Things to Do in Apache Mall for an Ultimate Shopping Experience

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Apache Mall is the biggest enclosed shopping mall in Rochester, Minnesota.

Shop the brands you love at the department stores. Also, there are plenty of stores to shop.

All in all, Apache Mall is a lovely place for both shopping and spending time strolling around with your family and friends.

Go to Barnes and Noble to find your favorite books or sip a cup of delectable coffee.

If you feel hungry, this mall has a list of best restaurants to choose from.



Among department stores in Apache Mall, Scheels is a great selection of sporting goods as well as entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. You will discover high-quality sports clothing brands for women, men, and youth like Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, and many more. Head to JCPenney for another wonderful shopping experience. This store boasts a large variety of your favorite items from high-quality brands. Don’t forget to use coupons to get cheaper prices and get great deals!

SCHEELS Apache Mall

The coolest store that has an awesome variety of items for every sport.

They offer a fantastic selection of athletic clothing that is both expensive and affordable.

Selection of both premium and budget products for hunting makes it worth the trip.

Outstanding service and that place is immaculate.

Address : 1220 12th St SW, Rochester, MN 55902, USA

JCPenney Apache Mall

This is a shop that provides a wide selection of good and affordable clothing.

They have a lot of great jackets at amazingly good prices.

Attentive staff and you can find a great piece of jewelry for an awesome price.

Address : 101 Apache Mall, Rochester, MN 55902, USA


There is no grocery at Apache Mall, however, you can go to the nearby grocery, Trader Joe's. located only 0.3 miles from Apache Mall, this grocery offers interesting and unconventional products such as Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate and Mandarin Orange Chicken along with everyday basics such as eggs, milk, and fresh products. They always have unique products that everyone can afford. Every day.

Trader Joe's Apache Mall

This is a shop that provides the freshest and quality products such as fruits and vegetables.

They have organic and gluten free and regular food items.

They have excellent organic chocolate and the liquor store has some very good wine choices.

All the employees are very kind and friendly too.

Address : 1200 16th St SW, Rochester, MN 55902, USA


There are over 3,600 parking spaces available. Free parking is available for employees and visitors of the mall. You can easily access the mall from 12th Street Southwest, Apache Drive, and 16th Street Southwest. There are no height restrictions. Disabled spots are also available.


Adhering to the health protocols is one of the most important things we can do to improve the safety of shopping activity. Please maintain social distancing and use a mask. Bring your own hand sanitizer and use it regularly. If you feel sick, please stay at home.


Have a wonderful shopping experience at Aéropostale. This store is very recommended for men and women who are looking for classic and fun casuals at reasonable and affordable prices. You will find great and interesting merchandise such as jeans, skirts, dresses, graphic t-shirts, and many more. Shoe Dept. Encore is another recommended store for those who are shoe lovers. This store carries famous-price brands like Timberland, Columbia, Clarks, Skechers, Florsheim, and many more. Also, they have shoe products for women, men, children, shoe cars, accessories, and handbags. Definitely recommended shopping here.

Aéropostale Apache Mall

This is the best shop that provides a wide variety of quality clothes at affordable prices.

They have jeans and t-shirts that are of great quality and are neatly styled.

All the staff are very helpful.

Address : 333 Apache Mall, Rochester, MN 55902, USA

Shoe Dept. Encore Apache Mall

This is a classy shop that offers a wide selection of branded shoes.

They do carry all brand name of shoes.

They have so many styles and shoes for any event and season.

Address : 418 Apache Mall, Rochester, MN 55902, USA


If your tummy is hungry, this is the moment to pamper it with delectable foods. You may get overwhelmed about where to eat in Apache Mall, therefore, we recommend you restaurants that are worth visiting. Charleys Philly Steaks is one of the best restaurants in Apache Mall where you can find incredible cheesesteak made with high-quality and fresh ingredients grilled-to-order. The next restaurant you can try is HuHot Mongolian Grill. Get an amazing dining experience alongside lots of delicious choices, friendly staff, and a clean environment. There are dozens of fresh meats, vegetables, noodles, and sauces to choose from that will make your tummy happier.

Charleys Philly Steaks Apache Mall

This is a spot that provides delicious and varied dishes.

Offers delicious and perfectly presented dishes and sandwiches.

Address : 333 Apache Mall #196, Rochester, MN 55902, USA

HuHot Mongolian Grill Apache Mall

This is an amazing ”buffet” style restaurant.

They serve excellent selection of vegetables, meat, seafood and Mongolian sauces.

Everything is fresh and very tasty.

They now offer you a free salad and soup.

Address : 102 Apache Mall, Rochester, MN 55902, USA


Do you want to eat seafood? Red Lobster can be your best choice then. They serve a great seafood menu with their passion and pride. You will love the food, environment, and the staff as well. As you come here, you will realize what a wonderful place to eat it is. Meanwhile, Applebee's Grill + Bar is a great restaurant for casual dining with a cozy atmosphere. You will find a wide selection of specialties as well as appetizers, salads, soups, entrees, sandwiches, and desserts.

Red Lobster Apache Mall

This is a restaurant that provides good seafood in a relaxed atmosphere.

Excellent mashed potatoes fish and fried shrimp and coleslaw.

All the seafood is fresh and served perfectly.

Address : 1280 Highway, 14th St SW, Rochester, MN 55902, USA

Applebee's Grill + Bar Apache Mall

This is the most comfortable spot to enjoy eating and drinking in a casual atmosphere.

Offers a wide selection of food and very tasty.

Offers a wide selection of drinks, fresh, and cold too.

All the waiters are very fast and friendly.

Address : 320 Apache Mall, Rochester, MN 55902, USA


Do you need a place to chill and hangout? Head to Caribou Coffee to buy fresh and delicious coffee. Create a wonderful moment alongside great tasty coffee and friendly staff. Barnes & Noble is another great destination for hanging out in Apache Mall. It’s a nice spot along with lots of selection. Whether you want to buy a book, enjoy sweet items and savory, having a coffee or meal, this place always has something that meets your needs.

Caribou Coffee Apache Mall

The most comfortable and relaxing place to order good coffee.

The cappuccino with honey graham most and the other options are fantastic.

Address : 1200 12th St SW Unit 308, Rochester, MN 55902, USA

Barnes & Noble Apache Mall

This is a fun place to find books or gifts or just to browse.

There are always some sale shelves and tables with a wide variety of books

And they are organized nicely to make it easier to search for the subject you are interested in.

The bargains section is a place to find some rare gems at a very good price.

Address : Apache Mall 1201, 12th St SW Suite 425, Rochester, MN 55902, USA