Top Rated Things to Do in Sweden You Can't Skip

Pixabay - Photo by Richard Taimalie

Looking for a new destination for your upcoming holiday? You can visit Sweden.

Sweden is obviously a great destination to enjoy the cold Northern European conditions.

As you visit Sweden, you have an opportunity to enjoy Scandinavian life and culture.

There are countless landmarks and beautiful places to see.

Don’t forget to visit the fascinating museums. If you love to visit museums, Sweden is your place.



Welcome to Sweden! Are you ready to explore some amazing destinations alongside breathtaking views? Well, let’s start our journey at Sarek National Park. This is one of the oldest national parks in Europe. Located in Jokkmokk in Swedish Lapland, it is a must visit attraction for mountaineers and hikers since it’s the home to six major mountains of Sweden. Come here and enjoy stunning mountain peaks, outstanding natural beauty, and miles of hiking trails.
Let’s move to Southern Sweden and go to Ales Stenar. This monument is popular as the Stonehenge of Sweden. The Ales Stenar is a large stone vessel made of 59 large sandstones. This monument comes from the Nordic Iron Age, around 600 AD, and even before the Viking Age. Choose for a guided tour of Ales Stenar and you can learn some history and context while admiring Ystad's amazing rock monuments.

Sarek National Park

One of favourite National parks, where you can still hike for days without seeing anyone.

The valleys and the mountain slopes are grazing land.

The national park also is known for its wildlife, including large elk and many predators.

The area bears the stamp of the inland ice sheet, and a hike through Sarek is a trip through S.

Address : Jokkmokk, Sweden

Ales stenar

It is fascinating spot, due to the position on the hill and the amazing view.

A short, windy climb through farmers fields to a spectacular view.

Nice to visit both during the day or around sun set.

It is quite well organized with a big parking, clear signs and good path up the hill.

It is also a bit mysterious and a must see if you are in the area.

Address : 271 78 Löderup, Sweden


There are lots of ways to experience more of Sweden culture. You can visit Kulturhuset to explore interesting theater, dance, design, literature, music, movies, and many more. As you enjoy those performances, you can mingle with Swedish persons that are very friendly and happy to help you. Also, joining Swedish traditions will also be a nice idea to learn the culture. There are many traditions that are celebrated throughout the year such as Valborg on 30 April, Midsummer in June, or Crayfish Party at the end of summer.


Nice old fashioned atmosphere.

There is only water in the basement in the two toilet rooms.

Address : Valldammsgatan 2, 231 43 Trelleborg, Sweden


So, when is the best time to visit Sweden? When it comes to weather, the perfect time to visit Sweden is from June to August. At this time, all its restaurants, cafes and most attractions, including open-air museums, are open, and thousands of people go to the north of Sweden to savor the midnight sun.


While you are visiting Sweden, don’t be surprised that you meet Swedes that seem slightly reserved at first. However, Swedes are really friendly in general. Do keep a low profile and don’t speak too loudly. Don’t smoke weed since Sweden has tough drug laws. Don’t drink decaf, if you can’t drink strong coffee, you can opt for something else.


Malmö’s Turning Torso is the first twisted skyscraper. It’s also the tallest building in Sweden at 190 m. Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, this tower comprises of nine cubes all twisting towards the waterfront of the New Western Harbour in Malmö. The Turning Torso consisting of luxury residential apartment offices as well as conference rooms.
We all know that Sweden is home to countless palaces and castles. One of the most notable is the Drottningholms Palace. Located in Lovo island in the center of Lake Malaren, this palace was constructed in the 16th century. For now, it is a residence of the Swedish Royal Family. Even, so there are much of the palace as well as its grounds that are open to the public. Don’t forget to visit the baroque and English gardens while you are visiting this palace.

Turning Torso

This is the tallest building all over Sweden.

Really interesting problem solving for windy issues.

Very good architecture and easily recognizable landmark in Malmo.

Useful for getting your orientation when walking along the beach and castle area.

Address : Lilla Varvsgatan 14, 211 15 Malmö, Sweden

Drottningholms Palace

Beautiful palace from 16'th Century.

The palace can easily be reached by boat or by public transport (subway and bus).

The Royal gardens are delight for a summer walk with water on both sides, fountains, and many more.

Don't miss the priceless view of the Royal gardens from the Palace windows.

The inner yard is so large and is better to choose proper shoes so that you will enjoy the walk.

Address : Drottningholm, 178 93 Drottningholm, Sweden


The capital city of Sweden is considered as home to plenty of tremendous museums. Vasa Museum is often cited as one of the best museums. Now, it attracts around a million people to visit it each year. Since 1990, over 20 million people have visited here. The ship lay underneath the frosty waters for over three centuries until, in 1961, an incredibly driven rescue activity occurred. Nowadays, visitors from over the world come to see this intriguing time capsule. The museum takes into account travelers of all nationalities. A visit to the Vasa Museum will always be an incredible moment for everyone.
Located in Are, Are Ski Resort is a great place for snowboarding and skiing. There is more than 91 km of slopes you can find here. 31 lifts transport the visitors. Enjoy the good vibe in the resort, park, and slopes. Spend your wintertime here and you will give 5 out of 5 after leaving this place.

Vasa Museum

An absolutely stunning place, an amazing piece of history.

The boat is incredibly huge and gorgeous.

The history around the wreck is exhaustively displayed and the recreation of the bodies.

The walkways around the ship have several floors, so you can see the ship from the keel to the deck.

When you read all the labels and view all the details, you will spend a few hours here.

Address : Galärvarvsvägen 14, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden

Åre ski resort

Beautiful and a wonderful leisure paradise summer and winter.

Good quality slopes, also nice off road tracks.

Everything works quickly and equipment is flawless.

Address : Trondheimsleden 52, 837 52 Åre, Sweden


Trosa Stadshotell & Spa is a luxurious hotel that offers the best amenities for you. Additionally, while staying at this hotel, you have access to room service, concierge services, and luggage storage. Also, you can get connected with the free wi-fi service. Don’t forget to enjoy a sauna and breakfast too!
Book a room at Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel and enjoy the new luxury hotel. Relax and unwind in one of 414 modern and comfortable rooms and suites. Located in the heart of Stockholm, this hotel offers instant access to many intriguing attractions such as the Royal Palace and Old Town.

Trosa Stadshotell & Spa

This is a place with very complete facilities and attentive staff.

All rooms are quite spacious with amenities.

The breakfast is amazing, and there is a huge variety and all very delicious.

The lounge has lots of comfy sofas and the bar has a great selection of wines.

Would recommend anyone for a wedding or weekend.

Address : Västra Långgatan 19, 619 35 Trosa, Sweden

Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel, Stockholm

Very stylish scandinavian hotel in the heart of Stockholm.

Providing top notch amenities, all rooms have a beautiful view.

The breakfast that is served is also varied and everything is so perfect and lovely.

All the staff are very professional and friendly.

Address : Nils Ericsons Plan 4, 111 64 Stockholm, Sweden


Feeling hungry? Go to Grus Grus and treat yourself. Chilling out here as you indulge in wine. Bring your friends or whole family to enjoy the incredible food. Obviously, they have some pretty good wine that you should try. Also, you can have an amazing dining experience at Restaurang Hantverket. Start from the delectable cocktails to amazing foods, everything is excellent. Totally recommended to eat here.

Restaurang Hantverket

Great tasting original dishes, professional service and very central.

Amazing food, beautiful atmosphere and wonderful service.

The raw beef dish and tuna tartare starter are incredible.

Contrasts in flavours, textures and tastes in each dish.

The staff is really friendly and attentive and the vibe of the place really makes you want to come back.

Address : Sturegatan 15a, 114 36 Stockholm, Sweden

Grus Grus

Excellent little place to share a few dishes with some friends on a hot summer evening.

Good selection of wines and at least a couple of good beers on bottle.

They do wine tastings and bookings for large groups.

The staff has good knowledge about both the wines and the menu.

Address : Karlbergsvägen 14, 113 27 Stockholm, Sweden


Looking for a souvenir store for shopping? Made in Stockholm can be the best option for you. It offers good souvenirs, gifts, and many more. You will love the handmade style as well as the natural materials like glass, wood, and ceramic. Another best souvenir store you can visit is Old Town Souvenir shop. There is an array of souvenirs selections you can choose from. From many souvenir stores in Stockholm, this store is the cheapest one!

Made in stockholm

Interesting store with good souvenirs/gift/presents selection.

Hand made style made out of natural materials such as wood, glass, ceramic.

Address : Västerlånggatan 58, 111 29 Stockholm, Sweden

Old Town Souvenir shop

One of the most beautiful souvenir shops.

Really friendly staff and plenty of bits and bobs at a range of prices.

Address : Västerlånggatan 15, 111 29 Stockholm, Sweden