Things to Do in Greece

Greece - Photo by @visitgreecegr from Instragram

Welcome to Greece, a country where you can find so many interesting stories, as well as history, culture, and also the mythology.

reek Mythology has been around for a long time and it affects the country's culture up to today.

Greek is an interesting country to be explored, where you can find the amazing outdoor destinations, numerous ancient sites, fun sightseeing places, and more.

Greece is a getaway destination that fits perfectly for your holiday trip.

Come and visit Greece to explore the beauty of nature and also extravagant ancient sites that will create new memories for your trips.



Greece is a beautiful country in Southeastern Europe that features so many great places from ancient times. Every corner in this country is worth to be explored. Starts your day in Greece by visiting a bustling and busy city center called Syntagma Square. This is an iconic square that is located in the Syntagma district. Syntagma Square is located in front of the Old Royal Palace of Greece. This place has become one of the important squares in Athens because Syntagma Square is the hub of several metros in the city. Starting your Greece trip from this place is the best decision for you. You can also enjoy a quick troll while doing sightseeing in the city landscape of Athens from this place.

The next amazing sightseeing place in Greece is called the National Garden. This place offers so many fun activities to do around it including sightseeing, museum visits, and more. National Garden is a great place to visit in Greece for a leisure outdoor activity with your loved one. There are many native and also exotic plants that you will only find them in this garden. Not only blessed with amazing nature, but National Garden also features great archeological sites that still remind up to this day. A children's library is also present in the National Garden of Greece.

Meteora is the next place to sightsee around Greece. Meteora is a castle-like monastery that was built on top of rock pillars. The Meteora complex is consists of 6 Eastern Orthodox monasteries that you can explore. Meteora complex is located near Kalambaka town of the northwestern edge of the Plain of Thessaly. This place is also near the Pineios River and also the Pindus Mountains. This place that is included on the UNESCO World Heritage is a place to check on your visit to Greece. Please also include Meteora on your bucket list and experience the greatness by yourself.

National Garden

National Gardens of Athens is an incredible spot to visit on a sunny and blistering morning.

There are plenty of benches to sit and paths to walk on.

You can find a small lake in between where ducks are swimming.

It's a great area for post dinner walk and drinks as well.

Address : Leoforos Vasilisis Amalias 1, Athina 105 57, Greece

Syntagma Square

Syntagma Square is known for hosting significant open air cultural events, expos, concerts, buskers, and etc.

You can start your unique walk from here and discover the beauty and diversity of this town.

A very nice water fountain with many many good bands playing around it.

It’s a nice place for a quick stop early in the evening when it’s not so loud.

Address : Pl. Sintagmatos, Athina 105 63, Greece


If you like monasteries and geography formations, Meteora is the place to be.

This castle-like monastery is among the most impressive-looking ones of the Meteora sites.

Amazing place to go to fly a drone and just admire the view as well.

Definitely a must see in Greece.

Address : Kalabaka 422 00, Greece


Greek has been the source of many fields in modern days including biology, geometry, history, philosophy, and more. Culture in Greek has been evolved for thousands of years with the famous Greek mythology. Thus, their culture has been progressing and growing as a multi-faceted culture. If you are interested in learning the culture of Greek, you can spare your time from your trip to Greece to visit the National Archaeological Museum that is located at 28is Oktovriou 44, Athina 106 82, Greece. This museum is showcasing collections of archaeology, as well as sculpture, metalwork, vases, jewelry, and more that was left from a certain period of an era in Greek. You will be able to experience the amazing Neoclassical style themed building when you are visiting the National Archaeological Museum. This is one of the places around Greek that you have to visit on your trip to this country.

National Archaeological Museum

Fascinating museum - amazing exhibits An altogether wonderful experience at this museum. Fabulous refurbishment of the interior space allowing a great sensory experience. The mood lighting increased the suspension of disbelief when...

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Agree. This is the best archaeological museum Agree. This is the best archaeological museum I remember. We only had an hour due to early closure on a holiday. Stayed mostly on the first floor pre-history section. Super interesting....

Address : Calle de Serrano 13, 28001 Madrid Spain


Summer in Greece is typically hot and humid, soo it is nit a great time to visit the country for a holiday trip. If you are looking for the best time to visit Greece, the time is around spring and early summer that fall in mid-April to mid-June and also sometime around September to mid-October when the country is experiencing autumn season. Around the time that has been mentioned before, you will be able to enjoy visiting popular tourist destinations around Greece because there will be less crowd than it is in high season.


If this trip will be your first holiday trip to Greek, then we recommend you to learn the culture of the people upon your arrival to the country, so you will have a great holiday experience around it. Here are several things that you should do and you should not do where you are traveling around Greek.

The people of Greek are used to accept a greeting with two kisses on the cheek. If you are planning to visit this country for a relatively long time, you need to accept the etiquette to accept the greetings. Do visit the great mainland areas in Greece because each of them offers different experiences for you. If you are planning to explore the whole country, we recommend you to get an Athens City Pass so you will have a pleasant trip around the city. You will also need cash every time you travel around this country as most shops and restaurants accept cash payment only.

There are also several things that you should not do in Greek including do not touch art installation and also artifacts in museums and at archeological sites, do not eat and drink in the metro, do not take a photo of military installations, and do not eat fast foods on your trip to Greek because this country has so many delicious foods to offer to you. This country is known for its delicious and healthy cuisines for a long time ago. So, do not miss your chance to taste the amazing foods around Greece.


The Acropolis is a historical landmark of Greece that was built in the 5th-century BC. It is the temple complex of Athens that sits on the top of a rocky hilltop. Acropolis is an ancient city in Greece that was dedicated to the Goddes Athena. Acropolis has been the iconic landmark of Greece since the first half of the 5th c. BC. Located at 490 feet (150 meters) high above the sea level, The Acropolis also offers the visitor with a breathtaking view of the cities around it. The Acropolis covers a total area of 7.4 acres (3 hectares) which features the great ancient archeological buildings in it. Your trip to Greece is not complete yet if you are not visiting this historical landmark that is located at Athens 105 58, Greece.

The Acropolis

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Address : 621 James St, Utica, NY 13501-5151


Greece has so many beautiful and interesting places that are loved by many. Amongst the tourism places that spread across the country, Mount Olympus and Delphi are the TOP 2 most popular tourist destinations in Greece. If you plan to visit Greece on your next holiday trip, make sure to include these two places on your itinerary.

Mount Olympus is the highest mountain range in Greece. It has a total of 52 peaks that spreads between the region of Pieria to Larissa. Mount Olympus also has several deep gorges in it. It is a great place for sightseeing, climbing, and also recreation for you and your loved one. The area of Mount Olympus also features great canyons, monastery, and also mythology that are interesting to learn for. This mountain range is located in the Olympus Range, specifically on the border between Thessaly and Macedonia. The highest peak of Mount Olympus is about 2,917 meters. In Greek mythology, Mount Olympus is described as the home of the Greek Gods. Must visit place in Greece for your holiday trip.

The next popular tourist destination in Greece is called Delphi that is located at Delphi 330 54, Greece. It is a historical site of the ancient Greece archeological site that features a stadium, votive sites, and also temples. One of the famous temples that are available in Delphi is the Apollo. You will be able to experience the impressive sight if the grand ancient building that is available around the site. What makes this place interesting is the myths and also the history that they have. You can also climb to the top of this site to see the whole view of the stunning area that surrounds it. Get to see the picturesque landscape of Greece only at Delphi.

Mount Olympus

Awesome organized paths to go at the top of the mount olympus.

Also the view is stunning as you go higher.

There are also a lot of places on the road to have a coffee or a beer.

Address : Όλυμπος, 402 00, Greece


Delphi is a beautiful archaeological site.

The highlight is to climb all the way to the top and see the Roman stadium that was built there.

The view from the top is breathtaking and pictures are absolutely necessary.

Definitely a must visit sacred archaeological site.

Address : Delphi 330 54, Greece


Exploring the whole country of Greece is impossible to be done only in a day. That is why choosing the right place to stay around the area of Greece is an important thing to do before visiting the country. The first hotel recommendation that is come upon our list is Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort that is located at Agios Ioannis 846 00, Greece. This is a 5-star hotel that will serve you with a comfortable and memorable stay in Greece. This hotel is equipped with full hotel amenities including free breakfast service. free WiFi connection, free parking, an outdoor pool, spa, on-site restaurant, fitness center, bar, and many more. Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort also offers the guests with unlimited beach pass where they can casually walk to the beach as much as they want it to be. You stay will be much more comfortable with high-class room amenities such as TVs, iPod docks, minibars, coffee machines, and more. Some rooms in this hotel also feature patios/balcony with an amazing view of the garden or the sea. The upgraded rooms at Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort also offers hot tubs, steam cabins, even private pools in some suite rooms. If you want to pamper yourself with a great hotel to take a rest between your trip to Greece, then Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort could be one of the best choices for you.

The next hotel that is located in Greece is The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort, Costa Navarino that is located at Costa, Navarino Dunes Messinia, Pilos 240 01, Greece. This hotel is close to the amazing dunes and also the Ionian Sea that will make your trip convenient. The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort, Costa Navarino is an elegant, stone-timber hotel that will serve you with satisfying service upon your arrival to their hotel. Stay on their warm room designed with dark woods accents that feature free WiFi, flat-screen TVs, sitting area, terraces with garden or sea views. If you love to try new dishes from Greece, worry not, The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort, Costa Navarino provides you with 10 restaurants and also 2 comfortable lounge bars to satisfy your hungry tummy. There are also 2 gardens, golf courses, and also a poolside bar available for the guest. This hotel is a pet-friendly hotel, so you are allowed to bring your lovely 4-legged best friend. The other 5-star hotel amenities that are available at The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort, Costa Navarino includes an indoor and outdoor pool, spa, hot tub, business center, fitness center, and more. If you are looking for an elegant yet warm stay around Greece, you can directly head to this hotel.

Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort

This is a very luxurious hotel with amenities and has an extraordinarily beautiful design.

This resort offers an exceptional view of the coastline from nearly every inch of this property and the rooms.

All the rooms are pretty with amenities and have very clean bathrooms.

The resort also has a very pretty swimming pool and perfect for relaxing.

They go far beyond expectations to make your stay perfect.

Address : Agios Ioannis 846 00, Greece

The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort, Costa Navarino

This is a very luxurious and beautiful resort with complete facilities and impeccable service.

Starting from the rooms, the restaurant and the swimming pool are very beautiful with charming views.

All rooms are equipped with facilities and neat and clean.

This beautiful restaurant offers breakfast and snacks which are perfect for those of you who want to relax by the pool.

All the staff are very professional and very kind.

Address : Navarino Dunes Messinia, Costa, Pilos 240 01, Greece


Greece is like the food paradise where you will be pampered with many great and healthy dishes in here. Visiting Greece means you need to try the authentic taste of Greece by visiting the Greece Restaurants that are available throughout the nation. Spondi Restaurant and MIRONI Greek Restaurant are some of the best restaurants in Greece that you can visit. Spondi Restaurant is a restaurant that serves contemporary Mediterranean dishes as well as late-night food, beer, and also wine in a stone setting dining room and courtyard. All foods at the Spondi Restaurant are prepared daily with fresh ingredients only. The menu in this restaurant might change according to the season and also the creativity of the main chef. Milk-fed Lamb and Duck are the main dishes that you should get to this restaurant. Aside from the wonderful main dishes, Spondi Restaurant also serves great starter, cheese, and also dessert for the guests. If you are looking for a great place to have fine dishes around Greece, then Spondi Restaurant is the right place for you.

The next restaurant that you should check if you are visiting Greece is called MIRONI Greek Restaurant. This restaurant is situated at Meg. Alexandrou 7, Athina 104 37, Greece. MIRONI Greek Restaurant features rustic decor and also relaxing music on their restaurant that will make your visit more memorable. This restaurant opens daily from 12:00 noon to 10:30 PM. This restaurants serves warm comfort foods for the people around Greece and also the tourist who visits the country. If you are looking for a great dining area to enjoy your favorite Greek foods, MIRONI Greek Restaurant is the best one for you to choose from.

Spondi Restaurant

Pleasant place for those who enjoy fine dining and for those that want a high end experience.

The place is lovely, beautiful terrace with candles, great ambience.

The service is excellent and the foods are amazing, from the beginning until the end.

The cheese selection is impressive and delightful.

A must visit if you're a gastronome in Athens.

Address : Pirronos 5, Athina 116 36, Greece

MIRONI Greek Restaurant..

Definitely recommend it if you are looking for Greek food in great atmosphere.

Run by the owners, a lovely young couple who are passionate about their food .

The food is excellent, comes very fast and in generous portions.

Do yourself a favour and book in to this amazing restaurant.

Address : Meg. Alexandrou 7, Athina 104 37, Greece


Greek also offers so many great places to shops and get little souvenirs for your loved one. If you want to get a gift from Greece, you can head to a place named Forget Me Not that is located at Adrianou 100, Athina 105 58, Greece. This place is a cool place to get locally designed goods, as well as clothing items, arts, and home accessories around the area of Athens. Forget Me Not gift shop opens on Monday - Sunday from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Please note that on the weekends (Friday-Sunday), Forget Me Not close the business at 10:00 PM.

The next place to get cute souvenirs from your trip to Greece is called The Greek Shop. If you want to visit this amazing gift shop, you can directly head to Adrianou 120, Athina 105 58, Greece. The Greek Shop offers a diversity of goods that are authentic and also iconic from Greece. Please note that The Greek Shop receives cash payment only. So, please prepare cash if you want to shop in their store. The Greek Shop opens daily from 9:30 AM to 8:30 PM (except on Wednesday they will close early at 8:00 PM). You can visit their store to get yourself or your loved one gifts from your amazing Greece trip.

Forget Me Not

Very interesting shop and sells local Greek designer goods.

Some very nice things, quite a diverse range of trinkets, clothing and accessories.

Lovely greek souvenirs and art pieces.

Worth a look around, cute shop.

Address : Adrianou 100, Athina 105 58, Greece

The Greek Shop

Fun shop that serves authentic Greek products and great souvenirs.

Very good service, very large variety of product.

The owner is extremely helpful and generous.

Address : Adrianou 120, Athina 105 58, Greece