First Time Tourists Guide in Virginia Beach

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Virginia Beach is a city located in southeastern Virginia

It is Virginia's number one vacation destination famous for its great beaches in east coast

Chesapeake bay is one of them

Visit the Virginia Beach Broadwalk for the best experience of sightseeing

Challenge yourself by kayaking at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

For the best culinary in town, it's a must to try local cuisine such as Brunswick Stew and Virginia Oysters



Spending summer season at Virginia Beach Boardwalk and Resort Beach is a really good choice. This boardwalk is perfect for walking, running, skateboarding or even just talking to your friends. You can easily find any restaurants, hotels, and shops just behind the broadwalk. Don't forget to come to the First Landing Park. This place is not only for enjoying the nature, but also learning the history.

Virginia Beach Boardwalk

a 28-foot wide marvel that stretches across 3 miles of beach

First Landing Park

a 2888-acre park that contains a variety of natural habitats


Downtown Virginia Beach becomes the central business district. There, you can find Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center famous among travelers. This Aquarium provides many educational and fun activities and exhibits. Besides, you can take a walk to Mount Trashmore Park, a city park that has two man-made mountains. Its lake, playground, and skate park are the most popular site of this park.

Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center

one of the best aquariums and animal habitats

Mount Trashmore

a city park located in Virginia Beach


The Shops are at Hilltop, a top-ranked shopping center in Virginia Beach. This shopping center has 120 stores and restaurants. You can find local crafted souvenir stores like Creative Wedge Artisan Market. Lynnhaven Mall as the best mall in Virginia beach has become the most popular place to buy trendy fashion, food, and other entertainment things. It is located in the Hampton Road near the city center.

Lynnhaven Mall

mosmost popular place to get trendy fashion, food and other entertainment things

The Shops at Hilltop

top-ranked shopping center


As the largest farm for oyster, it's a must to taste the authentic Virginian Oysters during your trip here. You must also try Brunswick Stew, a Georgia style cuisine made from chicken or pork flavored with barbecue sauce. Drink Maple Syrup for the perfect match!


The official language spoken by people of Virginia Beach is English. As a diverse city, Virginia Beach has many local culinary destinations. Mostly, the Classic American architecture can be found in the society's house. This city also has great collection of historical, scientific and performing arts throughout the year.


Best time for visiting Virginia Beach is from late May to early September.


Have an unforgettable night stay at Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront. This hotel offers you a sea-view right from your room. For more luxurious place to stay, you may choose The Cavalier Virginia Beach. This seven-story hotel was built in 1927 and now has unique building design perfect for a comfortable stay.

Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront

a hotel that offers sea-view right from your room

The Cavalier Virginia Beach

a hotel with unique building design


Trying local cuisine from Virginia beach will be perfect at Terrapin. This restaurant has a variety of food choices with their high quality of taste. Blue Pete’s is an old small underwater and fish house that is very famous among local people and tourists. The she-crab soup and nachos are the must try food here.


the best-reviewed cafes in the city

Blue Pete’s

an old seafood restaurant


Spend you free time at Three Ships Coffee Roasters. This is a perfect place to grab some snacks and drink coffee before continuing your trip. Looking for a special coffee taste? Bad Ass Coffee is a good option because it serves the Hawaiian blends of coffee in Virginia Beach.

Bad Ass Coffee

a coffee shop with Hawaiian blend

Three Ships Coffee Roasters

the best-reviewed cafes in the city


To experience the nightlife in Virginia Beach, you must visit Peabody’s Nightclub. It is the most popular bar that serves not only happy hour drink but also live music performance. You should also visit Sandler Center for the Performing Arts in the center of the city to get a memorable stay during your trip.

Peabody’s Nightclub

popular bar in town

Sandler Center for the Performing Arts

a theater


One of the interesting places in Virginia Beach is Chesapeake Bay Beach. Swimming, watching sunset, or strolling along the beach will be more relaxing for you. Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is another tourist destination. You need to try kayaking along the rivers to release your stress.

Chesapeake Bay Beach

beautiful beach which commonly known to locals as Chic's Beach

Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

a nice beach for kayaking


King Neptune Statue is the most popular Instagramable spot in Virginia Beach. It's a giant statue of the mythological god Neptune. No wonder there are so many people queuing to take a picture here. Make sure to visit ViBe Creative District when you are in Virginia Beach. You can ask your travel buddy or other people to capture your moment in front of mural art.

King Neptune Statue

a large bronze statue

ViBe Creative District

a hub for artists and spirits, roasters and restaurants, workouts and wares, museums and more