Wonderful Things to Do in Arkansas that You Should Not Miss!


There are thousands of reasons why many tourists pick Arkansas every year.

Arkansas is after all the Natural State, so it’s no wonder that so many outdoor buffs flock here.

Arkansas has some of the finest small arts towns in the country.

Don’t forget to visit Hot Springs of Arkansas for exploring natural wonder.

Also, visiting Mount Magazine State Park will give you an ultimate sightseeing.



Looking for a decent place to enjoy the beautiful vistas of Arkansas? Well. Mount Magazine State Park can be the perfect destination for you! It’s one of the most favorite state parks among locals and visitors. There are lots of hiking trails that will be such a heaven for hike buffs. As you hike, you will see breathtaking views, multiple overlooks, and well-worth drive. If you are camping here, you will see the amazing night sky. Also, don’t forget to gaze up at the stars!

Mount Magazine State Park

If you like hiking with lots of hiking trails, this is the perfect place.

Breathtaking views, multiple overlooks, well worth the drive.

Best views in Arkansas and you can see for miles!

The restaurant has very good variety of dishes and the staff is super friendly.

Address : 577 Lodge Dr, Paris, AR 72855, USA


Let’s learn about Arkansas’ culture by visiting Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum and Educational Center. As you visit this place, you will get very great museum experience. Take a tour that will enrich your knowledge about the Pfeiffer family and many effects on the history of the United States as well as their impacts on the life of Ernest Hemingway. It’s recommended to take a tour and follow the guide for an abundance of information in an interesting and fun way.

Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum and Educational Center

If you ever find yourself near Piggott, Arkansas, highly recommend this tour.

The tour is full of interesting information about the Pfeiffer family.

And their many impacts on the history of the United States as well as their influence on the life of Ernest Hemingway.

The Pfeiffer House is charming and rich in its history.

This site is wonderful and well worth the drive to get there.

Address : 1021 W Cherry St, Piggott, AR 72454, USA


The best times to visit Arkansas for ideal weather are April 2nd to May 27th.


Do wave at people you don’t know. Don’t scowl at strangers. Don’t be too surprised if any strangers offer you help when you look lost. Do accept that help. You will be glad you do it. Also, do go out and explore some natural states. Don’t attempt outdoor activities if you don’t know what you are getting into.


One of the most famous landmarks of Arkansas is Fort Smith National Historic Site. Discover the past by exploring life on the edge of Indian Territory. Actually, there are many ways to explore this place. You can explore it through jails, trails, courtroom, exhibits, and more. overall, it’s a beautiful site that is worth visiting.
Another landmark you need to visit is Arkansas Post National Memorial. Arkansas Post was Arkansas' first European settlement. Formerly, it was designed as a fur trading by French warrior Henri de Tonti in 1686. This area is now protected as a National Memorial. In 1863, the area was the site of a Civil War fight. Confederate channels can even now be found at the park. The long history of this area, from settlement to Civil War period, is interpreted at the park. Have a great tour here!

Fort Smith National Historic Site

Interesting place to bring kids and family to learn about fort Smith area.

A cool little trail takes you all around the gallows and old barracks buildings all the way down to the water.

All of the buildings have information posted that tells you what its purpose is.

Amenities include multi stall bathrooms located in the museum building itself , on site parking, picnic tables and benches.

Address : 301 Parker Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72901, USA

Arkansas Post National Memorial

Interesting and fun spot for a short day trip or bring a picnic basket and stay all day.

This place is extremely important to the history of Arkansas.

The grounds and waters are also a haven for a wide variety of wildlife.

There are bald eagles, alligators, deer, bears, nutrias and much more.

The grounds are well kept and the building foundation remains clearly visible.

Address : 1741 Old Post Rd, Gillett, AR 72055, USA


Visiting Arkansas is not complete without visiting Hot Springs National Park. There is a collection of hot springs in the lush Ouachita Mountains, found by Native Americans 3,000 years back and visited for their indicated healing properties.
Most of the area’s notable bathhouses – some constructed over 100 years ago – are still being used, including the famed Fordyce Bathhouse, featured with stained glass and marble. Be certain to spend lots of time walking around Bathhouse Row, a group of exquisite structures lining Central Avenue. It's an absolutely beautiful place that is recommended to visit!

Hot Springs National Park

Vast, pristine forest with massive well kept parks designed for camping, picnics, and other outdoor recreation.

Lots of history info signs, plus 2 natural hot springs.

Deer and other wildlife frolic freely.

Fresh, potable water is pumped into public water fountains, straight from the earth.

Awesome atmosphere and service, throughout the town, is always on point.

Address : 369 Central Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71901, USA


Looking for a luxurious hotel to stay in Arkansas? 21c Museum Hotel Bentonville can be the best choice for you. with 104 clean and comfortable rooms, this boutique hotel also boasts a cultural civic center, contemporary art museum, and a nice restaurant. Another best hotel you can book is The Hotel Hot Springs. Located in downtown Hot Springs, this hotel has a beautiful scenery of the Ouachita Mountains. Also, you can enjoy their renovated restaurant with an amazing atmosphere.

21c Museum Hotel Bentonville

This is a very interesting spot to stay or spend your day on vacation.

It has very complete facilities and has a unique and beautiful decor.

The lovely restaurant also offers excellent food and the best drinks.

All the staff are very nice and help out whatever you want.

Address : 200 NE A St, Bentonville, AR 72712, USA

The Hotel Hot Springs

A magnificent hotel with exquisite amenities and offering top notch service.

Lobby, restaurant, and rooms are very modern and charming.

The rooms are spacious with very soft mattresses and pillows.

All of the staff are very experienced in serving guests well.

Address : 305 Malvern Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71901, USA


Go visit Colorado Grill for an amazing lunch and dinner for the entire family. Enjoy your meal in an inviting and cozy atmosphere. With a large selection of original Southwest favorites, they will make your dining adventure more pleasurable, fun, and relaxing.
Pickens Store & Restaurant offer amazing food with a great atmosphere. Eat your meal while you mingle with their attentive and friendly staff. You will love this place instantly. Don’t forget to try the dessert to complete your dining experience.

Colorado Grill

Excellent burger, nice staff Excellent burger, simple venue, nice staff. I had the western burger that came with BBQ sauce, bacon, onion rings, and mayo. The best western burger I’ve had in a decade. Also ordered a plain 1/2...

Great food!!! Awesome food but the Mexican dude with tattoos is a piece of sh*t for throwing my fries in the bag uupside down because I needed it to go instead. Fn punk

Great service First up, this is a basic burger place, but what sets it apart is the amazing service. I have never had such great service in a burger joint before. And the food was pretty good too.

Address : 46 E Herndon Ave, Fresno, CA 93720-2912

Pickens Store & Restaurant

The food here is absolutely scrumptious, and the staff provides excellent, table service.

Fried chicken, rice gravy, green beans, and a buttery roll are awesome.

Address : 122 Pickens Rd, Pickens, AR 71662, USA


Don’t leave Hot Springs without bringing some souvenirs along! Go visit The Hot Springy Dingy now. It’s a wonderful little shop with a large variety of unique items. Everyone here is really friendly and will make you feel welcomed. Meanwhile, Hot Springs Souvenirs & Gifts is one of the most interesting shop for souvenirs. They have lots of great products to choose from.

The Hot Springy Dingy

Fun little shop right off the beaten path.

They have tons of costumes, and the proprietors are unbelievably friendly.

They also have marijuana glass smoking pipes in there as well.

All of the staff are prompt, communicative, and so sweet.

Address : 409 Park Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71901, USA

Hot Springs Souvenirs & Gifts

This is the most favorite shop for locals or tourists looking for great gifts.

Providing gifts or souvenirs, ranging from key chains, wall hangings, dolls, clothes, and many more.

Everything is neatly arranged and all shelves are full of beautiful items.

All the staff are very friendly and provide cool service.

Address : 334 Central Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71901, USA