Syracuse: Best Things to Do

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Syracuse is the fifth most populous city in the state of New York that lies in the land of Onondaga County

As a metropolitan area, this city is one of the biggest economic and educational central cities in the state

Syracuse itself is named after the ancient Greek city, Siracusa, which explains why this city also has many cultural sites waiting to be explored

Some of the most recommended places that you should visit include Niagara Mohawk Building, Clinton Square, Everson Museum of Art, Onondaga Lake Park, and many other landmarks and places to give you the absolute best trip experience



The first place that you can go to when you are in Syracuse is by sightseeing around the Niagara Mohawk Building. It was originally built as the headquarters to the Niagara Hudson Electric Company. The architecture of this building is the ultimate example of the Art Deco style. This building also becomes the symbol of the Age of Electricity for utilizing the technology of electricity through modernistic design and extraordinary exterior lighting. The decoration itself was designed by architects Melvin L. King and Bley & Lyman. This place can be an insightful stop for you who have an interest in architecture.

Niagara Mohawk Building

an art deco classic building and that is a building of the Niagara Mohawk power utility company,now a division of National Grid plc

Address : 300 Erie Blvd W, Syracuse, NY 13202, Amerika Serikat


If you are strolling around the downtown area of Syracuse, it is very much recommended for you to drop by at Clinton Square. With the impressive 19th century architecture, this public park is an excellent place to spend your day at the heart of the city. During the summer, you will be delighted to see the scenery of a beautiful fountain here. Meanwhile, if you come here in winter, an ice-skating rink is available here for you to play around. This place is an ultimate must-visit place both for the locals and tourists at Syracuse.

Clinton Square

surrounded by some of the most eye-catching and magnificently architected buildings and becomes a reminder of the city's heyday in the 1800s as a bustling commercial center

Address : 161 W Genesee St, Syracuse, NY 13202, Amerika Serikat


For you the shopaholics, you don’t need to worry about finding the best place to have a good shop while you are at Syracuse. Destiny USA is the largest indoor mall in the state to accommodate your shopping agenda. Featuring tons of high-quality stores and sit-down restaurants, you will experience the luxury at its best service. There is also a place for bowling here just in case you want to take some time to play around amidst your shopping.

Destiny USA

one of the biggest malls near Philadelphia

It is nice place to look around

Address : 9090 Destiny USA Dr, Syracuse, NY 13204, Amerika Serikat


There is a lot that you can try when it comes to the best food to taste in the city of Syracuse. With the various culture that make up the citizens in Syracuse, it also adds a wide variety of cuisine that stretches in many restaurants, cafes and food courts across Syracuse. The result is a melting pot of the most delicious and experimental flavors that will definitely spoil your tongue. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is one of those places in Syracuse that you can’t possibly miss out on. This place has received acclamation as one of the most well-known restaurants and bars in the state. Get ready to grab your pork and enjoy the best barbecue taste in Syracuse.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

A small, very busy place

It has amazing BBQ

Address : 246 W Willow St, Syracuse, NY 13202, Amerika Serikat


Syracuse is the fifth most populous city in the state of New York, has earned the reputation as the “big city” in terms of culture that develops through the ages within the city. Entertainment, art, culinary, shopping, and nightlife are among the top attractions that you can dive in while you are in the city of Syracuse. Definitely, you would want to start your exploration of Syracuse’s culture from the Everson Museum of Art. This museum can be a good start point where you trace the collections of American artworks from all ages. This museum is house to up to 11,000 pieces of painting, sculpture, ceramics, and even video related to American artworks. Erie Canal Museum is also among the must-visit museum when you wander around Syracuse. In this museum, you can learn about artifacts in relation to the Erie Canal and how much it gives a heavy impact on the region.

Everson Museum of Art

Truly a beautiful building and that is a great way to expose our little ones to an amazing variety of artwork

Address : 401 Harrison St, Syracuse, NY 13202, Amerika Serikat

Erie Canal Museum

It provides a powerful opportunity to experience the Erie Canal through photography, artifacts, reproductions and the knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff who are delighted to guide you to points of interest

Address : 318 Erie Blvd E, Syracuse, NY 13202, Amerika Serikat


The most recommended period of time to book a ticket to Syracuse is from May to June when the temperature is warm enough to take a long stroll around the city. Alternatively, you can also visit Syracuse during the fall season, which is from September to mid-November.


Vegans, don’t worry about discovering the ultimate place where you can hang out comfortably accompanied by delicious foods and drinks. Strong Hearts Cafe is the place that you should go for. Although the place isn’t too spacious, this cafe is still very recommended for having the best quality service for your healthy meals. But if you just want to have a relaxing day off with a cup of excellent coffee served with delightful pastry, Mello Velo Bicycle Shop will give all those options. The bikes are attached here and there that adds the unique point to this cafe’s decoration.

Strong Hearts Cafe

Small restaurant with fantastic vegan food, milkshakes and other drinks and highly recommend this cafe to anyone

Address : 719 E Genesee St, Syracuse, NY 13210, Amerika Serikat

Mello Velo Bicycle Shop

it has fantastic menu options were eclectic and healthful

Address : 790 Canal St, Syracuse, NY 13210, Amerika Serikat


Relax your nerves during your night stay in Syracuse by dropping by at Faegan's Cafe & Pub. Various menu selection of beverage and food are ready to refill your energy. But enjoying an excellent liquor is your top priority, Al's Wine & Whiskey Lounge is the best place to hang out in Syracuse. The live music also adds the lively atmosphere in this bar that will absolutely make your night in Syracuse worth-remembering for.

Faegan's Cafe & Pub

a popular and bustling location at all hours and really nice people and atmosphere

Address : 734 S Crouse Ave, Syracuse, NY 13210, Amerika Serikat

Al's Wine & Whiskey Lounge

A fun bar ,really chill and great vibes

Address : 321 S Clinton St, Syracuse, NY 13202, Amerika Serikat


Now, if you want to experience the city of Syracuse from a different perspective, try to spare some time visiting Museum of Science & Technology. In this museum, you are very much welcome to learn about a good deal of knowledge related to the human body, fossils, and even space. The exhibition around this place is designed to be exciting and very kid-friendly. There is a huge IMAX theater displaying the animations to educate the visitors. Westcott Theater is another interesting spot where you can get the experience of enjoying various music venues throughout the region. All genres of music are very well embraced to perform here. If you are lucky, you would get the chance to see some big names happen to perform here as well.

Museum of Science & Technology

This museum is the best kept secret in Syracuse and become most fun place to explore with kids of all ages

Address : 500 S Franklin St, Syracuse, NY 13202, Amerika Serikat

Westcott Theater

This is a medium sized venue that is perfect for live bands

Address : 524 Westcott St, Syracuse, NY 13210, Amerika Serikat


Onondaga Lake Park is the place that you should head to if you want to capture some precious moments during your time in Syracuse. This waterside park lies seven miles long throughout the greenway, with four main trails for the visitors to take a stroll. You can also sightsee and have the absolute best time to relax and play around in the waterfront spaces, dog, parks, and many other playground areas. Community Folk Art Center is the next place not only to be captured in your camera roll but also to enrich your insight about Folk Art. This place also provides a showcase collection of African Diaspora artists.

Onondaga Lake Park

It is a great place to go for a walk and clear your head,especially for childern

Address : 106 Lake Dr, Liverpool, NY 13088, Amerika Serikat

Community Folk Art Center

Cultured diversity place to go, to be aquainted with the world

Address : 805 E Genesee St, Syracuse, NY 13210, Amerika Serikat


Just like the name of the hotel, Marriott Syracuse Downtown is the best place to stay near the downtown area of Syracuse. Built in the year of 1924, the hotel carries the historic ambiance of the city of Syracuse. The rooms are luxurious with many additional facilities which include outstanding Irish gastropub and coffeehouse. The Parkview Hotel, BW Premier Collection can be a good alternative option for you who long to stay at a more traditional-style hotel. The furniture here is all set to have the low-key and classic design that will let you relax in peace during your resting time in Syracuse.

Marriott Syracuse Downtown

recomend hotel to be visited and that has nice severs

Address : 100 E Onondaga St, Syracuse, NY 13202, Amerika Serikat

The Parkview Hotel, BW Premier Collection

that would highly recommend the Parkview Hotel for a relaxing experience

Address : 713 E Genesee St, Syracuse, NY 13210, Amerika Serikat


You should try to experience the classic American diner that will give the absolute comfort both for your belly and also your wallet in Stella's Diner. Various classic yet delicious menu selections are ready to serve you with the best service. Omelet, sandwich, salad, to ice cream sundae, all is here to get your tongue pampered. Pastabilities to the rescue if your stomach craves for some delicious pasta dishes with the Italian-American recipe. The brick interior in this place also gives you an extraordinary vibe during your meal in this restaurant.

Stella's Diner

The place has good food and the staff are friendly and helpful

Address : 110 Wolf St, Syracuse, NY 13208, Amerika Serikat


Fantastic quality,consistency of food and amazing ambience

Address : 311 S Franklin St, Syracuse, NY 13202, Amerika Serikat