Downtown Stamford area.

Beautiful, well designed place with horse betting upstairs, big bar, pool, darts.

Most importantly loads of good beer, craft stuff, and good food - recommend the cauliflower app.

Address : 268 Atlantic St, Stamford, CT 06901, United States


In Stamford, you are able to enjoy art, history, nature, and agricultural sciences all in one destination. Just take a visit to Stamford Museum & Nature, you will find remarkable gallery featuring exhibitions, interactive nature centre, large planetarium, and many more. The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk is another interesting spot to explore. The place has plenty fun educational living and digital exhibits.

Stamford Museum & Nature

A beautiful, serene park that is wonderfully maintained.

This park offers lovely trails that take you through the forest, along soothing rivers and creeks.

There is an area with animals and a petting zoo, also has a small museum as well.

A nice little gift shop is located on the grounds too.

Address : 39 Scofieldtown Rd, Stamford, CT 06903, United States

The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

Beautiful place to bring the kids and learns about not only aquatic animals but some amphibians as well.

There are steps and kid sized / height windows all over and a 0-5 year old play area, so there are tons of kid friendly features.

Highlights include touching rays and jellyfish and the seals.

The aquarium is very well maintained with lots of things to see and do.

Address : 10 N Water St, Norwalk, CT 06854, United States


Take a visit to Waveny Park that located just 15minutes drive from Stamford Old Town Hall. The park offers you many great spots to capture. You can take a picture in front of old architecture building or take the greenery spot. Harbor Point is also a favorite spot to photography. You will get romantic sense when stroll around its boardwalk.

Waveny Park

Waveny Park is such a wonderful place to spend a sunny afternoon.

Great open fields ideal for frisbee throwing, flying a kite, and having a picnic.

There are also a lot of tennis courts, baseball fields, and some nice wooded trails with a pond.

Wonderful place for pictures.

Address : 677 South Ave, New Canaan, CT 06840, United States