Things to do in Cooper Lake State Park

Cooper Lake State Park - Photo by Brandon Motes from Google Maps

Cooper Lake State Park is a popular Texas state park three miles south of Cooper, Texas.

It offers beautiful lake, camping facilities, cabins, waters sports, hiking trails and much more.

The park is a popular destination for sunset gazing, boating with the company of spectacular views, horseback riding, picnicking, swimming, hiking, camping, and wildlife watching.

To make your trip more adventurous, stop by at the park’s nearby places. Hopkins County Veterans Memorial and Coleman Park are some of the best ones.

Don’t forget the souvenir shopping. Yard By Yard Lawn & Garden and Fox & Fig have got you covered.

Make this trip a memorable one this time. Enjoy your vacation and read this page to know more about Cooper Lake State Park.



One of the best tourist attractions near Cooper Lake State Park Texas is Hopkins County Veterans Memorial. Located at Celebration Plaza in the downtown area of Suphur Springs, this beautiful place is a memorial park offering a charming building, beautiful grounds, natural gardens, historic statue of Hopkins himself, and much more.

You can also have a trip to Coleman Park for another good experience. As one of the popular parks in the area, the park offers multiple ball fields, a paved walking path, a beautiful lake, with a fishing pier in the scenic grounds.

Traveling to Cooper Lake State Park Texas means you are also allowed to explore these places. Good experiences are definitely guaranteed.

Hopkins County Veterans Memorial

It is a beautiful and cozy plaza full of picturesque stores all around it.

There are several walls with words that invoke the pride of a veteran on the tops.

There is an eternal flame burning and a statue of a man with his dog.

It will serve this town for many generations to come!

Address : 116 Oak Ave, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482, USA

Coleman Park

It is a beautiful park full of amenities for the whole family.

The walking trail is very relaxing and it takes you to see the lake,nature and even a water fall.

The trail around the lake is awesome for walking and bike riding.

The park is well maintained and beautifully structured.

Address : Sulphur Springs, TX 75482, USA


Cooper Lake State Park Texas is a beautiful state park offering a variety of both land and water based recreational opportunities. The park is a popular destination for activities like enjoying the breath-taking sunsets, boating with the company of spectacular views, horseback riding, picnicking, swimming, hiking, camping, wildlife watching and do many explorations.

One of the most inspiring spots to head to is Cooper Lake State Park - Doctors Creek Unit.

Cooper Lake State Park - Doctors Creek Unit

One of the most inspiring spots to head to is Cooper Lake State Park - Doctors Creek Unit.

Address : 1664 Farm to Market 1529 S, Cooper, TX 75432, USA


To get to know Cooper Lake State Park Texas even better, you can spend the night and do camping. Camping is a great way to enjoy what this park is all about. The park has facilities like well-appointed cabins, shelters and primitive campsites, and much more.


To make this park a safe and comfortable destination for everyone, make sure to always follow the park’s rule such as practice the latest health protocols and leave no fire and trash in the park area.

If you want to swim, always check all the things you need to know before.


One of the best seasons to travel to Lake State Park Texas is in winter. The park’s supervisor states that winter brings a unique experience for visitors. January would also be a great month to pay a visit to this park. There are many events and programs offered for the visitors in this month.


To accommodate your travel to the park, you can enjoy hotel life at Hampton Inn Sulphur Springs and Motel 6 Sulphur Springs, TX. These hotels come with affordable prices and modern amenities. You can pamper yourself with facilities like comfortable rooms with full equipment, breakfast and parking, restaurant, business centers, and much more.

After a tired day, you’d definitely need hotels like these to help bring back your energy for the next adventure.

Hampton Inn Sulphur Springs

This is a place with all amenities suitable for a short stay or business meeting.

All facilities are very clean and orderly, kitchen, swimming pool, or room.

All rooms are spacious and comfortable with amenities.

They also offer breakfast with a wide selection of foods.

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Address : 1202 Mockingbird Ln, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482, USA

Motel 6 Sulphur Springs, TX

It is a fairly modern model with all amenities and is in a perfect location.

All spacious rooms are equipped with amenities, the mattresses and pillows are soft and comfortable.

All of the staff are very accommodating as is the owner.

They also provide ample parking.

Address : 1529 E Industrial Dr W, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482, USA


Whataburger has to be one of the most popular and the oldest restaurants near Lake State Park Texas. This has been serving the locals since 1950 with burger and other American specials as its signatures. It stands independently with its bright color. The room is casually set and the staff are professional.

You can also pay a visit to Braum's Ice Cream & Burger Restaurant. Burger is definitely one of the area’s most popular dishes. This restaurant is an Oklahoma-based chain offering fast food such as burgers, ice cream, and a full range of groceries.

Braum's Ice Cream & Burger Restaurant

Braum's is a cosy place to get a good meal along with a great desserts menu.

Delicious burgers, crinkle cut fries, and yummy milk shakes.

The staff has been extremely helpful, very professional and friendly.

Stop by and enjoy their Ice Cream and Burgers.

Address : 1331 Mockingbird Ln, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482, USA


This is the one of the best Whataburger in Texas.

All items on menu are fresh, great quality and the store has a family friendly welcoming environment.

They have worked so hard and with friendly attitudes to get everyone satisfied.

Address : 117 Shannon Rd E, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482, USA


Talking about souvenir shop, Yard By Yard Lawn & Garden is a good recommendation for you. It offers many great items originally from the area. From flowers and plants, home decoration, accessories, and much more. The room is set casually, while the staff is knowledgeable and attentive.

You can also make Fox & Fig as your next option. All the goodies are here, whether flowers, sunglasses, accessories, body and beauty products, clothing from the local designers, and so much more. Take a stroll and find your favorite items here.

Yard By Yard Lawn & Garden

Wonderful place to buy your flower.

The plants are healthy, and their prices are reasonable.

The owner will really help you about various things about plants.

Address : 612 Church St, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482, USA

Fox & Fig

If you are looking for holiday gifts, this is your best place.

They have a large collection of gifts that are very pretty and neatly arranged.

It's so cute and the people who work there are so precious.

Address : 624 Main St, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482, USA