Things to Do in Deerbrook Mall

Deerbrook Mall is a famous mall in the Greater Huoston Metro area, Humble, Texas.

This retail center features more than 130 shops with the most popular anchor department stores.

Dillard's, Macy's, and JC Penney are the preferred shopping store destination in this mall.

Also, refuel and indulge in a variety of dining options here.

What's more exciting? you can enjoy watching your favorite movies at its convenient cinema.

Luckily, several great events also hold here.



There are 3 anchor department stores provided in Deerbook Mall. Take a stop at Macy's if you need furniture, cute home decor, and high-end apparel brands. While a popular JC Penney is the best shopping destination for fine jewelry, clothing, merchandise, or even a beauty store. Inside these stores, you can find Sephora, a leading American beauty store. Another option is Dillard's. It's where you should go when you wish to buy apparels. The store provides women, men, and kids clothing. Shoes and toys are also available here.

JCPenney Deerbrook Mall

Here is JCPenney's in the Deerbrook Mall, good place to shop.

Lots of clothing, bedding and bathroom supplies.

And on the downstairs they have a large selection for makeup and beauty supplies for all the women to shop at.

It's a good place to go while you're in the mall and walk around.

Address : 20131 Hwy 59N Ste 3000, Humble, TX 77338, USA

Macy's Deerbrook Mall

Macy's offers a variety of products so great place to get gifts.

Everyone is always helpful, friendly, & quick when you're looking for a particular item.

Good clothes, shoes, jewelry and many other durable things.

Address : 20131, 4000 US-59 N Ste, Humble, TX 77338, USA

Dillard's Deerbrook Mall

Great place for shopping.

This place has very good switer and winter jackets at great prices.

They also have beautiful selection of evening gowns.

Address : 20131 US-59, Humble, TX 77338, USA


Deerbook Mall doesn't have groceries. But, if you need to grocery shopping, don't worry because you can go to the nearest store. Kroger is located about a mile from the mall. In this grocery store, you can find daily necessities such as meat, seafood, fruit, and vegetable. There is also a floral department, pharmacy, and bakery.

Kroger Deerbrook Mall

Large grocery store with very good selection, very good sale prices.

Kroger has so much to offer, fully stocked with great services.

The prices are great and the store is super clean.

The deli, bakery and sushi area is clean.

Address : 9475 Farm to Market 1960 Bypass Rd W, Humble, TX 77338, USA


Parking in Deerbrook Mall is easy and free. If you drive personal vehicles, you have five spaces of parking lots. Each of the parking lots has easy access to the main sections and anchor stores.


Want to watch a movie during break shopping? You can go to AMC Deerbrook 24. There are many theaters with powerful images and a great sound system. You can also reserve seating and buy tickets online. Do not forget to stop by the snack corner to get some popcorn.

AMC Deerbrook 24

The theater is clean, has a nice food selection, and serves alcohol.

Large lobby to the numbered theaters, seats are comfortable.

Sound systems are good, and the upgrade rooms are even more booming, with adjustable recliners.

Address : 20131 US-59 #8000, Humble, TX 77338, USA


Feel safe when shopping at Deerbrook during Covid-19 outbreaks. Wear your mask and wash your hand frequently. The mall provides you hand-sanitizing and self-screening station. Also, keep doing social distancing to protect yourself.


Barnes & Noble Booksellers is a worthy store to visit. This large bookstore offers you best sellers books from great authors. It makes your shopping experience much more valuable. Besides, the shop also sells movies, toys, and games too. Another recommendation is ThinkGeek. The store offers electronics and entertainment technology and gaming. If you are a game lover, then you must visit this place.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers

This is a clean, spacious and well organized bookstore with excellent customer service.

Find your favorite book or just browse to get surprised by any other book out of the great selection.

They have a large selection of books, magazines, puzzles, etc.

They have a coffee bar and a fee tables to enjoy your reading.

Address : 20131 Highway 59 N, Humble, TX 77338, USA


Such a cool store to geek out for all your favorite franchises.

So many different things to check out that you wouldn't typically find at most places in malls.

They have statues, clothes, pop figures, to game props.

Employees are very nice, helpful and friendly.

Address : Deerbrook Mall 20131 Highway 59, North, Humble, TX 77338, USA


Feeling hungry during your shopping time? Head to Casa Olé to recharge yourself. This large restaurant serves Mexican cuisine such as margarita with many brands of tequila, tacos, and more. They offer single, family, and party platters. another great restaurant is Charleys Philly Steaks. You can order a variety of steak menus, salads, as well as burgers. The cheesesteak sandwiches are good to try.

Casa Olé

Pleasant place for lovely brunch with decent Mexican food.

This location also offers a bar, and has excellent drinks.

Restaurant is clean, and the servers are attentive and friendly.

Address : 20131 US-59, Humble, TX 77338, USA

Charleys Philly Steaks Deerbrook Mall

The best restaurant for best Philly cheese steak sandwiches.

The Philly Cheesesteak is filling and delicious.

The lemonade and the cheese fries are amazing.

Portion sizes are generous and the staff is always friendly.

Address : 20131, 2098 US-59 N Ste, Humble, TX 77338, USA


If you want to take a hort break for a casual dessert or sweet things, you may head to I-CY NY Deerbrook Mall. This is an ice cream shop that sells a huge range of delightful flavors. You can find this shop on level 1, near Dillard's. Also, try a delicious sandwich at Great Wraps Grill. It has been operated for more than two decades ago. Sandwiches are made with the freshness and phenomenal flavors.

I-CY NY Deerbrook Mall

A very cute shop that provides a variety of ice cream with unique flavors.

Address : Humble, TX 77338, USA

Great Wraps Grill Deerbrook Mall

Great place with quality costumer service and food.

The food is always consistent and they aren't shy about the samples.

Address : DEERBROOK MALL 20131, US-59, Humble, TX 77338, USA


Looking for a great place to hangout? you may visit Cinnabon. This is a bakery restaurant that famous for cinnamon products such as cinnamon rolls and bakery sweet treats menu. You can also order coffee and frozen drinks. Another option I Starbucks. This coffeehouse has a warm ambiance and comfy seating to chill out with your friends. They serve premium coffee-based drinks and fantastic non-coffee.

Cinnabon Deerbrook Mall

An excellent place to taste the products they sell are simply delicious.

Prices are decent, and the food is very good.

If you like Cinnabun, this is the place for you.

Address : 20131 US-59, Humble, TX 77338, USA

Starbucks Deerbrook Mall

Cool spot for hangout or coffee lovers.

They really make sure the customer leaves happy.

Address : 1501 FM 1960 BPE, Humble, TX 77338, USA