Things to Do in Calf Pasture Beach

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Calf Pasture Beach is a stunning-looking beach located in Norwalk, Connecticut, United States

The most popular activities to do here are beach sports, such as beach volleyball and basketball

There is a skate park and splash pad area here as well

Restaurants are located super close to the beach, so you can just head there once you feel hungry and you'll arrive in no time

Everything are kept clean and well maintained



Welcome to Calf Pasture Beach guide! This beautiful beach is located in Norwalk, Connecticut, United States. Around this beach, you can go to some other spots to spend your day and we picked the best 2 places you should visit!

The first is Norwalk Beach Pier. This place is where people fish, but you can just go over there and enjoy the beautiful sunset! People often cycling on the pier as well. This place is well lit at night, so it’s a perfect place to spend an intimate night with someone else just walking near the pier.

Another place you should visit is Shady Beach Park. This park is located only 12 minutes away from the beach. More than a park, you can also enjoy playing at the beach here, with a shaded picnic area, plus a splash pad and swings. It’s perfect for you who wants to relax and calm your mind down. There are sandy areas, pebbly areas, and some grassy areas so you could choose where you’re most comfortable to sit on.

Norwalk Beach Pier

Nice place to chill out, walk and fishing.

Superb beach magnificent view.

Address : Long Island Sound, Norwalk, CT 06855, USA

Shady Beach Park

Beautiful beach here, good for family or if you want to come alone.

The beach and the water are nice and clean.

Address : 14 Canfield Ave, Norwalk, CT 06855, USA


There are so many activities you can do here for free! The most popular activities on this beach are beach sports such as baseball/softball, volleyball, skate park, playground, and basketball. This beach also often hosts some seasonal events, ranging from classic car shows to fabulous free concerts. There is also a food court near the beach, so you can buy your meals on the spot.


During the time of the pandemic, visitors are expected to follow safety guidelines such as keeping a distance from other visitors. Lifeguards are on duty during the summer season only.


The best time to visit Calf Pasture Beach in Connecticut is during spring and summer.


Actually, Calf Pasture Beach isn’t really popular for its water sports, as most people here enjoy fishing and playing on the beach’s sand more. however, there is a place where you can rent a boat and sail from the beach, which is Sound Sailing Center. You can sign up for membership and the professional staff will help you taking care of all the sailing necessities.

Sound Sailing Center

If you want to get a bunch of sailing experience quickly, take the advanced cruising course here.

Head and shoulders above other classes.

The guides are knowledgable and kind.

Address : 54 Calf Pasture Beach Rd, Norwalk, CT 06855, USA


If you need a place to book and stay the night near Calf Pasture Beach, we recommend you to book a room in Norwalk Inn. This hotel is only 9 minutes away from the beach by driving. They have 116 guest rooms including 11 luxury suites. The amenities include wireless internet, television, microwave ovens, and many more. You can also make a phone call to the hotel if you want in-room dining!

Another place you must check out is Residence Inn by Marriott Norwalk. This hotel is also 9 minutes away by driving from Calf Pasture Beach. Pets are welcome in this hotel and there is a fitness center on-site. Each room is equipped with full-size kitchens, Wi-Fi, internet TV’s, separate living areas as well as ergonomic workspaces.

Norwalk Inn

This place is no doubt one of the most pleasant place to stay in the region.

Spacious room with the most comfortable beds.

They maintain their high standard service and the topmost level of meals they offer.

All staff are great and welcoming.

Address : 99 East Ave, Norwalk, CT 06851, USA

Residence Inn by Marriott Norwalk

Would highly recommend this location to anyone in the area looking for a place to stay while in town.

The rooms are beautiful , the building is kept clean inside and out.

The breakfast is the best and the guy attending/setting up the breakfast is super friendly.

The staff at this hotel are top-notch and the housekeeping is wonderful.

Address : 45 S Main St, Norwalk, CT 06854, USA


Want to eat good food? Go to Sunset Grille! This place located just around the beach itself. This restaurant sells seafood with small menu and harbor views. Keep in mind that they offer gourmet seafood menu from mid-March to October and closed for winter months. Just like the name of the restaurant, this place is perfect for you to enjoy meals while looking at the horizon when the sun is setting.

Another place that is close to the beach you should totally check out is Ripka’s Beach Café. This restaurant offers casual atmosphere while enjoying the yummy seafood. The seating area is placed outdoor which is very refreshing. They have breakfast, lunch, catering, as well as gourmet menu on the spot.

Sunset Grille

A really nice place to bring a group of friends for a chill outside hangout.

The shrimp and salmon come highly recommended.

Servers are responsive and prompt, and there's more than enough outdoors seating, so you won't get stuck inside.

If you want a perfect place to grab a meal or a drink and soak in the sun, this is the place.

Address : 52 Calf Pasture Beach Rd, Norwalk, CT 06855, USA

Ripka's Beach Cafe

Welcoming restaurant for a nice beach dinner.

The warm lobster rolls, grilled oysters, tilapia tacos, and clam chowder are all fantastic.

Everything is extremely reasonable which is shocking for seafood.

The grilled cheese and tomato is tasty, and the staff are very friendly.

Address : 99 Calf Pasture Beach Rd, Norwalk, CT 06855, USA


If you’re visiting Calf Pasture Beach in Connecticut, you also shouldn’t miss their yummy local foods. Now, here us out – even though you’ve already tasted hot dogs, burgers, and pizzas elsewhere, you should also try the Connecticut version of those foods. The pizzas are topped with clam which is very unique. Don’t forget to try their lobster rolls as well!


Want to get yourself entertained and spend some times in a lively place where you can hang out with people? You can go to O’Neill’s Irish Pub & Restaurant. This place is only 11 minutes away from the beach by driving. Here, you can enjoy conversation over a glass of whiskey, cocktails, beers, or wine. The atmosphere is excellent and there is a background music to make everything more enjoyable in the pub.

O'Neill's Irish Pub & Restaurant

It is a friendly place to pass time with your friends or with your date.

They charge convenient rates and the food quality is very good.

Very welcoming staff members, constantly excellent character.

Address : 93 N Main St, Norwalk, CT 06854, USA