Fun Things to Do at Point Lookout State Park thin Summer!

Point Lookout State Park - Photo by Mitch Zeissler from

Point Lookout State Park is a historic state park that's formed by the confluence of Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac River in Maryland.

It is popularly known for its history and its relation to the Civil War era.

In the park itself, spots like Point Lookout Lighthouse and Confederate Memorial Park are some of the reflections of the Civil War era.

The park is also popular for activities like swimming, hiking, camping, boating, and fishing.

If you want to engage more, this park holds annually events in April, June, September, and October. These are some of the best months to travel to the park.

Explore more and discover many interesting facts and stories behind this park. Keep it here and check out this page to know what else is there in this beautiful park.



While there are numerous attractions surrounding Point Lookout State Park MD, the nearest ones like Point Lookout Lighthouse and Fort Lincoln are ready to be your destinations.

Point Lookout Lighthouse is a popular historical landmark that marks the entrance to the Potomac River. It is known for its association with ghost stories since Civil War era. This place has also been the subject of paranormal investigations. The ghost stories famous in this place make it one of the tourists' favorite attractions. Apart from its history, this spot is also blessed with a beautiful beach that's great for activities like fishing and sunset gazing.

Fort Lincoln is also a great place you can visit to know more about the local history. This area is known as a Civil War-era constructed fort and it represents the senses of the Civil War. It is informative and beautifully located alongside the amazing Potomac River. There is also a prison area near it, a spot related to history. The stillness and calmness from this place allow you to have this place like your own. Fort Lincoln would definitely be a great spot to spend your day.

Point Lookout Lighthouse

It’s an awesome place with tons of interesting and historical stores attached.

The lighthouse is pretty cool on its own.

The water view where the lighthouse is located is beautiful.

Address : 10350 Point Lookout Rd, Lexington Park, MD 20653, USA

Fort Lincoln

Beautifully-kept Civil War era constructed fort.

Very moody feeling place and in the stillness.

Address : Scotland, MD 20687, USA


When you are in Point Lookout State Park MD, you'll get busy exploring many interesting things about this historical park.

Confederate Memorial Park is another great place to spend your time. This memorial park is a dedication for all the military, civilians, men, women, and children who were imprisoned and died at Point Lookout Maryland. This place is beautifully represents. It has all the information about the related people and histories. As a traveler, a history lover, or as a Civil War lover, this is the kind of spot that'll bring you back at the old times.

There is also Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery, another historical spot next to Confederate Memorial. The whole time you are at this park is literally surrounded by history and inspiring stories. Apart from these places, Point Lookout State Park MD is also a great destination for hiking, camping, boating, fishing at Point Lookout fishing pier, and swimming at Swimming Beach, Point Lookout State Park. Make this trip an unforgettable journey, bring your family with you, and make the best of it.

Confederate Memorial Park

This is a beautifully designed and well preserved monument.

Well kept, accessible, has clear information explaining the monuments.

The flowers are gorgeous and it is just a nice place to come and respect the soldiers.

Interesting for a quick stop if you're driving past.

Address : 11655 Point Lookout Rd, Scotland, MD 20687, USA

Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery

It is a well maintained and great place to contemplate the turbulent past.

Very well kept cemetery.

Address : 11655 Point Lookout Rd, Scotland, MD 20687, USA

Swimming Beach, Point Lookout State Park

This sandy beach on the Chesapeake Bay has a sheltered swimming area.

There are picnic benches and a restroom nearby where you can change.

This is a great place to pamper yourself with clear water and white sandy beach.

Address : Scotland, MD 20687, USA


When you are here, Point Lookout State Park camping is one of the most popular activities one can do. Camping here means you are collecting many great information about the local history and to admire the beauty of the park itself.

The park provides 143 wooded campsites, 26 of them have full hook-ups, while 33 of them have electric. Point Lookout State Park cabins are also available. There are 5 camper cabins and each of the cabin fits for 4 people for overnight stays. A fire ring is also provided for cooking. Also, know that check-in time is at 3 pm and at noon for the checkout.


Making this park a safe and comfortable place for everyone is one of the best things you can while visiting. Always take care of the park, leave no trash and fire behind.

And due to the pandemic we're living in, the importance of keeping up with the latest health protocol is much needed. Wear a mask, practice hand washing/sanitizing, and always maintain social distancing. Make this park a safe destination for all the visitors.


The best periods to travel to Point Lookout State Park are from May through September and October through April. Point Lookout State Park hours are open from 6 am to sunset.

One of the best things about Point Lookout State Park MD is it holds annual festivities. In April, you get to participate yourself in Park Days event, June is where the Blue and Gray Days event is started, September is the time for Artillery Weekend, and in October you can take a part in Invasion of Point Lookout event.


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Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Maryland

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