Unmissable Things to Do in Argentina for Unforgettable Traveling

Argentina - Photo by LeoEspina from pixabay.com

Argentina is a country that is full of surprises and tons of world-class tourists’ destinations.

This country also has beautiful and distinct geography, intriguing culture and history.

Also, it boasts unique local cuisines and thriving nightlife.

From its spectacular glaciers, stunning mountains, to remarkable deserts, Argentina is a really adorable destination.

Hence, it’s no wonder why this country attracts thousands of visitors each year.



Are you ready to explore the scenic beauty of Argentina? Let’s start our journey at Perito Moreno Glacier. This glacier is located in the Los Glaciares Patagonia National Park, the small town of El Calafate. For those of you who want to hike the glaciers, there are ice trekking tours that take around one hour. Another great sight in Los Glaciares National Park is Monte Fitz Roy. A 3,359-meter-high mountain that stretches across Argentina's border with Chile will pamper your eyes with indescribable views.
Another good sightseeing place in Argentina is Devil's Throat. Be prepared for jaw-dropping sights when you are here. To get to The Devil's Throat waterfall you can use the train, jungle train, or by bringing your own car. And did you know that The Devil's Throat is much bigger than the waterfall in Niagara?

Perito Moreno Glacier

This is a very large glacier and should be seen by anyone especially for tourists.

There are many trails to take different walks and see the glaciers from different angles.

The walkways are extensive so even with a crowd you can find your own space away from them.

Address : Los Glaciares, National Park, Santa Cruz, Argentina

Devil's Throat

An amazing attraction with breathtaking views for sighteeing activity in Argentina.

Address : Devil's Throat, Argentina


Modern Argentinian culture has been highly influenced by European immigrant population as well as with a South American flair. To learn more about Argentinian culture, you can go to MALBA (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires). Get ready to be amazed by their well-curated collection of modern art. You can enjoy interesting exhibits, and events including film, art, and music.


The most interesting museum to see the most impressive collection of Latin American art.

The permanent collection room has explanations in English and Spanish.

Rooms include a variety of modern art styles, with connections to Latin America.

Address : Av. Pres. Figueroa Alcorta 3415, C1425 CABA, Argentina


The best time to visit Argentina is considered at springtime which happens from October to mid-December. Another best time to visit this country is autumn (April to Mid-June) in order to avoid the crowds of tourist and peak season rates.


Knowing what you should do and what you should not do is essential when visiting every country, including Argentina. Do expect a kiss on the cheek for greeting. It’s a general greeting form in Argentina. Do dress modest and conservative in case you want to blend in. Don’t make the “OK” sign or give a “thumbs up” since they are considered as vulgar. Remember to not eat on the street or on public transportation.


There are a lot of attractions to explore in Argentina and no trip is complete without visiting the famous landmarks. One of the most popular landmarks you should visit is Obelisco. Built in 1936, it is the magnificent structure that stands approximately 220 feet tall. Sometimes, it is used by locals to display public messages. Similar to the United States Washington Monument, it’s an attraction that should not be missed.
Parque Nacional Talampaya is another magnificent landmark in Argentina. Named as one of UNESCO World Heritage sites in 2000, it features massive red walls. When you are visiting this place, you can enjoy many stunning areas including the different mountain shapes as well as natural sculptures. With over 60,000 hectares of pristine nature, this splendid place is perfect for a long trip between the canons!


A tall square column in the centre of Buenos Aires.

The statue lights up blue at night and is surrounded by shops.

Great place to take photos and enjoy the unique essence of Buenos Aires.

If you're visiting Argentina, the Obelisco is a must go place.

Address : Av. 9 de Julio s/n, C1043 CABA, Argentina

Parque Nacional Talampaya

One of the best National Parks in Argentina.

You will walk the soil of Millions of years ago due to plaque movements.

The park is huge, you can take different trails and also take a guided tour which is highly recommended.

The park is stunning and the excursion takes you round many impressive sites.

Address : Argentina


Get overwhelmed about where to go in Argentina? No need to worry! We have listed two recommended attractions for you. The first one is Tierra del Fuego National Park. This 156,000-hectare area stretching far from the Beagle Channel to the Chilean Border has unmatched beauty. To get to this place, you need to go to the city of Ushuaia. Most visitors come here for hiking or enjoying the spectacular coastline.
Monte Fitz Roy is another popular tourist destination in Argentina. It is a mountain range in the Patagonian and stands on the border between Argentina and Chile. You can enjoy trekking in these mountains. Not only professionals who can do trekking here but there are also easy routes that can be reached in just 2-3 hours. Really interesting, isn’t it?

Tierra del Fuego National Park

A stunning national park at the end of the world.

Trails are well maintained and the weather is beautiful.

Address : Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina

Monte Fitz Roy, Argentina

One of the many wonders that Patagonia has!

Address : Santa Cruz Province, Argentina


Wondering where to stay while you are visiting Argentina? Well, Hilton Buenos Aires can be one of the best options. It’s a contemporary and upscale hotel providing easy access to airports, popular attractions, and stunning nightlife. Meanwhile, Park Hyatt Mendoza is another good choice whom you can book a room for tonight. As you stay here, you can reach the most important vineyards and wineries easily. It’s definitely recommended to stay here!

Hilton Buenos Aires

A truly upscale hotel offering complete amenities and situated in a perfect location.

All the rooms are so awesome with perfectly clean amenities.

All of the staff are amazingly courteous.

Address : Macacha Güemes 351, C1106 BKG, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Park Hyatt Mendoza

Absolutely fantastic hotel that offers luxurious facilities and exceptional service.

All rooms have a very beautiful design, the king bed and pillows are very soft and clean.

Excellent breakfast with many fresh fruits and offerings.

All of the staff are excellent at serving their guests.

Address : Chile 1124, M5500 Mendoza, Argentina


Feel hungry but you don’t know where to eat? Luckily, we have two recommendations for you. Head to Oviedo Restaurante, a Spanish restaurant that serves fantastic seafood cuisines and several meat choices. For those of you who look for something a little different, this restaurant is a nice option. Meanwhile, if you look for a decent steakhouse, look no further than La Cabrera. Probably, it is the most popular steakhouse in Buenos Aires! They serve large cuts of meat grilled on its parrilla along with a large variety of complimentary side dishes. Since this restaurant is really busy (always busy!) it is advised to make a reservation in advance.

Oviedo Restaurante

An upscale restaurant with a lovely setting making it perfect for a romantic dinner.

They provide great Spanish specialties and more.

They serve wonderful wine list, classical cocktails with an exciting menu as well.

Superb service and managed by the family owners.

Address : Beruti 2602, C1425 BBD, Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Cabrera

Classy restaurant offering high quality food with luxurious decoration inside.

The meat is absolutely perfect, and it comes with lots of side dishes.

They also have an extensive wine list and it's great to eat with the steaks.

Make sure you reserve a table, otherwise you may be asked to wait for a while.

Address : José A. Cabrera 5099, C1414 CABA, Argentina


Visiting Argentina is not complete without purchasing some unique souvenirs. MUNDO DEL SOUVENIR offers an array of unique souvenirs to choose from. You will be happier since your shopping will be helped with friendly staff. Catalina Souvenir is another best souvenir shop you can visit. You will find a lot of cute gifts at very nice prices. Get ready to be surprised by their unique products!


This is a shop that offers beautiful items at affordable prices.

They have gifts, souvenirs, greeting cards, and other items for your party needs.

Address : Lavalle 2171, C1050 CABA, Argentina

Catalina Souvenir

Shop complete with beautiful gifts, souvenirs and other items.

Address : Lavalle 2190, C1051 ABH, Buenos Aires, Argentina