Things to Do at Caesars Head State Park

Caesars Head State Park - Photo by Doug Anderson from Flickr

Healing trip to Caesars Head State Park? Why Not! Caesars Head State Park is a natural park located at 8155 Geer HWY, Cleveland, SC 29635.

Fishing trout, hawk, and bird watching are the top activities to do around the park.

There are hiking trails available around the park for the hikers, such as Bill Kimball, Coldspring Branch, Falls Creek, and more.

If you want to heal yourself with nature, hiking at Caesars Head State Park is perfect.

Come and see the wilderness in their protected area where many rare and endangered plants and animals live.



There are so many things to check and to do around the park. Caesars Head State Park is one of the most famous natural landmarks in South Carolina. If you need a short healing trip in South Carolina, you can head to Caesars Head State Park for it. The park is located at 3,208 feet above the sea level, that is why it has a beautiful panoramic view of South Carolina.

The next place that you should check on your visit to Caesars Head State Park is the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area which is the other landmark of the area. From the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area, you can see beautiful Raven Cliff Falls which is a 420-foot tall mountain cascade. Do not forget to bring your hiking gear and enjoy your time hiking in the area of Raven Cliff Falls. There is a challenging two-mile hiking trail available for the hikers. The amazing place that surrounded Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area makes it more amazing to be explored. They got many rare and endangered plants and also animal species living around the area. If you love to go out in nature, you should head over to Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area to check the fun by yourself!

Caesars Head State Park Visitor Center

If you love hiking and being in nature, this is your best place.

There is a visitors center, bathrooms, drink and snack machines and a short walk to the scenic overlook.

Breathtaking views that you just have to see to believe.

Small gift shop on location and a few main vantage points.

Address : 8155 Geer Hwy, Cleveland, SC 29635, USA

Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area Caesars Head State Park

A well maintained nature area, with hiking trails from easy to strenuous.

Great hiking area kid friendly to much to say about this place must explore for yourself.

Easy hike for beginner or novice that wants a slower pace with beautiful scenery.

Address : 8155 Geer Hwy, Cleveland, SC 29635, USA


If you got only one day to explore the beautiful Caesars Head State Park, then you should do the popular round trip around Raven Cliff Falls trail. You can enjoy the scenic view of the mountain through the four-mile-long tracks that are available around the park. From the hiking trails, the majestic Raven Cliff Falls can be seen while you hike the mountain. A 6.6-mile round trip is also available at the park where you can cross the bridge that crosses over the Raven Cliff Falls. Other than the famous Raven Cliff Falls, Caesars Head State Park also features the other waterfalls such as Firewater Falls, Drip Rock Falls, and Rockcliff Falls. You can experience the greatness of nature only at Caesars Head State Park.

After enjoying the majestic view of the mountains and waterfalls around the park, now its time to relax and get something to eat. If you nee something to grab around the park, you should visit Mountain House at Caesars Head, which is an American Restaurant located near the park. Get fresh and tasty foods on their outlets to add fun to your day trip to South Carolina. Sandwiches, Fudge, and Ice Cream in this restaurant are something that you should get if you are drop by their store. Mountain House At Caesars Head opens on Friday from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM and also 5:30 AM to 8:00 PM, Saturday at 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and on Sunday at 11:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Please note that during the global pandemic of COVID-19, Mountain House At Caesars Head only serving for takeaway.

Mountain House At Caesars Head

A great location for those visiting neighboring attractions The convenience of this restaurant to the attractions nearby could not be better. The owners and staff are the best, super friendly. The menu was mostly sandwiches, a...

Lunch on a cool day We were excited to try out this place after learning there was a new restaurant in it on here. I had a Reuben and a cup of soup, both were delicious and tasted healthy (as could), the soup was not overly salty...

Hidden Jem Came across the divine little spot on our drive. Very friend young lady at the counter. Delicious fudge and great food. We had the Pimento cheese sandwich and a Turkey BLT. Both where fresh and delicious. Really was...

Address : 8101 Geer Hwy, Cleveland, SC 29635-9428

Raven Cliff Falls Trailhead

The Raven Cliff Falls Trail begins as a wide gravel road that gradually descends into the forest.

There are some nice views to the South along this section of trail.

Trail is well marked and easy to follow.

Amazing views, and a great place to bring your hiking drone to get a better view.

Address : Geer Hwy, Cleveland, SC 29635, USA


Camping at Caesars Head State Park is allowed at the designated area around the park. If you violated the rule, you may get fined. So, please research before you are conducting a camping activity at Caesars Head State Park. You can make an early camping reservation on their official website. You should make reservations at least one day in advance before you check-in. There are 18 primitive sites around the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area. Fourteen sites are equipped with fire pits. If you are planning to conduct a camping activity at the park, you are required to check-in at least 2 hours before dark. Camping at Caesars Head State Park will cost around USD 14 to USD 30 per site per night.


Caesars Head State Park opens daily fro, 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM with park hours between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The area of Raven Cliff Falls parking opens from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM every day. If you are planning to visit Caesars Head State Park, wear your mask or face covering, and keep a good distance of 6 feet from each other. Always keep your hands clean by sanitizing or washing it regularly. If you feel like getting symptoms like coughing, fever, or sore-throat you should stay at home.


Caesars Head State Park is a place that you can visit all year long. The park is beautiful in summer, pleasant in spring, loveable in fall, and also breathtaking in winter. If you want to experience the full fun at the park, you can visit Caesars Head State Park around March and May. During the time you will be able to enjoy the nature blooming before your eyes.


Solitude Pointe Cabins and RV Park is a 3-star hotel located in 102 Table Rock Rd, Cleveland, SC 29635, United States. This place is perfect for those who are looking for comfortable stay around the area of Caesars Head State Park. The patrons can choose between cabins stay or RV park sites in this hotel. If you want to bring along your RV, you can reserve the RV site at Solitude Pointe Cabins and RV Park. Nestled among the foothills of South Carolina, Solitude Pointe Cabins and RV Park will serve you perfect view of mountains that surround the hotel. Fun attractions like hiking trails and waterfalls are located just a drive away from this place, make it Solitude Pointe Cabins and RV Park the perfect place to stay at South Carolina. You will not regret your decision to choose this lodging because they have a free parking area, hot tub, free Wifi, and also kitchens in some rooms. If you bring your kids, worry not, Solitude Pointe Cabins and RV Park is also kid-friendly. So, you can enjoy the trip together with your family.

The next amazing place to stay around the area of Caesars Head State Park is Deerwoode Lodge and Cabins. Located between the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains and French Broad River, Deerwoode Lodge and Cabins could be the perfect place to heal your body and soul. Aside from the wonderful rooms for your South Carolina stay at Deerwoode Lodge and Cabins, they also offer awesome activities such as hiking, canoeing, fishing, walking on their trails, and many other activities. The hardwood structure and vintage-looking lodge are what make this lodging unique. With the amazing views of lake, river, and mountain, enjoy the warm and comfortable stay at South Carolina only at Deerwoode Lodge and Cabins.

Solitude Pointe Cabins and RV Park

It is a very well preserved place suitable for camping or spending the night.

The cabin is also very well maintained and clean with all the amenities.

Address : 102 Table Rock Rd, Cleveland, SC 29635, USA

Deerwoode Lodge and Cabins

A perfect stay with complete facilities and incredible views.

This is perfect for travelers who want to enjoy nature.

Provides a place to sleep that is uniquely designed and simple.

There is also a pool in front of the inn so you can enjoy it from your window.

Address : 269 Riversedge Rd #9854, Brevard, NC 28712, USA


Experience the one-of-a-kind dining experience in Creekside Market & Grill, where you can enjoy your foods while chilling in the creekside. Creekside Market & Grill serves you good foods like no other. They have breakfast plates, lunch menu, dinner menu, and many more on their list. Their sandwiches, wraps, and burgers selection are plenty and they come in a big portion. It is a perfect food to quench your hunger. Get their amazing Scott's Grilled Chicken Sandwich for only USD 7.99 and fresh salads start from USD 5.49 per serving. They also serve wonderful meatloaf, pulled pork, and more. If you want to have comfort food around the area of Caesars Head State Park, you can drop by at their restaurants which is located at 8960 Greenville Hwy, Brevard, NC 28712, United States.

The next amazing place to dine in around the park is called Burly Bill's BBQ. Who would not love a delicious BBQ? I bet, everyone loves it! Yes, if you are craving for good BBQ, you can come over to Burly Bill's BBQ restaurants at 4149 Geer Hwy, Marietta, SC 29661, United States. Burly Bill's BBQ has six kinds of smoked meat that you should try out when you visiting their restaurant. Taste their amazing handmade sauce that will make you want to visit the place all over again. You can get their amazing foods starts from USD 15 and dine in at their cozy place with some fresh air. Burly Bill's BBQ opens from Friday to Saturday at 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM and also Sunday at 12:00 noon to 6:00 PM. If you feel like having a good BBQ, now you know where to go.

Creekside Market & Grill

If you are looking for lunch recommend eating here.

Lots of interesting stuff to look at here both inside and outside.

The nuggets and pizza and grilled cheese are superb.

Nice outside area by the creek with live music on Saturdays most of the year.

Address : 8960 Greenville Hwy, Brevard, NC 28712, USA

Burly Bill's BBQ

Burly Bill's BBQ is favorite barbecue place.

The place serves big dishes and for affordable pricing.

Excellent pulled pork sandwich—definitely worth the stop for lunch if you’re in the area.

Address : 4149 Geer Hwy, Marietta, SC 29661, USA


Here is the perfect place to get gifts around the area of Caesars Head State Park! For gifts hunting, you can visit White Squirrel Shoppe and also Theophilus. White Squirrel Shoppe is a gift shop located at 6 W Main St, Brevard, NC 28712, United States. They provide many kinds of merchandise in the shape of squirrels since Carolina is known for the white squirrels. Come to their shop to see their amazing collections of gifts and souvenirs. Not only souvenirs, but White Squirrel Shoppe also provides ready-to-wear items for women. If you are looking for cute gifts from Carolina, please visit White Squirrel Shoppe.

The next souvenir shop near Caesars Head State Park that is worth visiting is Theophilus. Their shop opens daily from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM (in the summer season). Clothes, shoes, home items, jewelry, and card selections on their store are amazing. If you are visiting the area of Caesars Head State Park and looking for a store to buy souvenirs, you can head to Theophilus for it. Enjoy your gift hunt!

White Squirrel Shoppe

Super neat little shop with the White Squirrels of Brevard theme.

They have a great selection of gifts and souvenirs by local artists.

The squirrels are famous and this shop is perfect.

Reasonably priced clothing and crafts.

The employees are very friendly and helpful.

Address : 6 W Main St, Brevard, NC 28712, USA


Theophilus is a treasure in beautiful Brevard.

Store full of colorful clothes, gifts, toys, housewares, jewelry, sunglasses, readers, candles, etc.

They’ve done an amazing job curating such a fun, modern and lovely boutique collection.

You can easily spend an hour or more just looking.

Address : 66 E Main St, Brevard, NC 28712, USA