Charlottesville: Best Things to Do - Image by Kelsey Perrett

Charlottesville is located in central Virginia. It is just a two-hour drive from Washington, D.C.

This city is well known for its cultural, natural, and artistic history which can be shown through top museums in town, galleries, wineries, shops, and parks.

Don't forget to book a room only in Oakhurst Inn which offers several incredible amenities

You can also visit Violet Crown which offers a variety of programming options such as art, independent, foreign language, documentary, and commercial or

The Oaks Corner is when you spend the night enjoying Hofbrau Menu and play Poker games.



Visit Monticello as a historical site that was built by Thomas Jefferson as 3rd President of the United States. A guided tour of the house is available for the public including outdoor gardens and plantation tours which are offered daily from April to October. It is approximately five miles from downtown Charlottesville and The University of Virginia.


Thomas Jefferson’s astounding home and gardens reflect his skills as an architect and gardener.

The architecture is classical and elegant with excellent tour guide.

Provides a rewarding experience for all ages and interests.

Address : 931 Thomas Jefferson Pkwy, Charlottesville, VA 22902, United States


You can also visit Violet Crown famous for its variety in any film genre. Anything is here for you to enjoy. Along with it, food and drink are available in the theater's dining areas while you can watch a movie and grab some of your favorites dishes at the same time.

Violet Crown

Violet Crown offering new release arthouse film and restored classic.

Hollywood films are screened at Violet Crown.

Large and luxury seats will make you comfortable.

You can order food they will bring it.

Address : 200 W Main St, Charlottesville, VA 22902, United States


The Virginia Shop provides Virginia's finest food, several traditional gifts, and Virginia wine which has been established since 1990. You can buy a book about " A Tour of Mr Jefferson's University with Edgar the Squirrel" and another book which is related to a city of Charlottesville history.

The Virginia Shop

Provides you several traditional gifts.

They offer Virginia's finest food too.

Great for you who looking for healty items.

Affordable prices with excellent customer service.

Address : 1047-B Emmet St N, Charlottesville, VA 22903, United States


Charlottesville is well known for wine tasting and winery tours. For the popular dishes in Charlottesville you can taste Tacos and Bagels which are served with many types of selection ingredients.


The Charlottesville region is famous for its art and culture. Strolling down in the city, you will be presented by many historical attractions which have amazing interiors. You will also hear the variety of music from the Charlottesville Pavilion or Batesville Country Store, where free concerts are held with salsa, bluegrass, and every genre offered.


Best time to visit Charlottesville is from May to July. It would be a great idea to plan your itinerary when you plan a trip to the city depending on the academic calendar and best wine testing season.


Oakhurst Inn is located in the heart of Charlottesville which offers a modern comforts with excellent amenities. There is a poolside available and you can enjoy Chateau Lobby Bar. Moreover, relax by the fireplace and enjoy several games and books. Homewood Suites by Hilton Charlottesville is a family-friendly hotel with several facilities such as flat-screen TV, kitchenette, and air conditioning for each room. This hotel has a green and mid-range style withe featured a 24 hour front desk and baggage storage including pool and free breakfast. In addition, there are several popular landmarks nearest the hotel like John Paul Jones Arena, Unlocked History Escape Rooms, and etc.

Oakhurst Inn

Oakhurst Inn offer romantic getaway in winter season.

They serve bottle of red wine from Virginia in the room.

Oakhurst Inn is just a seven-minute walk from the University of Virginia Lawn.

Great for leasure or bussines.

Address : 122 Oakhurst Cir, Charlottesville, VA 22903, United States

Homewood Suites by Hilton Charlottesville

Warmly furnished suites feature kitchens and dining tables.

All come with free Internet access, flat-screen TVs, DVD players and dishwashers.

Complimentary amenities include hot breakfast, parking and grocery shopping service.

There's also a basketball court, an indoor pool, a gym and a hot tub, plus a 24-hour convenience store.

Address : 2036 India Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22901, United States


Michie Tavern ca. 1784 serves several local wines, beers, and hard ciders. For the operational hours (Winter) is open on Friday to Saturday, 12 pm to 7 pm, on Sunday 12 pm to 5 pm, Light Fire on Friday and Saturday only available from 3 pm to 7 pm. Lastly, on Sunday, light fare is available from 3 pm to 5 pm. Get a tasty buffet of Southern fried chicken, marinated baked chicken, hickory-smoked pork barbecue, stewed tomatoes, black-eyed peas, buttermilk biscuits and many more! The Alley Light wants you to enjoy classic French shared plates, craft cocktails and small grower wines in an elegant atmosphere. They have weekly special menus including several snacks, salad, cheese, and soup, shared plates, and dessert. They served good quality white wine you might like when visiting The Alley Light.

Michie Tavern ca. 1784

The buffet menu consists of simple Southern dishes.

The staff was very friendly and helpful.

It's a scenic, historic place, with loads of atmosphere.

Available from 3 pm to 5 pm.

Address : 683 Thomas Jefferson Pkwy, Charlottesville, VA 22902, United States

The Alley Light

The Alley Light offers classic French shared plate.

They serve craft cocktails and small grower wines in a casually elegant atmosphere.

You can taste variety of cocktails too.

They try to make as many cocktail ingredients as they can in-house.

Address : 108 2nd St SW, Charlottesville, VA 22902, United States


Atlas Coffee serves you with a great coffee, espresso, and tea. They have homemade syrups such as vanilla beans, Ghirardelli chocolate, and caramelized cane sugar. It is perfect for study, meeting point, or just chit-chat with the barista. Free WiFi is available in Atlas Coffee. For the coffee lovers, Shenandoah Joe Coffee Roaster wants you to taste their special menu including a single origin, espresso, blends and roast, restaurant blends, decafs, tea, and many more. You can also purchase online and enjoy your favorite ones.

Atlas Coffee

Serving great coffee, espresso, and tea,.

A friendly neighborhood espresso bar where the pastries are fresh-baked and the coffee is locally roasted.

Chai is brewed in-house with fresh ginger.

A great place to study, meet friends, or chat with the barista.

Address : 2206 Fontaine Ave, Charlottesville, VA 22903, United States

Shenandoah Joe Coffee Roaster

Shenandoah Joe Coffee Roasters was established as a small batch coffee roaster in 1993.

Offer over 25 varieties of coffee.

Using only the finest Arabica coffee from all over the world.

Relaxed coffee house with fine atmosphere.

Address : 945 Preston Ave, Charlottesville, VA 22903, United States


Spend the night with the loved ones or even your buddies in The Southern Cafe and Music Hall, where you can taste their favorite dishes and enjoy the best music. The cafe offers a traditional Southern inspired fare for lunch and dinner five days per week, with special offers in smoked meats. Cuisine, Cocktails, and Culture are the things you might enjoy in Rapture. Rapture's cuisine features local and flavor ingredients managed by chef Chris Humphrey specializes in Southern cooking. But there is even more than enjoyment, Rapture's swank bar and billiards room it's such a perfect place to gather and meet. Several craft beers from their best selection and a bottle of wine from their extensive cellar are available for you.

The Southern and Music Hall

Located on the pedestrian Downtown Mall.

They offer you and your friends space to have fun with.

Providing with a wide range of drinks and cocktails.

Tunning basement level music hall with standing room and limited seating located within the venue.

Address : 103 1st St S, Charlottesville, VA 22902, United States


Locally sourced ingredients presented in approachable, regionally-inspired dishes.

Downtown’s home for approachable cocktails as well as craft.

Locally brewed beers, served in a fun, unpretentious atmosphere.

Offering a safe place for Charlottesville's LGBTQ community.

Address : 303 E Main St, Charlottesville, VA 22902, United States


Blue Ridge Wine Excursion serves you a wine trail that you can select three and four wineries with your guide and travel through the incredible countryside to taste some of Virginia's best wines. You can customize your weekday wine tour for a five hour wine tasting tour and drive through the countryside to three or four Virginia wineries with your tour guide and other interesting things from the Blue Ridge Wine Excursion has to offer. Established in 1974, Carter Mountain Orchard offers a wonderful selection of local craft, fresh produce, jams and jellies, T- shirts, and other several gift items. It's truly breathtaking when you can enjoy the good atmosphere there!

Blue Ridge Wine Excursion

Experience the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Offer a variety of wines.

And tour some of Virginia’s finest vineyards and wines.

Address : 175 S Pantops Dr #107, Charlottesville, VA 22911, United States

Carter Mountain Orchard

Pick apples from Carter Mountain Orchard.

See the beautiful scenery of the surrounding area.

Merchandise available for purchase.

Located just minutes outside of Charlottesville, VA.

Address : 1435 Carters Mountain Trail, Charlottesville, VA 22902, United States


Located on the block from the Downtown Mall, McGuffey Art Center is one of the oldest art center in the country. Five exhibition spaces, performance. and rehearsal space is one of Virginia's premiere cultural destinations. Take a lot of pictures there as well as there's so many unique objects available. Specialized in curatorial consultation, paintings, sculpture, photography, installation art, contemporary, and many more. So you will be spoiled by the masterpieces available in Chroma Project which is very Instagrammable taking a picture with one of the best things which is worth taking. Operational hours available only by appointment.

McGuffey Art Center

Located one block from the Downtown Mall.

One of the oldest artist-run cooperative art centers in the country.

Artists show in the galleries at the art center.

Free and open to the public on the first Friday of every month.

Address : 201 2nd St NW, Charlottesville, VA 22902, United States

Chroma Projects

Offers trunk shows or a selection of art from previous exhibitions on view and for sale.

The setting testifies how art living in private homes.

Viewing hours are generally from 10-4 Monday-Friday.

Address : 3rd St SE, Charlottesville, VA 22902, United States