Top Things to Do in The Shops at Wiregrass

The Shops at Wiregrass official facebook page - Photo by The Shops at Wiregrass

The Shops at Wiregrass is an open-air lifestyle center in Wesley Chapel, Pasco County, Florida.

There are a lot of great stores, dining options, and many more.

Free parking and valet parking is available in the shopping center area.

The ambience of the mall is very relaxing and natural, as it's not an indoor mall.

Everything are well maintained and clean.



Do you need new clothes that will make you trendier and updated? You can go to Macy’s! This popular department store is available in The Shops at Winegrass, Florida. You can find branded clothing, accessories, home furnishings, and housewares all in one place. They also often have good deals as well so you have to look out for that. The staffs are known to be very helpful as well.

Another department store you must check out is JCPenney. This store is focused on apparel and accessories items, as well as footwear and furniture. The store is very well organized and clean, with products that are always well stocked. The sales associates are also ready to help you whenever you need them. Parking near JCPenney is very easy as well.

Macy's The Shops at Wiregrass

Great place for shopping, lot of options and great discount.

Macy's is consistent with the quality of their products that are for sale.

Clothes for the entire family, kitchen wares, fine & casual jewelry, perfume for men & women.

Address : 28233 Paseo Drive, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543, USA

JCPenney The Shops at Wiregrass

This store is well maintained and well stocked for great shopping experience.

They always have great deals, sales and extra coupons.

Address : 28151 State Rd 56, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543, USA


Get your fresh food to store at home by shopping at Fresh Market at Wiregrass! Instead of just one store, this is an area where many food vendors are selling groceries such as veggies and fruits. There are also live music playing in the area! Not only foods, many vendors are also selling crafts and gifts as well.

However, this market isn’t open every day. Instead, they only open on every first and third Saturday each month and first Saturday only in November to January. Go to the market early as they only open from 10 AM to 2 PM!

Fresh Market at Wiregrass

Wonderful place to see and experience authentic food and products.

Lots of vendors with tasty sweet and savory foods to sample and purchase.

Great food selection Greek, Thai, Mexican, Italian, Maine Lobster, and Cajun.

Address : 28211 Paseo Drive, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543, USA


The Shops at Wiregrass has its own parking area. Valet parking is available as well.


To ensure a pleasant shopping experience, every visitor must follow the rule of The Shops at Wiregrass. Any illegal activity and improper use of the shopping center amenities is prohibited. Visitors also should not do any activity that would disturb the peace/convenience of other people’s shopping experience, such as engaging in noisy or boisterous activities.


Got nowhere specific to go in The Shops at Wiregrass? Well, we have two recommended stores that you must check out. The first is Barnes & Noble bookstore. Not only books, you can also buy toys, games and collectibles, gift and home office items, and many more. All the products are well stocked and very organized, you can find what you want pretty easily.

Next, we have Creativity Unpinned. This store sells crafts from local artists, featuring quirk twists that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s a small, cute store though, so you won’t feel tired exploring all the corners. The staffs are very friendly and knowledgeable to their products as well. If you love unique items, you definitely must check this out!

Barnes & Noble The Shops at Wiregrass

Barnes & Noble is an excellent bookstore.

They have an excellent selection of books and gifts at their store locations.

And the sale/clearance section is well organized.

Their stores are very clean with a friendly staff.

Address : 28152 Paseo Drive Suite 100, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543, USA

Creativity Unpinned

This is a cute shop that offers unique gifts, artisan-created crafts, and special one-of-a-kind items.

They offer a variety of knick-knacks and crafts with quirks twists.

The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about their stock as well.

Address : 28152 Paseo Drive #150, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543, USA


Got hungry when exploring The Shops at Wiregrass? Don’t worry, we have picked two restaurants in the shopping center area that you should check out. The first one is Pinchers. This restaurant with crabs as its symbol sells seafood, especially crab-based cuisine and fried fish. Every dishes are flavourful, made by skilful chef. The staffs are very professional as well!

Another place we recommend you to check out is Noble Crust. This place is perfect, especially if you’re craving for pizza and other Italian dishes. They also have salads, bowls and pasta, and fresh seafood. The indoor setting of the restaurant is stylish and comfortable. The staffs are very attentive as well.


This is one of the better restaurants at the Shops of Wiregrass, you can't really go wrong here.

They offer excellent food, wide variety of fresh seafood, great service.

An inviting atmosphere and moderately priced.

Address : 28330 Paseo Drive Ste 185, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543, USA

Noble Crust The Shops at Wiregrass

If you're looking for new flavors, you should try this place.

Wonderful atmosphere in an eclectic decor.

They offer a variety of options from appetizers, entrees and pizza.

Address : 28330 Paseo Drive, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543, USA


If you want to fill your hungry tummy without being to full, we recommend you to go to Panera Bread! This store sells bread, sandwiches, salads, and many more. the breads are fresh and the soups are just simply delicious. The store is always clean and the staffs are friendly as well.

Panera Bread The Shops at Wiregrass

A nice place to sit and do some computer work.

Great Coffee, great breakfast, soups and salads.

Address : 28332 Willet Way, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543, USA


Want to hangout in someplace lively? You can go to Irish 31 Pub House & Eatery. This place serves drinks and they have a great variety of them. you will feel the lively and fun ambience in the pub because of the live music inside! There are TVs as well, mostly showing football game. the place is spacious and they have outdoor seating option. Overall, this is a perfect place to have a quality time with your friends!

Irish 31 Pub House & Eatery

Great stop for a brew, tasty bite and relaxing ambiance.

The food was amazing, the nachos made with homemade potato chips was really good.

The staff is really nice and friendly.

Address : 28358 Willet Way, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543, USA