Indian Cave State Park

Indian Cave State Park - Photo by Nate Betz from Google Maps

Indian Cave State Park is a 3,400-acre public recreation located on the banks of the Missouri River, southeast Nebraska.

This park is a popular destination for hiking, backpacking, camping, picnicking, and nature and wilderness activities.

While most places are located far from the park, Itha-Krumme Memorial Arboretum and Captain Meriwether Lewis Dredge are some of the nearest ones that are worth visiting.

The park has 22 miles of hiking trails, the majestic hardwood forest, and the hills that overlook the beautiful Missouri River.

Take a tour to the nearest restaurants for a great dining experience. Six Mile Cafe and El Portal Mexican Restaurant are some of the best options for you.

Don't forget to spend your time shopping at Trail's End or The Farmers Wife. Lots of exciting gift items are available to choose from.

Make this trip an awesome one, take a closer look, and know more about the park by reading this writing.



If you are a true traveler, you definitely wouldn't mind spending times driving not longer than an hour, or even more, to the nearest attractions. Most attractions and places are quite far from Indian Cave State Park Nebraska, they take time mostly between more than 1-8 hours.

But places like Itha-Krumme Memorial Arboretum, Captain Meriwether Lewis Dredge, Stanton Lake Park, and Big Lake State Park are reachable within less than just an hour. These parks has each own uniqueness and are adored by many with its beauties. The more you explore, the more you know exciting places near Indian Cave State Park Nebraska. As a traveler, this is such a delightful feeling.

Itha-Krumme Memorial Arboretum

Quiet, peaceful little arboretum tucked away in a residential neighborhood in Falls City.

The place itself is very well maintained and has a friendly environment.

Address : 18 W Sunset Dr, Falls City, NE 68355, USA

Captain Meriwether Lewis Dredge

If you want a blast from the past, you need to stop by here and take a look at this thing.

When there are open for their tours, you can go inside the boat and see what it was all about back in the day.

You can learn about the Mississippi River.

The guides are very experienced and well trained.

Address : Brownville, NE 68321, USA

Stanton Lake Park

Really fun place to have a quiet gathering and to fish.

Very aesthetically pleasing views with the lake.

Camping is also available and a playground for kids.

Also has frisbee golf if you are into that.

Address : Falls City, NE 68355, USA

Big Lake State Park

Interesting nature area for kids and nature lovers.

There's a nice boat launch on the lake and 2 playgrounds for the children, also a community pool.

It has great flat campsite with a fire pit and picnic table.

Facilities are clean and the camp host is pleasant.

Address : 7181, 204 Lake Shore Dr, Craig, MO 64437, USA


In the park itself, you have the opportunity to do many interesting activities. You can spend your time admiring the most popular attraction named Indian Cave. A historical landmark that's popular for its old carvings within the cave. Some of the carvings are believed to be thousand years old, but the exact period remind unknown. When you are here, you might want to bring your skin care or other skin/body protection tools with you, as this place has many ticks.

Indian Cave State Park Nebraska also offers 22 miles Indian Cave State Park hiking trails, biking trail, 16 miles of equestrian trails, Indian Cave State Park camping, picnic facilities, fishing areas, and boating access to the Missouri River. With its variety of hardwood trees, shrubs, and other stunning flora, this park is definitely going to be a great destination for you and your travel buddy. Get ready to be in awe!

And don't forget to admire the majestic hardwood forest and the hills that overlook the absolute beautiful Missouri River. They are most probably the biggest attractions in this park.

Indian Cave

Interesting spot for hiking, horse, bicycle trails.

This place has so much to do, it's incredible.

Has a camping area, in a safe and well-maintained area.

Address : Falls City, NE 68355, USA


One of the most popular activities in this park is doing Indian Cave State Park camping. Not only you get to witness some of the best nature visuals in the world, but you can also enjoy the best camping facilities in the area. From RV campground with 134 units, electrical hookups, modern and primitive camping, scenic areas, showers, water hydrant, to grills and ground-level fire rings.

Many facilities are still yet to mention. If you are planning for camping here, booking and securing your spot in advance is always helpful. Take this opportunity and create some of the best moment with your loved ones.


Keeping up with the latest health protocols is always an important thing one can do. This is the least we can do to prevent and lessen the virus from spreading. Always practice social distancing, wear a mask, and be aware of hand washing and sanitizing.

To make Indian Cave State Park Nebraska a safe and comfortable destination for everyone, make sure to always follow the park's rules and leave no trash and fire behind. Let's take a good care of our nature preserve and our forest.


One of the most beautiful as well as popular seasons to plan a trip to Indian Cave State Park Nebraska is in autumn. Apart from serving gorgeous and colorful leaves, this season is also popular for horseback trail rides. The amount of exciting activity this park offers is totally worth spending your time.


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Address : 109 W 8th St, Mound City, MO 64470, USA


When it comes to dining, Six Mile Cafe is absolutely the most popular restaurant in the area. As an American restaurant, this place offers Chicken Fried Steak, Prime Rib, and Roast Beef as some of its popular dishes. While the prices are admired by many customers, the casual room setting gives you that feeling of simplicity yet comfortable.

El Portal Mexican Restaurant can also be a good option for you. This restaurant serves the mix of Mexican and American menus. Whether it's Salsa, Tacos, Burritos, Margaritas, Beef, or Fajitas. Aside from served by lovely and caring people, the room setting and decoration has to be one of the best things about this restaurant. It is well appointed and nice looking, adding comfort to your visit.

Six Mile Cafe Nebraska

Best food spot in the country for the price.

Affordable price for the portions, large selection of amazing pies.

They have the best country/chicken fried steak and tea.

Friendly service, fast service, a very home like atmosphere.

Definitely worth a stop off if you are passing.

Address : 71380 US-75, Dawson, NE 68337, USA

El Portal Mexican Restaurant Shubert, Nebraska

Pleasant restaurant for excellent dining experience.

The environment is colorful and fun tables have pictures on them.

The margarita is excellent and the queso is worth it.

The enchiladas suizas are delicious and a great value for the money as well.

All workers are knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient.

Address : 1905 J St, Auburn, NE 68305, USA


One of the nearest gift shops in the area is the popular Trail's End. This place offers and functions as many things at one place. Whether as a gas station, as a restaurant, and as a gift shop. At the gift shop section, though, you get to enjoy many interesting gift items with all Nebraska styles. From sculptures, home decorations, lamps, to many other cool items.

If you admire flowers, The Farmers Wife would be a great place for you to stop by. Located 25 km from the park, this colorful shop is filled with antiques, vintage home goods, home and garden decor, and of course stunning flowers. Not only it offers many beautiful pieces, this store also handled by a creative, kind, and skillful owner. Definitely a must visit.

The Farmers Wife

Unique and colorful shop filled with antiques, vintage home goods.

Paula, the owner, is incredibly creative and talented.

It has vintage home goods, home and garden decor and flowers galore.

Flowers are so fresh and long lasting.

All in a very beautiful and attractive display.

Address : 920 Central Ave, Auburn, NE 68305, USA

Trail's End

This place offers and functions as many things at one place.

Whether as a gas station, as a restaurant, and as a gift shop.

At the gift shop section, though, you get to enjoy many interesting gift items with all Nebraska styles.

From sculptures, home decorations, lamps, to many other cool items.

Address : 1303 US Hwy 136, Rock Port, MO 64482, USA