Things to Do at Belvedere Square

Belvedere Square - Photo by @bsqbaltimore from Instagram

Welcome to Belvedere Square!

Belvedere Square is a gathering spot, shopping area, and also a hot place to meet your friends in North Baltimore.

You can experience shopping, dining, and also convenient shopping in just a place.

Wide selections of fashion items, fresh flowers, home furnishing, restaurants, and more can be found at Belvedere Square.

If you are looking for a place full of good foods, local merch, and fun places to meet friends, then Belvedere Square is perfect for your go-to experience.



As a gathering spot around the area of North Baltimore, Belvedere Square does have Departement Stores on it. Belvedere Square is a place for your lifestyles. There are health and fitness centers around the square including Baltimore Bicycle Works, Kanjizai Martial Arts, Maryland Vascular Specialist, and more.


If you need to buy groceries, you can visit Neopol Savory Smokery at Belvedere Square. Neopol Savory Smokery is a gourmet grocery store where you can get deli, sandwiches & salads, and more items at their stores. Neopol Savory Smokery offers wide selections of the gourmet menu for you to enjoy at home with your loved one. Turkey Club Sandwich and Avocado BLT menu in this house is amazing. You can get items like smoked egg, smoked crab, bacon, sausage, and more starts from USD 6.50. If you need to get gourmet grocery items, please visit Neopol Savory Smokery at Belvedere Square.

Neopol Savory Smokery

This is a wonderful place with a wide selection.

The food is always delicious and the staff is so warm and friendly.

The smoked salmon crepe is going to be a delight to your taste buds.

They make a homemade lemonade that is a nice treat.

They have a few tables where you can eat inside or outdoor.

Address : 529 E Belvedere Ave, Baltimore, MD 21212, USA


If you want to visit Belvedere Square, you do not need to worry about where to park. They have over 430 free parking spots around the square ready for the visitors. Other than the parking spots at Belvedere Square, you can also park your vehicles around the market, across the street, or down the road. It is pretty easy to find a spot around the is of Belvedere Square.


Belvedere Square did not feature cinema theater in it, thus it is located across the award-winning theatre, The Senator Theatre. If you need to catch the latest movie around the area of Baltimore, you can head to The Senator Theatre. Not only serving good movie watching experience, but The Senator Theatre is also a historic place that is become the city's icon since 1939. The Senator Theatre become the top 20 greatest movie theaters in the world in 2014. Experience their spectacular movie theater with a 40-foot silver screen, amazing seats, and also wonderful classic designs. They have upgraded a fully digital system that will make your movie-watching experience unforgettable.

The Senator Theatre

Incredible theater for a date night.

Awesome art deco decor, cheap prices, comfortable seats, clean.

Offers a good variety of classic, new, and independent films.

Address : 5904 York Rd, Baltimore, MD 21212, USA


During the spreads od global pandemic, the visitors of Belvedere Square are encouraged to wear masks and face coverings when they go out in the public. Keeping a distance of 6-feet from each other to perform social distancing in public areas, as well as stores at Belvedere Square are also needed. Keep your health by keeping your hands clean by wash or sanitize it regularly. If you feel sick, better for you to stay at home. Keep yourself and your loved one safe by following the local's regulations.


Two stores that we strongly recommended for you to visit at Belvedere Square are Love That and Dutch Floral Garden. Love That is a boutique house where you can shop with an amazing atmosphere in Belvedere Square. Their staffs are friendly and helpful that will make your shopping experience pleasant. Find charming and unique items only at Love That Boutique. Many items from small gifts to ready-to-wear clothes can be found at their store. If you want to get a little gift for yourself or your loved one, you can get it here. Love That Boutique opens from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Meanwhile, on Sunday they open their business from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM (the store hours are subject to change).

The next place that is worth to check around the area of Belvedere Square is Dutch Floral Garden. A cute flower shop where you can get a fresh flower for a gift to your loved one or your home decor. Flowers selections at Dutch Floral Garden are amazing. Aside from selections of pretty flowers, they also serve the customers with great service. You can get beautiful fresh flowers at an affordable price than any other flower shops around the area of Baltimore. They have flowers for all occasions. You can get it for your special occasions. Other than pretty flowers, Dutch Floral Garden also provides plants, pottery, and other gifts. If you are visiting Belvedere Square, do not forget to visit this lovely flower shop!

Dutch Floral Garden

If you are looking for a beautiful arrangement, large or small, this is the place to go.

Beautiful arrangements and a fantastic selection of flowers.

They have beautiful pottery, unique cards, and an impressive amount of upscale items.

And their prices are much more affordable than your surrounding flower shops.

The workers are friendly, knowledgeable, and incredibly talented.

Address : 515 E Belvedere Ave, Baltimore, MD 21212, USA

Love That Boutique

Love That Boutique has it all for you!

Items like ready-to-wear clothes, unique gifts, storage, and more can be found in their store.

Experience the amazing atmosphere to make your shopping activity become lovable only at their store in Belvedere Square.

If you need to grab small things for gifts or you like to keep it yourself, you can visit their cute store at Belvedere Square.

Their accessories selections are one-of-a-kind!

Address : 519 E Belvedere Ave, Baltimore, MD 21212, USA


Looking for good restaurants around Baltimore? Belvedere Square got it all ready for you. From chocolate house to a place to get delicious lobster rolls are available at Belvedere Square. The first restaurant that is perfect to have lunch or dinner is Atwater's Belvedere Square Market. Been running the business since 1999, Atwater's Belvedere Square Market serves freshly baked bread, hearty soups, and also sandwiches around the area of Baltimore. All of their foods are traditionally crafted by hand. Taste their amazing handcrafted fresh baked bread made from scratch in the Market. Their bread's specialty is all bread in this store are made without sugar and fat, which will make it more healthy for the customers. Get your fresh daily bread including walnut-cumin, kalamata olive, cherry pecan, and more only at their store. Do not forget to get yourself their amazing soups made with real soup stocks.

The next good restaurant available at Belvedere Square is Mason’s Lobster Rolls. Stop by at their store to get yourself a good quality of Lobster Roll that is made with love and care. They guarantee a fresh lobster only in their store. They prepared the lobster with care, add s it simple ingredients in a Maine style before serving it to the customers. Mason’s Lobster Rolls determined to keep their foods simple and true. Serving the customers with good and nourishing lobster rolls is their main goal. Choose the amazing menu of lobster rolls selection only at their store in Belvedere Square. The lobster roll in this house is something that you should get around the area.

Atwater's Belvedere Square Market

Amazing space with amazing people and food!

Menu is chalk full of items that taste homemade.

Friendly and helpful staff are always on hand.

Recommend both the turkey sandwich and the chicken salad sandwich.

Address : 529 E Belvedere Ave #1, Baltimore, MD 21212, USA

Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls

Cool place for pretty good lobster roll sandwich and service.

Their lobster salad roll and lobster bisque are very tasty.

The young man behind the counter is extremely friendly and helpful.

Address : 529 E Belvedere Ave, Baltimore, MD 21212, USA


Not only good restaurants but Belvedere Square also features some amazing eateries where you can get delicious snacks from. One of the snack stores in Belvedere Square is Greg’s Bagels. Enjoy your favorite bagel with a cup of coffee that will make your morning only at Greg’s Bagels. Their store is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 7:30 am - 3:00 PM. Not only bagels, but Greg’s Bagels also offers the customers with a selection of sandwiches. You can get regular bagels for only USD 1.60 and the special one starts from USD 1.85. Various selection of bagels including a bagel with egg, bagel with sausage egg & cheese, bagels with spreads, and more can be found at their store. If you need a quick breakfast to grab, make sure to head over to Greg’s Bagels store at Belvedere Square.

The next eateries available at Belvedere Square are called Pure Chocolate by Jinji which is an organic chocolate store. Find a full selection of chocolate only at Pure Chocolate by Jinji in Belvedere Square. Each of them is handcrafted and is free from dairy, gluten, and also refined sugar. They have pralines, barks, fudges, and many more chocolate types in their store. Have fine premium chocolate only at Pure Chocolate by Jinji. They took care of their chocolate with good cacao quality only, so many will love it. If you are visiting Belvedere Square, do not forget to get it for yourself or your loved one!

Greg's Bagels

Small local shop, handmade bagels that have just the right flavor and texture.

The smoked salmon, red onion, tomato bagel are superb.

This place is definitely your go-to for bagel breakfasts.

Address : 519 E Belvedere Ave, Baltimore, MD 21212, USA

Pure Chocolate Shop by Jinji

Get yourself a fine premium chocolate at Pure Chocolate by Jinji in Belvedere Square.

Their chocolate is perfect for a gift for someone that you love.

All the chocolate product at Pure Chocolate by Jinji is free from dairy, gluten, and also refined sugar.

Praline, fudge, and bark are the type of chocolate that you can find at their store.

If you are looking for perfect give for someone you love, then chocolates from Pure Chocolate by Jinji is the best choice to get.

Address : 529 E Belvedere Ave, Baltimore, MD 21212, USA


PlantBar Powered by Zia’s is a perfect place to eat, drink, and thrive at Belvedere Square. Serving healthy juices and smoothies, PlantBar Powered by Zia’s is loved by vegan lovers around the area of Baltimore. They also have raw, paleo, and gluten-free foods and drinks on their menu. They provide nutrient-dense and plant-based food and drink for the customers. Their main goal is to provide a vibrant balance between the body and the wellness of their customers. Come over to their store at Belvedere Square and get yourself and your loved one healthy foods and drinks.

The next hot place around the area of Belvedere Square is Grand Cru which is a wine and cocktail bar & shop. They sell the fine quality of drinks together with delicious foods. People love to come to their store and get food and drink over a good conversation with their friends or family. You can buy a bottle or enjoy the drinks at their bar. Over 300 great wines, beers, and also spirits are available at their store. Do not forget to order their seasonal small plates menu if you happen to visit the bar. Fell the enjoyment of their bar by yourself! You and your friends will love it.


Such a cute juice bar.

Delicious, fresh-squeezed, plant-based juices and superfood snacks.

This place offers dairy and gluten free options.

The price is reasonable for this kind of health food products.

Address : 529 E Belvedere Ave, Baltimore, MD 21212, USA

Grand Cru Bottle Shop

This is an excellent spot to enjoy delicious food from all over the Belvedere Square Market.

The tunes are great which creates a great ambience and fun place to hang out.

An intelligent wine selection lovely atmosphere.

Chill vibe with friends and locals splitting a bottle of wine or catching up over drinks.

Address : 527 E Belvedere Ave, Baltimore, MD 21212, USA