Incredible Things to Do in Wawayanda State Park

Wawayanda State Park - Photo by Wawayanda State Park from Facebook

Wawayanda State Park is a perfect place for all campers, hikers, swimmers, and also boaters.

This natural state park accommodates fun activities including canoeing, boating, swimming, hiking, camping, and more.

Wawayanda State Park also features the twenty-mile long Appalachian Trails that will be perfect for your weekend getaway activity.

Experience the sensational view of the forested hills that surrounded the park only at Wawayanda State Park.

If you need some fun things to do on weekends, you can head over to Wawayanda State Park in New Jersey.



Wawayanda State Park is a natural park setting located in New Jersey that covers a total of 34,350-acres land and waters. This park offers recreational activity including hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, boating, and many more. Wawayanda State Park nestles at Sussex County and Passaic County in northern New Jersey. The natural forest that surrounds it make this park as everyone's favorite. Wawayanda State Park is equipped with park's amenities including trails, campsite, fishing spots, picnic tables. playground, and many more. There are also Barret Far, Historic Site, Wawayanda Hemlock Ravine Natural Area, and also Wawayanda Swamp Natural Area available in this park. Wild animals like a red-shouldered hawk, barred owl, and blue heron can be found around the area of Wawayanda State Park. You can also enjoy a scenic and peaceful walk around Laurel Pond. Come and visit Wawayanda State Park and experience the fun activities with your family or friends.

Wawayanda State Park

Nice spread out park with a decent size beach.

There's mini golf, tennis and a swimming pool.

Great paddling opportunities along with miles of hiking trails are highlights of this beautiful park.

Hiking, fishing, running, walking the dog - the variety of trails will make your day unforgettable.

If you want to get a grill or picnic area you better get there early.

Address : 885 Warwick Turnpike, Hewitt, NJ 07421, USA


Wawayanda State Park has so much to offers for the visitors including the iconic Appalachian Trail that runs about twenty-miles through the park. Appalachian Trail is the longest hiking trails in the world that run from Maine to Georgia. There are hundreds of cool trails that you can explore in the Appalachian Trail location. Hike on their natural preserved trail while taking a close to the amazing forest that surrounds it. You will be able to discover a wide variety of trees, flowers, wildlife birds, mushrooms, and many others while you are doing the nature walk. Bring along your camera, binoculars, or magnifying glass with you to this hiking trails. Have a thrilling and calming hiking experience only at Appalachian Trail.

After exploring the wild around Appalachian Trail, now it is time for you to take a good rest at a cafe near the Wawayanda State Park. The Daily Bean is a cafe that is located at 516 Co Rd 515, Vernon Township, NJ 07462. The Daily Bean serves good coffee to grab around the area of Wawayanda State Park. The vibe in The Daily Bean is warm and cozy, where you can relax in their wooden-themed cafe. They have wonderful cold-brew with chocolate almond milk cold foam on their menu list. There are a variety of coffee selections in this cafe that you can get. Not only coffee, but The Daily Beans also serves cookies, sandwiches, and many more coming on their menu list. If you are looking for a cozy place to take a rest after a day exploring the area of Wawayanda State Park, then this cute coffee shop is the best choice for you.

Appalachian Trail

Iconic trail with longest marked hiking trail and recreation facility.

Address : Appalachian Trail, Hardwick Township, NJ 07825, USA

The Daily Bean New Jersey

For casual meetings over coffee with friends or a business meeting The Daily Bean is the place to be.

There's also an adorable vintage atmosphere that's warm and welcoming and feels like home.

There is a little book section where you can take a book and leave a book.

They have a variety of drinks like cappuccinos and lattes as well as regular coffees.

Delicious, freshly prepared foods, omb smoothies and quiche.

Address : 516 Co Rd 515, Vernon Township, NJ 07462, USA


Campsites are available around the area of Wawayanda State Park for visitors. Group campsites and also pet-friendly campsites are available in this park. If you want to have a peaceful weekend getaway with your four-legged best friend, why don't you bring it to Wawayanda State Park? Each of the group campsites at Wawayanda State Park is equipped with a restroom. A group campsite can accommodate up to 15 people. The camping fee at Wawayanda State Park starts from USD 30 per night to USD 100 per night for nonresidents. Water is not available at the campsite, so you are required to bring it from the main building. You can buy the firewood in the park office.


To slow the global spread of COVID-19, we strongly recommend you to visit the nearest state park from where you live. Face covering and mask are required at the park and surroundings. Always keep your hands clean by sanitizing or wash it regularly. Also, keeping a good distance of at least 6 feet from other people is required. Follow the local regulations about the pandemic to keep yourself and other people safe.


The best time to visit Wawayanda State Park is in autumn and spring. Around the time weather in New Jersey is pleased to let you have outdoor activities. Moderate climate with rainfalls is the typical climate that you will encounter in New Jersey during autumn and spring season. Meanwhile, summer days in New Jersey is hot and humid and it has cold winter. So, we strongly recommend you to visit Wawayanda State Park in autumn to early summer for a pleasant vacation.


Looking for a comfortable stay near Wawayanda State Park? Worry not, Alpine Haus Bed and Breakfast Inn will serve you with a warm and comfortable stay. Situated at Vernon, New Jersey, Alpine Haus Bed and Breakfast Inn is a perfect place to relax after a fun day at the park. They have classic Federal-style homes, as well as Carriage House. Each room in this lodging is unique and equipped with a private bath, TV, and a speedy WiFi connection. You can enjoy their warm fireplace and Jacuzzi tub on your stay. Warm breakfast is served at the dining room with complimentary cookies, teas, coffees, and more. Alpine Haus Bed and Breakfast Inn can be a romantic getaway for you and your loved one.

The next place to stay around the area of Wawayanda State Park is the Appalachian Hotel. It is a 3-star hotel that is located at Mountain Creek will serve you an unforgettable and pleasant stay in New Jersey. Appalachian Hotel is situated at the beautiful mountain slope of Vernon Peak. There are several rooms selection available in this hotel including studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom units. Kitchens, fireplaces, and also amazing mountain views are something that you can get at the Appalachian Hotel. Feel their heated outdoor pool and hot tub to calm down your body after having fun activities around the area of Wawayanda State Park. This hotel is also equipped with underground parking, ski/board storage lockers, family game rooms, fitness center, and more. Appalachian Hotel will serve you an amazing overnights stay around Mountain Creek.

Alpine Haus B & B Inn

The inn is beautifully and uniquely designed and is perfect for getting a comfortable night.

Provides complete and well-functioning amenities, including warm and comfortable rooms.

Provides a wide variety and healthy breakfast, and it's all very tasty.

Property is beautifully maintained, sitting and just relaxing on the swing bench or on the porch is so refreshing after a busy day.

All the staffs are also very kind and help you to get better comfort.

Address : 217 NJ-94, Vernon Township, NJ 07462, USA

Appalachian Hotel

A very beautiful hotel surrounded by charming scenery.

Provides a variety of amenities, including a swimming pool that is perfect for relaxing, and clean and beautiful rooms.

All rooms are complete with amenities and are treated to a stunning view.

All the staff are very friendly and they also provide fresh snacks and drinks.

Address : 200 NJ-94, Vernon Township, NJ 07462, USA


Lake Wanda Store is a deli located at 812 Canistear Rd, Highland Lakes, NJ 07422, United States. Lake Wanda Store serves a wide variety of food around the area of Wawayanda State Park. They have amazing pizza, sandwiches, calzones, and more on their menu list. Dropped by at their store and grab a large Senior Citizen - Cheese Pizza for only USD 7.49. Lake Wanda Store opens daily from 5:30 AM to 8:00 PM. If you feel hungry and want to get something to eat, head to Lake Wanda Store and get big portions of food at affordable prices.

The next place where you can get good food around Wawayanda State Park is called Paesano Pizzeria. You can get various comfort foods and quick bites at their restaurant that is located at 316 NJ-94, Vernon Township, NJ 07462, United States. This place is popular for solo dining, lunch, and dinner. Feel the cozy atmosphere only at Paesano Pizzeria. They let the guests choose their own pizza toppings to vary from mushrooms to grilled chicken & pineapple. Paesano Pizzeria serving staple Italian Food with good quality of ingredients. There are dozens of menu that you can choose in this restaurant including homemade baked goods, pasta, lasagna, variety of desserts, and more.

Lake Wanda Store

This spot is excellent that serves best pizza and amazing service.

They offer fantastic character and fresh dishes and beverages.

They offer big portions and the beer is also really good.

Its cashiers are funny, pleasant, and kind.

Address : 812 Canistear Rd, Highland Lakes, NJ 07422, USA

Paesano Pizzeria

A small pizza restaurant that offers excellent food as well as a warm environment.

Service is great from start to finish, the food is delicious, and the helpings are huge.

Genuine Italian Pizza, with the best and fresh ingredients.

What makes it really good though is its tasty Italian food by an authentic Italian owner/chef.

Will easily recommend this restaurant to anyone.

Address : 316 NJ-94, Vernon Township, NJ 07462, USA


Visit Pochuck Valley Farm Market at 962 McAfee Glenwood Rd, Glenwood, NJ 07418, United States, to get a variety of goods, handmade products, as well as fresh local meats. Pochuck Valley Farm Market offers many kinds of things to get around the area of Wawayanda State Park. They also have homemade baked goods and amazing sandwiches to get. Do not forget to get their fantastic gourmet products. You can get yourself a local handmade gift from the Bryans Workshop Crafted gifts. Whether you come for gift shopping, dining, or grocery shopping, Pochuck Valley Farm Market has it all covered for you. This is a perfect one-stop-shopping destination for you.

Pochuck Valley Farm Market

Awesome store that has variety of fresh veggies, baked goods, and very good cinnamon apple donuts.

They also have amazing oatmeal raisin cookies.

The owners are friendly and helpful and product is awesome.

Address : 962 McAfee Glenwood Rd, Glenwood, NJ 07418, USA