Exciting Things to Do at Pilot Mountain State Park with Your Travel Buddy

Pilot Mountain State Park - Photo by @ncstateparks from Instagram

Pilot Mountain State Park offers plenty of things to do around the park.

Pilot Mountain State Park is located in Surry and Yadkin Counties, about 20 miles northwest of Winston-Salem. You can see the iconic geologic knob of Pilot Mountain spreads before your eyes.

This place offers sensational outdoor activities including hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, and more.

If you want to spend your precious holiday with something different, going out to nature in the Pilot Mountain State Park will be great for you.

Read this guide and then plan your holiday at Pilot Mountain State Park in North Carolina!



Pilot Mountain State Park is about 20 miles to the northwest of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It is located in Surry and Yadkin Counties. If you happen to visit the area, make sure to pay a visit to this amazing nature park.

From the area of Pilot Mountain State Park, you will be able to see the rugged terrain of monadnock and the amazing sight of Yadkin River. As one of the nature parks in the United States, Pilot Mountain State Park offers a wide variety of activities that are fun to do with your loved one. You can conduct outdoor activities from hiking on their trails to horseback riding. Not only hiking and horseback riding, but you can also doing rock climbing and camping in the park.

This place is a perfect getaway for you who like to be free. Visit the park and try the fun activities that they offered. Then, you will have your holidays well spent.

Pilot Mountain State Park

Absolutely lovely place, great for families and friends.

Fantastic climbing areas and hiking trails for folks of all experience levels.

Some awesome views with plenty of picture taking opportunities.

Everything is clean and well maintained and the employees are happy to answer your questions.

Address : 1792 Pilot Knob Park Rd, Pinnacle, NC 27043, USA


You can start your exploration in the Pilot Mountain area by visiting Pilot Mountain State Park. There are 2 sections in this park that you can explore, which are the mountain section and the river section. At the mountain section, you can hike the 15.1 trail roads, do picnicking, and also rock climbing around it.

Meanwhile, at the river section, you can also hike the 12.4 miles hiking trails, horseback riding on their 6.6 trail, paddling, fishing, and also picnicking. Pilot Mountain State Park is equipped with an amphitheater, picnic shelter, Kids track trail, and also horse trailer parking.

To wrap up your perfect day at the Pilot Mountain State Park, we recommend you to get warm coffee at Main Street Coffee LLC. This place serves specialty coffees, as well as smoothies, ice cream, and light foods for the customers.

Main Street Coffee LLC is located in the heart of downtown Pilot Mountain. You can find their store at 115 E. Main St. They open the store daily from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM (except on Sunday they open from 12:00 PM). If you have a chance, please visit to get yourself warm and delicious coffee here.

Main Street Coffee LLC

The place is very clean nicely setup with tables and checkers.

It's very cozy and inviting with plenty of entertainment and is kid friendly.

The Butterscotch Frappe is favorite, and there are lots of other treats- ice cream, cake pops, bagels.

Staff are friendly and accommodating.

Address : 115 E Main St, Pilot Mountain, NC 27041, USA


You can also camp around the Pilot Mountain State Park. There are tent sites available in the park. Some of them include paddle-in only sites. There also Trailer and RV sites available for the visitors.

Please note that the trailer and RV sites at Pilot Mountain State Park have no hookups. Showers and firewood also available for those who want to camp the night around the park.


You need to maintain a social distance of 6 feet at the park. Face Covering and mask are recommended to use for those who visit Pilot Mountain State Park.

You are also required to wash or sanitize your hands before, during, and after you visited the park. Please restrain yourself not to touch too much of the surfaces. We recommend you to stay at home if you are showing symptoms.


The most pleasant time during the year to visit Pilot Mountain State Park is from early to mid-June and also early August to early October. Around that time you will be able to have warm-weather activities in the park.


Do you plan to stay longer around the Pilot Mountain State Park? Great choice! There are many accommodations available around the park for you, including Econo Lodge Inn & Suites and Pilot Knob Inn.

Feel the comfortable stay in Econo Lodge Inn & Suites with their amazing amenities including free WiFi, free continental breakfast, seasonal outdoor pool. meeting space, and more. This hotel also pet-friendly for your four-legged best friend. Located just 2 miles far from the Pilot Mountain State Park, Econo Lodge Inn & Suite will be the best place to stay around the area.

If you need another hotel recommendation around the Pilot Mountain State Park, you can also check Pilot Knob Inn which is located at 361 New Pilot Knob Lane Pinnacle, NC 27043. They offer the guests with a comfortable, relaxed, and refreshed stay in Pinnacle.

There are luxurious suites available for booking that is surrounded by a wonderful outdoor setting of mountains. Popular suites in the Pilot Knob Inn include The Pilot Knob Suite, The Penthouse Suite, The Southwest Honeymoon Suite, and more.

Econo Lodge Inn & Suites

A small and pretty place to stay with family or loved ones.

Providing various amenities including a beautiful swimming pool, many rooms with complete facilities and much more.

The food provided is also very diverse so as to make the inn better.

Address : 711 S Key St, Pilot Mountain, NC 27041, USA

Pilot Knob Inn

If you are looking for lodging with a different and more impressive atmosphere, this is your place.

Providing sufficient facilities, a small and clean swimming pool, uniquely designed rooms, and more.

They also provide healthy food that makes your stay more enjoyable.

Address : 361 New Pilot Knob Ln, Pinnacle, NC 27043, USA


Go to End Post that is located at 219 JOLO Winery Lane, Pilot Mountain, to get yourself a delicious lunch or snack. End Posts served special menus to be eaten along with their award-winning wine.

Located at JOLO winery, End Posts also serves good wine for the guests. You can get their dinner specials like Shrimp and Crab Newberg, Seared Sea Scallops, Filet Mignon, and many more on their menu list starts from USD 24.95.

For more delicious food adventure around Pinnacles, you can also stop by at the Cousin Gary's Family Restaurant to try their amazing foods.

This restaurant offers the guests with family-style meals to their table. You can get a delicious and warm breakfast, lunch, and supper at their store from 5 AM to 8 PM daily. Get to taste their daily specials including Ribs, Hamburger Steak, Friend Chicken only at their store.

End Posts

Restaurant or bar suitable for dining together with family or friends.

Provides a variety of food and wine variants in this lovely atmosphere.

Address : 219 Jolo Winery Ln, Pilot Mountain, NC 27041, USA

Cousin Gary's Family Restaurant

This is one of the best little restaurants around this area.

Fried chicken, stew beef,mash potatoes and corn bread are amazing.

Mouthwatering deserts banana pudding and peach cobbler to name a few.

They are always so kind and don't charge an arm and a leg.

Address : 626 S Key St, Pilot Mountain, NC 27041, USA


Visiting a new place will not be complete without getting yourself one or two unique souvenirs. There are several gift shops that you can head to around Pilot Mountain State Park if you want to get a gift for you or your loved one. For decor or collectible items from the mountain, you can check the Mt Pilot Country Store that is located at 108 W Main St, Pilot Mountain, NC 27041.

Family Dollar is also the worth-visiting gift shop that is available near the park. You can get various things from basic supply to personal care and snack at their store. Family Dollar at Pilot Mountain is operated from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM every day.

Mt Pilot Country Store

A cute little country store with flags, candles, candies and more!

Address : 108 W Main St, Pilot Mountain, NC 27041, USA

Family Dollar

Family Dollar sells wide variety of goods for the citizen and also the visitors of Pilot Mountain State Park.

They have basic needs including personal care and toiletries, beauty supply, and many more.

Get the best price only at Family Dollar at Pilot Mountain State Park.

Address : 608 S Key St, Pilot Mountain, NC 27041, USA