Grand Central Mall

Grand Central Mall - Photo by Midhun Cherian from Google Maps

Grand Central Mall a 908,238-square-foot regional shopping mall in Vienna, West Virginia.

This mall features more than 90 tenants including a food court, a movie theater, and three anchors.

Since its opening in 1972, Grand Central Mall has been a favorite place for family gathering and shopping.

If you want to experience a unique kind of shop, head to A Work of Heart or Bath & Body Works. There are many interesting products waiting for you.

Your visit is incomplete before trying the mall's special foods. Olive Garden Italian Restaurant and Outback Steakhouse are some of the best restaurants for you.

Come and visit Grand Central Mall to enjoy all great things. From fashion, beauty, food and dining, to entertainment. This mall always has something for everyone.



With more than 90 tenants, Grand Central Mall stores are ready to accompany your shopping needs this holiday season. One of the most popular department stores is JCPenney Grand Central Mall. This chain offers a wide selection of brand-name clothing, footwear, furniture, and many more. The store is comfortably set and has a good vibe about it.

You may as well want to check out what Belk Grand Central Mall has for you. As one of the mall's anchors, this popular store offers many of your popular items including accessories, clothing, cosmetics, and housewares. Grand Central Mall stores truly are a treatment. All kinds of good quality products are ready to be in your hands.

JCPenney Grand Central Mall

Selling a wide selection of brand-name clothing, footwear, furniture & more.

This store always have nice quality products with all size options to choose.

Address : 200 Grand Central Mall, Vienna, WV 26105, USA

Belk Grand Central Mall

Longtime department store chain with brand-name clothing, accessories & cosmetics, plus housewares.

They also have good selection of children's clothing with incredible prices.

Address : 100 Grand Central Ave, Vienna, WV 26105, USA


Grand Central Mall has Big Lots as its grocery store. But to attract its visitors more, this store also sells a range of non-grocery products including housewares and furniture. Grand Central Mall stores will definitely treat you with the best products and deals.

Big Lots Grand Central Mall

Selling a range of products, such as housewares, grocery items & furniture.

This shop has a neat layout that makes it easier for customers to find goods.

Address : 113 Grand Central Ave, Vienna, WV 26105, USA


Grand Central Mall parking has a lot of areas available. The parking areas are freely enjoyable for the first two hours. And to get to the mall, you can easily take bus, taxi, or car. Thanks to its convenient location.


If you want to enjoy Grand Central Mall movies, you can definitely head to Regal Grand Central Mall and pamper yourself with all the good facilities it provides. Whether the reclining seats, stadium seating, concessions stand, or of course a good place for food and drink. As one of the most popular spots in Grand Central Mall, Regal Grand Central Mall is a movie theater with multiple screens featuring new release films and other comfortable amenities.

Regal Grand Central Mall

Theater complex with multiple screens featuring new release films, plush seating & concession stand.

Address : 700 Grand Central Ave, Vienna, WV 26105, USA


Safety always has to come first. Grand Central Mall is aware of the pandemic that's happening right now. In order to make your shopping experience unbothered, make sure to follow the latest health protocols. Wearing a mask, doing hand washing/sanitizing, and maintain social distance are required nowadays. This is the way to make everyone feel safe and comfortable.


Apart from fashion and entertainment, Grand Central Mall stores are also blessed with unique store like A Work of Heart. This beautiful gift shop is truly a work of heart. It sells a wide selection of great artworks, flowers, paintings, home and room decoration, and more. The kind of uniqueness this store provides is ready to take your shopping experience to another level. The staff are professionals and willing to answer questions.

You can also make a stop at Bath & Body Works. A popular store that sells housebrand bath and body products in a range of scents, candles, and fragrances. As a person who admire good smells and comfortable room setting, this store is totally suits your taste.

A Work of Heart Grand Central Mall

Providing lots simple beautiful piece of artwork and adorable gifts for family or friends.

Address : 100 Grand Central Ave, Vienna, WV 26105, USA

Bath & Body Works Grand Central Mall

Offering housebrand bath & body products in a range of scents, plus candles & home fragrances.

They carry products for women and men with impeccable service.

Address : 100 Grand Central Mall, Vienna, WV 26105, USA


Don't leave the mall before tasting exciting dishes at its various restaurants. One of the most popular restaurants in this mall is Olive Garden Italian Restaurant. With its lively atmosphere and casual room set, this restaurant offers Italian specials like pasta, salads, and a full bar. Other popular menu is breadsticks. You may as well want taste this one.

If you are a steak lover, head to Outback Steakhouse and see it yourself why this restaurant is among the best ones. With its Australian theme, this place serve steaks as its signature menu. The restaurant is styled comfortably and it has a good vibe. Take a closer look to its menu and you'll find many other choices including seafood and other hearty steakhouse fare.

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant Grand Central Mall

Lively, family-friendly chain featuring Italian standards such as pastas & salads, with a full bar.

Address : 109 Grand Central Ave, Parkersburg, WV 26105, USA

Outback Steakhouse Grand Central Mall

Boisterous Australian-themed chain serving steaks, seafood & other hearty steakhouse fare.

Come with generous portions, hot food, and prompt service.

Address : 105 Grand Central Mall, Parkersburg, WV 26105, USA


As a pizza lover, it's difficult not to go to pizza eatery or restaurant. In Grand Central Mall, you can head to The Original Pizza Place and enjoy many of its various pizza choices. Apart from having good working staff, this place also bless with a good atmosphere, which is great to pamper yourself after a tired shopping.

The Original Pizza Place Grand Central Mall

The family-run restaurant specializing in New York Style Pizza.

You can get thin and thick pizza with friendly prices.

Address : 100 Grand Central Mall, Vienna, WV 26105, USA


If you want to hang out with your little ones, take a break from shopping and enjoy some fun at the soft play area. You can also take a fun train ride around the mall aboard the Grand Central Express. Purchase tickets and jump on next to the Play Area.

Or you can go to Panera Bread for another great recommendation. It is a bakery/cafe chain serving sandwiches, salads, and more. This eatery is popularly known for its bread. Free Wi-Fi is also provided here. This place would be a good spot for hang out with family and friends.

Panera Bread Grand Central Mall

Counter-serve bakery serving sandwiches, salads & more, known for its bread & free WiFi.

Address : 810 Grand Central Ave, Vienna, WV 26105, USA