The Most Popular Attractions in Buenos Aires Argentina

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Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city of Argentina located on the western shore of the estuary of the Río de la Plata.

It is known for its preserved Eclectic European architecture and rich cultural life. Plaza de Mayo and Plaza Dorrego are two of the most visited places in the city.

What's great about the city is that every moment become iconic and memorable. It is classy with many old and period attractions.

Every sightseeing opportunity is worth visiting. Whether the amazing Floralis Genérica or the stunning Jardín Japonés.

This city is home to multiple ethnic and religious groups and is known as the second-most visited city of Latin America behind Mexico city.

There are still many great places to visit. Buenos Aires is literally home to many incredible historic sites and landmarks.

Check this page out and know more about fun things to do in Buenos Aires city.



To visit Buenos Aires has to be one of the luckiest things in the world. This city is absolutely a great city for traveling. From the unique people, its culture, to the world-class attractions.

One of the best things to do in Buenos Aires Argentina is visiting this iconic historic landmark known as Plaza de Mayo. This city square, as well as the main foundational site of the city, is a popular tourist attraction known as the scene of the most momentous events in Argentine history and the largest popular demonstrations in the country. From the monuments, the buildings, to the square itself, all are nothing but iconic.

What's great about Buenos Aires is that every moment become iconic and memorable. The city itself is literally classy with many old and period attractions. Even Plaza Dorrego become one of the most visited places in the city. It is another history square with cafes and shops all around. It is known for its tango dancers and Sunday antiques market. This is definitely going to be exciting.

Plaza de Mayo

Plaza de Mayo is a famous square in the city that is perfect for walking walks or taking some of the best photos.

You can enjoy the architecture, history and quite simply, and the whole atmosphere.

This is great for tourists as well as locals.

Address : Av. Hipólito Yrigoyen s/n, C1087 CABA, Argentina

Plaza Dorrego

It is a tourist area with lots of delicious food and handicrafts.

Address : Humberto 1º 400, C1103 CABA, Argentina


Every sightseeing opportunity in Buenos Aires is worth visiting. Whether the amazing Floralis Genérica or the stunning Jardín Japonés. While Floralis Genérica is an iconic and striking steel flower sculpture, Jardín Japonés is one of the city's popular garden with Japanese landscaping, ponds, exhibits, a plant nursery, with a sushi restaurant. These places are ready to bring some of the most incredible things to do in Buenos Aires Argentina.

For more intriguing places to visit, Recoleta Cemetery and Congressional Plaza would be perfect to complete your fun things to do in Buenos Aires Argentina. One is a cemetery built in 1882 with mausoleums of many notables, while the other is an iconic square with lavish carved fountains.

Recoleta Cemetery

Built in 1822, this statue-rich cemetery features mausoleums of many notables, including Eva Perón.

Address : Junín 1760, C1113 CABA, Argentina

Floralis Genérica

Pretty magnificent sculptures of glittering flowers surrounded by gravel paths and lawns.

It is popular and people who like to take pictures.

The statue itself floats in a pool of water.

Definitely worth taking a walk if you are in the area.

Address : Av. Pres. Figueroa Alcorta, C1425 CABA, Argentina

Jardín Japonés

It is the perfect place for a great day with family.

The trees, ponds, fish, history behind this place is incredible.

There is even a section inside that you can use to buy household plants that you can't buy anywhere else.

They also have small plant nurseries where you can pick up bonsai or other gifts for your friends or your garden.

Address : Av. Casares 2966, C1425 CABA, Argentina

Congressional Plaza

This is a very important place for the Argentine people where epic demonstrations have taken place.

The building itself is magnificent and definitely worth the photos.

A beautiful fountain with a display shown.

Address : Buenos Aires, C1089 Buenos Aires, Argentina


Founded by the Spanish in 16th century, culture in Buenos Aires has always been influenced by Spanish culture. It became immensely prosperous, known for its rich cultural life and architecture. Its official language is Spanish.

The city is home to multiple ethnic and religious groups and is known as the second-most visited city of Latin America, behind Mexico city. It is known for its preserved Eclectic European architecture and rich cultural life.

Not only you get to explore many great things to do in Buenos Aires Argentina, but also your every step become precious. The unique and interesting architectures are ready to make you in awe.


Visiting Buenos Aires city has to be on your bucket list at least once in your life. This is a great opportunity for you.

Visit the city in fall season from April to June or in spring from September to December. These are where you can enjoy mild temperatures, thin crowds, and of course stunning colorful leaves. Not to mention the reasonable hotel prices.


Everything about Buenos Aires is old and classy. The city is literally home to many great historic sites and landmarks.

Among the most visited places is Obelisco. This monument is a landmark abelisk made from Cordoba with stone known as a popular meeting place. It was built in 1936 and become one of the most popular places until today.

Being a traveler is such a wonderful thing. You get to see and explore many places around the world. In this city, many great things to do in Buenos Aires Argentina that leads you to another level of excitement. Whether visiting the unique, 335-foor pedestrian bridge Puente De La Mujer, admiring the historic Torre Monumental, or walking around this pedestrian city square known as Plaza Italia.

All these incredible landmarks and popular attractions are ready to bring some of the best memories to your journey in the city.


A tall square column in the centre of Buenos Aires.

The statue lights up blue at night and is surrounded by shops.

Great place to take photos and enjoy the unique essence of Buenos Aires.

If you're visiting Argentina, the Obelisco is a must go place.

Address : Av. 9 de Julio s/n, C1043 CABA, Argentina

Puente De La Mujer

A swivel bridge providing ample photo opportunities in the new coastal area of ​​Buenos Aires.

There is a lovely walkway down the side of the old pier with some very good restaurants.

The stunning bridge is a central crossing point and a nice architectural feature to the area.

Address : Puente de la Mujer, C1113 CABA, Argentina

Torre Monumental

It's a really amazing site to get amazing views and a place to relax.

You can admire the beautiful panoramic views of Buenos Aires from the top floor.

Paved and gravel paths are interspersed in a lovely courtyard area with lots of shade.

Beautiful area and lots of police around which will keep it safe.

Address : Av. Dr. José María Ramos Mejía 1315, C1104 CABA, Argentina

Plaza Italia

Highly recommend this spot as a destination.

Perfect for walking and admiring a beautiful afternoon.

Address : Buenos Aires, C1425 Buenos Aires, Argentina


After many fun things to do in Buenos Aires Argentina, it's time to comfort yourself with the best hotels in the city.

Hilton Buenos Aires and Awwa Suites & Spa are some of the best recommendations for you. There hotels are blessed with good locations that allows you to access the city's attractions easily. They also come with facilities such as pools, chic restaurants, bars, meeting spaces, fitness rooms, elegant and well-appointed rooms, full equipment, and more. This is all you need for relaxing.

Hilton Buenos Aires

A truly upscale hotel offering complete amenities and situated in a perfect location.

All the rooms are so awesome with perfectly clean amenities.

All of the staff are amazingly courteous.

Address : Macacha Güemes 351, C1106 BKG, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Awwa Suites & Spa

Great spot to stay and located in a great location in a pleasant environment.

It provides spacious rooms with a kitchenette and clean bathrooms.

Access to the gym and indoor pool are in great shape.

Address : Lafinur 3370, C1425 FAJ, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Trying the city's unique cuisine has to be one of the best things to do in Buenos Aires Argentina. The city is home to many restaurants and among the top ones is Don Julio Parrilla. This popular restaurant is a great destination for classic steaks and local dishes. All are served in an intimate ambience. The exciting, long list of wine is too good not to mention.

There is also this other popular Argentinian restaurant known as Cabernet. All about this restaurant is great and comforting. From the patio, the setting space, the romantic vibes, the incredibly tasty dishes like risotto and gnocchi, to the lovely service of the working staff.

Don Julio Parrilla

This is a well run restaurant that offers high quality food as well as exceptional service.

Top quality meat, classy appetizers, and excellent wine selection.

Superb service from start to finish.

This is an absolute must eat in Buenos Aires.

Address : Guatemala 4699, C1425 Buenos Aires, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina


This is a popular restaurant offering excellent food and a wide selection of interesting Argentine wines.

The Cabernet Steak and gnocchi both stand out and will be remembered for a long time.

Best to make a reservation as this is a popular restaurant.

Address : Jorge Luis Borges 1757, C1414 DGC, Buenos Aires, Argentina


The way to complete your journey in the city is spending time shopping souvenir items. Mercado de las Pulgas and Central Market of Buenos Aires where you should be heading.

These traditional markets provide anything local. From locally sourced fresh produce, meats, street eats, home goods, antiques, decorations, to furniture. Not only for shopping, this places gives you opportunities to get to know the local's every day life.

Mercado de las Pulgas

Great place to shop for authentic Argentinian goods.

You can get almost everything from stained bottles to 3 foot boat models.

They also provide old chairs and furniture, paintings, furnishings, dolls, bathtubs, and unthinkable vintage items.

Address : Av. Dorrego 1650, C1427 CABA, Argentina

Central Market of Buenos Aires

This is a comfortable place to find local goods, fresh fruit, or handmade souvenirs.

Address : Autopista Ricchieri, Buenos Aires Port, AR - Punta del Este Port, UY, B1771 Tapiales, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina