Fantastic Things to Do in Melbourne Square with Your Friends

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Melbourne Square Mall is a famous shopping mall located in Melbourne, Florida, United States.

It t is anchored by two Dillard's stores, J. C. Penney, Macy's, and Dick's Sporting Goods.

pened in 1982, this shopping mall has many stores that worth visiting.

Try the delicious food in Red Ginger or Chick-fil-A are the best-recommended restaurants.

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Prepare yourself to spend your holiday season by shopping at Melbourne Square Mall Stores. JCPenney is a fantastic department store. Still competitively marketed and conveniently located with readily appealing shopping for all. One is encouraged to always take advantage of their sales and coupons. A chain store that you will need to always go to secure bargains at the right price at the right time and the right quality. Macy's is a store that you will love. Lots of trendy things in here to dress up or freshen up! See a vet? What did they get? Buy a few things make a gift bag have it in your car. When you see a vet, hand it to them, who needs a crazy organization when you have hands, eyes, and two feet! This kind of love just can't be beaten! See someone in need? Wow, you got things ready right in the trunk of your car! Don't be lame, be a rock star!

JCPenney Melbourne Square Mall

This is a shop that provides various kinds of shoes or clothes with good quality.

All the shelves are always full and very neatly arranged.

Their fitting room is also well lit.

Their employees are the best and the service is fast too.

Address : 1700 W New Haven Ave, Melbourne, FL 32904, USA

Macy's Melbourne Square Mall

A very good shop for shopping with good sales and a wide selection of branded shirts.

They always have a great selection of the shirts and shorts.

Customer service is always so helpful and friendly and professional.

Address : 1700 W New Haven Ave Ste 101, Melbourne, FL 32904, USA


The parking garage is open daily from Monday to Sunday. There are no height restrictions, and disabled spots are available as well.


Even though Melbourne Square Mall Stores does not have a movie theater, it does not mean you cannot enjoy the latest movies. You can go to the nearby theater, CWTheaters West Melbourne 15, featuring CWX. A great place to see a movie. It is effortless to get in and get tickets. The food and snack selections are unique and not ridiculously priced. The staff is amiable and helpful. The theater is clean and comfortable. Plenty of room in the seats and for your legs.

CWTheaters West Melbourne 15 featuring CWX

This is the best spot to watch movies with your family, friends, or your lover in a comfortable chair.

The sound literally spreads throughout the room and the laser projection seems to make the visuals and colors stand out.

The food and snack selections are amazing and not ridiculously priced.

Address : 4345 W New Haven Ave, West Melbourne, FL 32904, USA


Adhering to health protocols is one of the most important things we can do to improve shopping activity safety. Please maintain social distancing and use a mask. Please bring your hand sanitizer and use it regularly. If you feel sick, please stay at home.


Strolling around the best stores of Melbourne Square Mall will be a great moment for you. One of the best stores in this mall is Dillard's. Dillard's is the best dept store here in Melbourne. You can find a decent selection of brand names. The clothing is of good quality. Their shoe dept is excellent. Every department is well organized, and the store is always clean. The restrooms are not the most modern, but they are clean. The staff is amiable. For me, it is always a pleasure to shop there. Another store you shouldn't miss is FYE. It is a Variety store. They still have a good selection, albeit an increasingly smaller one. But for music, mostly rock and metal, they got the best choice in Melbourne.

Dillard's Melbourne Square Mall

Dillard's is the best dept store that provides a wide selection of branded clothing with great quality.

It provides amazing selection of shoes and different clothing brands.

The staff here is extremely helpful.

Address : 1700 W New Haven Ave #801, Melbourne, FL 32904, USA

FYE Melbourne Square Mall

Awesome store that has anime and harry potter stuff along with many other things.

The shop offers a wide selection of films as well as collectibles.

Good prices and a large selection of used guaranteed films.

Address : 1700 W New Haven Ave #683, Melbourne, FL 32904, USA


Melbourne Square Mall restaurants are blessed with the best restaurants in the area. One of the most popular ones is Red Ginger. Excellent high-end Chinese food, with a great selection, service, and daily specials! Brilliant sushi presentation and a substantial menu (ask for the traditional menu). Try legal Mongolian hot pot for a more interactive fondu-style experience. You might as well want to check out what Chick-fil-A has for you. Chick-fil-A is right here. They always have people out ready to take your orders ahead of the register, making it go by faster. Food is fresh and quick to come out. The only drawback was fruit cup doesn't have much variety.

Red Ginger Melbourne Square Mall

A classy restaurant that offers excellent upscale Chinese cuisine, with lots of choices, and daily specials.

Brilliant sushi presentation and a substantial menu (ask for the traditional menu).

The staff is very pleasant and offer great customer service.

Try traditional mongolian hot pot for a more interactive fondue-style experience.

Address : 1700 W New Haven Ave #633, Melbourne, FL 32904, USA

Chick-fil-A Melbourne Square Mall

Excellent spot for a quick bite.

The food is also always hot and obviously fresh.

Both baked and crunchy nuggets are a favorite.

Address : 1700 W New Haven Ave Ste 407, Melbourne, FL 32904, USA


Have an excellent hang out at Melbourne Square Mall by visiting Starbucks. Always a great selection, not someplace would go a lot, too expensive. And we make various coffees at home, just as tasty. And not as costly. Still hungry? Well, you don't need to worry. Mrs. Fields is available to pamper your beloved tummy. They have many varieties of cookies. You can also choose the topping that you like here

Starbucks Melbourne Square Mall

Best place to hang out and order good coffee.

Great atmosphere, plus areas for gathering of group,and large selection of coffee.

You can enjoy cold coffee and chocolate-coated coffee beans here.

Address : 1700 W New Haven Ave #439, Melbourne, FL 32904, USA

Mrs. Fields Melbourne Square Mall

A really cool place to order nice, fluffy cookies.

They always use fresh and quality ingredients.

Their team always makes cookies perfectly and delicious.

Address : 1700 W New Haven Ave, Melbourne, FL 32904, USA