Fun Outdoor Activities And Cool Things To Do In Matthiessen State Park, Illinois

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Matthiessen State Park is an Illinois state park located a few miles south of the Starved Rock State Park.

Matthiessen State Park was an estate that hosted a private park known as "Deer Park".

The park is centered on a stream that flows from Matthiessen Lake to the Vermilion River.

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Planning a trip to Matthiessen State Park will definitely be a fun experience! There are several surprising and lovely stone developments in this park. Exposed sandstone can be seen all through. The main canyon provides an interesting walking tour. The Upper Dell starts at Deer Park Lake and continues to falling Falls, where the gorge drops 45 feet and the Lower Dell starts. Besides, visitors can watch groundwater leaking out along the sandstone of the canyon walls.


It's time for you to plan a trip to Matthiessen State Park. You will surely enjoy all of it. Explore the natural atmosphere and do several fun activities in this park. It's important if you check the weather first. If you want to visit in the morning, it will be better, because the smell of the natural vibe is still fresh. The park is open every day from 7 AM to 8:30 PM. The Dells area is set up for picnics. If you like some waterfall action, it will be better to visit during or after some rain. In addition, for hiking trails, there are around 9 miles of multi-use bike horseback riding trails. In winter, the park is used for cross skiing. Lastly, at the end of the trip, you can visit a field archery range and a radio-controlled model airplane field in the Vermilion River Area.


Experience the fun of outdoor attraction at Starved Rock State Park. It will be fun whether you enjoy climbing along the nature trails or simply enjoy the surrounding. From picnicking, fishing, boating, horse riding, and many more. The park is most popular for its fascinating stone formations, especially St. Dwindle sandstone.

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Just make sure you have good preparation like several personal things such as sturdy boots, bug spray, and your other important needs.


The best time to visit this park depends on what you want to see. But, we recommend you to visit Matthiessen State Park during the spring season, the waterfall is worth seeing.


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