Get an Incredible Vacation through These Amazing Things to Do in Taipei - Photo by Timo Volz

Taipei is the temporary capital of the Republic of China and is also the largest city in Taiwan.

Taipei City is located in the lowlands of Taipei, surrounded by mountains especially in the north, east and southeast.

Taipei also has so many interesting tourist objects to visit.

Spend a day trip at Daan Forest Park and Raohe Night Market.

From hot springs, night markets, museums, to the foods, Taipei always has something great to offer.



Spending a day trip in Taipei will be the most remarkable vacation ever! If visiting a lush park is your style, look no further than Daan Forest Park. It’s a public park near the center of the Daan District of Taipei, Taiwan. This tourist park in Taipei is home to a wide variety of animals including squirrels, and several species of ducks, herons and turtles. Additionally, it contains two ponds, several pavilions and walking trails, as well as cultural recreation facilities including an amphitheater, children's playground, jogging track and ice-skating rink.
Raohe Night Market is another interesting place you should visit. Located in Rahoe Sr, Songshan District, this place becomes a culinary destination. Here, you can buy Taiwanese specialties that you can buy and take back to your inn. There are many food menus sold at this market. This place is truly a paradise for foodies!

Daan Forest Park

It is a large park with lots of benches and trees.

This is perfect for those of you who want to vacation and be close to nature.

Many activities can be done, such as jogging, running, cycling, and others.

Address : No. 1號, Section 2, Xinsheng South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

Raohe Night Market

This is one of the most popular night markets and it's great to shop for food or find gifts.

This night market is well managed which shows up in its cleanliness.

Raohe night market has a great atmosphere with food stalls with a huge range of delicious street food.

Market close to station and a must do in Taipei.

Address : Raohe Street, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105


For sightseeing activity, Yangmingshan National Park is a great destination to stop by. Located north of Taipei city, this park can be easily accessed from the city center. The area is home to many parks, hiking trails, attractive vegetation, wildlife and internationally renowned hot springs.
The interesting thing about this place is that each season gives its own beauty to this area. In February and March, it is the season for the flowers to bloom, the most famous of those flowers is the cherry blossoms. It’s really the perfect time for doing hanami!
Meanwhile, summer brings winds from the southwest with occasional rain and thunder in the afternoon, creating a stunning weather effect on the mountains. In October, the mountains are covered in silver grass and a golden red color of maple leaves. Winter also creates a unique scene as the monsoons bring in a cold drizzle which creates a sea of clouds that looks like a fantasy world, with the possibility of snow falling on cold days. Definitely, you should visit this place for those magical views!

Yangmingshan National Park

Beautiful place for hiking with cool breeze with marvelous scenery.

The area is massive and there's plenty of hiking routes to choose from.

Different hikes and park entrances give you the opportunity to see buffalo, birds, flower gardens.

Worth going also in rainy weather as the misty feeling up too is totally worth it.

Address : Taiwan


Find Chinese culture in Taipei! As you learn about its culture, you will know why this city is considered as one of the most vibrant cities in Asia. You can join interesting festivals in this city such as Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Ghost Month, and Moon Festival. Another way to learn the culture is visiting Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. In addition to its incredible views, this place also offers something interesting to help you immerse in Chinese culture.

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

a famous national monument


The best time to visit Taipei for ideal weather is between march and May. During this period, the average temperatures at a tolerable 22 Celsius degrees.


Your vacation is not complete without visiting Taipei’s landmarks. One of the most famous landmarks in Taipei is the National Palace Museum. This 198-acre museum adopts the Forbidden City architecture in Beijing. In addition, the architecture also represents traditional Chinese architectural designs during the feudal era. The most famous collections on display at this tourist spot in Taipei include Meat-Shaped Stone, Jadeite Cabbage, White Jade Branch of Elegant Lychee, T'ien-huang Stone Miniature Mountain, Agate Finger Citrons, and Jadeite Screen Insert.
Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall is another landmark that is worth visiting. It was built in memory of Dr. Sun Yat Sen. Dr. Sun Yat Sen is the first president of the Republic of China who earned the nickname "The Founding Father" of the Republic of China. Dr. Sun is said to be one of the greatest leaders of modern China. This tourist spot in Taipei has many functions. Apart from being a memorial monument, the Memorial Hall also functions as a place of cultural learning, a source of academic research and recreation. This destination is really great for an evening stroll as you can see the beautiful views of this place and its surroundings.

National Palace Museum

The best place to discover and experience Chinese culture with nice people.

There are many artifacts to look at and you can see the Chinese history with each piece of art.

There are many places to take pictures outside of the museum.

Address : No. 221, Sec 2, Zhi Shan Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111

Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

This is a great and gorgeous place to visit with the whole family.

You can enjoy Chinese paintings and calligraphy, and they have a lot through out the year, all free.

A place where locals do activities, walk, dance, exercise, walk their dogs, etc.

This place is also very beautiful so it is suitable for those of you who want to take pictures.

Address : No. 505號, Section 4, Ren'ai Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110


You may wonder where to stay while you are visiting Taipei. Well, we have two recommendations for you: Humble House Taipei and Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei. Both of those hotels offer ultimate amenities to make your stay more comfortable. As you dwell in those hotels, you can check out popular attractions nearby.

Humble House Hotel

A top-class hotel that offers complete amenities as well as exceptional service.

All rooms are modern and elegant in design and have the facilities you need.

This luxurious restaurant also offers a large menu for breakfast.

All of the staff are excellent at serving guests.

Address : No. 18號, Songgao Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110

Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei

A magnificent hotel with luxurious amenities and is perfect for those of you who want comfort while on vacation.

The room is clean and spacious with a wonderful view of the outside.

The buffet breakfast is delicious and even boiled beef noodles are available.

All of the staff are extraordinarily polite in serving their guests.

Address : No. 55號, Lequn 2nd Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10491


Those of you who cannot decide where to eat, The Kitchen Table can be the perfect solution. Indulge in an expensive selection of international dishes that will make your tummy happier! If you choose seafood for your meal this time, Addiction Aquatic Development 上引水產 will be a perfect choice for it. Grab platters of fresh sashimi and premade bento boxes that can be enjoyed on the spot.

the kitchen table

Classy restaurant for special occasions, or perfect for a big dinner in Taipei with family and friends.

They provide the freshest seafood variations such as lobster, abalone, scallop, and shrimp.

The breakfast buffet spread is excellent with international and local selection.

Also the sushi bar has an excellent variety of good sushi to choose from.

Address : 10, No. 10號, Section 5, Zhongxiao East Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110

Addiction Aquatic Development

This is an upscale restaurant providing high quality service and food in a classy atmosphere.

They offer a large selection of fresh seafood, sushi and other Japanese food / drinks.

The seafood is amazingly fresh and the menu is so extensive.

You literally cannot beat the price for the quality of fish you’re getting.

Address : No. 18號, Alley 2, Lane 410, Minzu East Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10491


Don’t ever leave Taipei without bringing some unique souvenirs. Head to Hansa Creation and you will find a wide selection of souvenirs to choose from. New Chi Dunnan Store is another great option to purchase souvenirs. Come visit and you will be amazed of their incredible collections!

Hansa Creation

A beautiful shop for unique, interesting and high-quality items.

Providing very beautiful knick-knacks and displayed beautifully and neatly.

Address : No. 11號, Songgao Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110

New Chi Dunnan Store

A beautiful shop with aesthetic and high quality ceramic collections.

Creative ceramic designs are great for sparking your inspiration.

Address : 5号, 敦化南路一段252巷大安區台北市 Taiwan 106