Fun and Cool Things to Do in Cleveland for an Unforgettable Vacation

Pixabay - Photo by Doug Bardwell

Cleveland offers a number of fun things for everyone.

There are some museums with educational and cultural exhibits that are very fascinating.

Those who are music enthusiasts must visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for an entertainment treasure.

Meanwhile, Great Lakes Science Center is a great destination to learn more about science.

If you love animals and nature, don’t forget to visit the Cleveland Botanical Garden or Cleveland Metroparks.



Even if you only have one day to explore Cleveland, you still can get an ultimate trip. Head to Cleveland Metroparks and explore over 23,700 acres in 18 reservations situated throughout Hinckley Township and Cuyahoga County. There are more than eight golf courses, 300 miles of trails, and eight lakefront parks.
Don’t forget to visit Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. It’s an experiential and entertaining spot where you can see zebra, elephants, lion, golden monkey, rhino, flamingo, kangaroos, and many more. You can enjoy fun train rides, Asian-theme decoration, cafes, resting benches, and many more!
Visit Great Lakes Science Center for hundreds of intriguing science exhibits. It’s a great place for both adults and children. Enjoy fascinating exhibits or one of the Dome Theater shows. You will get entertaining and informative experience with an array of interactive experiences as well as information plaques to explore and learn. Definitely recommended for families and kids.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

This is a very interesting and educational zoo to bring your family and have a picnic.

They have very large areas for the animals to roam around and a large variety of species to see.

The Asian Lantern displays are great to see, as you are walking through the zoo.

There are resting benches, cafes, ice cream parlor at many places.

Plus, great decorations and regional music for completing the atmosphere

The rainforest is part of the zoo and is a must visit especially during the cold weather.

Address : 3900 Wildlife Way, Cleveland, OH 44109, United States

Cleveland Metroparks

Lovely place to walk and surrounded by idyllic scenery.

Well maintained hiking trails and lots of mature trees.

They have so many good hiking options and a lot of dogs.

This place is so relaxful and calming.

Address : 1969 W Ridgewood Dr, Cleveland, OH 44134, USA

Great Lakes Science Center

Interesting place for kids interested in early science and beginners space exploration.

They have a lot of hands-on things to illustrate ideas in science.

Kids can come away from there with a better understanding of science.

The Body Worlds exhibit is very interesting, and for visitors who don't have a healthcare background, it is very informative.

Most highly recommended for young children.

Address : 601 Erieside Ave, Cleveland, OH 44114, USA


Looking for a sightseeing place in Cleveland? Well, Cleveland Botanical Garden can be your destination. This place provides a natural oasis situated within the concrete jungle. Spend your day walking through 11 different gardens including Inspiration Garden and the Japanese Garden. All in all, it is a fun place to go for relaxing.
In addition, you can see and admire some contemporary art at the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland. Enjoy the view of unusual architecture of the building and interesting artworks. With free admission, you can have a wonderful time being inspired by the displays of this museum.

Cleveland Botanical Garden

Beautiful indoor and outdoor gardens with a climate controlled glasshouse.

The two indoor gardens in the conservatory are both national treasures.

The herbaceous plant garden outdoors provides a bounty of blooms.

Many gorgeous gardens, indoor rainforest with waterfall and butterflies.

Address : 11030 East Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44106, USA

Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland

A museum with very unique architecture.

Address : 11400 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106, USA


Learn Cleveland’s culture by visiting The Cleveland Museum of Art. This museum boasts over 61,000 pieces of artwork spanning 6,000 years. Enjoy one of fascinating exhibits that are arranged in chronological orders. Also, you can find interesting events and special exhibits such as Solstice Summer Music Festival and Parade the Circle.

The Cleveland Museum of Art

It is absolutely beautiful museum and filled with so many different art pieces from all around the world.

There is a lot of European traditional art, some really impressive pieces.

There are some really neat ancient artifacts too from all over the world.

If you want a perfect day, please go here.

Address : 11150 East Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44106, USA


The ideal time to visit Cleveland is from September to October or from April to May when temperatures are not as cold in winter or as hot and humid as in summer. During these months you tend to see pleasant weather with temperatures between the 60s and 70s declining at night.


Visit James A. Garfield National Historic Site – Lawnfield, a great history site that you should visit. Get a guided tour and you will enjoy a very cool, informative, and interesting experience during your tour. You will see lots of interpretive and informative displays alongside beautiful grounds. Totally well worth visiting.
Another Cleveland’s landmark you should visit is the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Have a great time enjoying very awesome exhibits here. This museum boasts a number of both temporary and permanent exhibits alongside special and unique artifacts and collections from some of the best rock and roll musicians all the time including Metallica, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and so forth.

James A. Garfield National Historic Site – Lawnfield

James A. Garfield National Historic Site – Lawnfield would be an interesting place to visit.

The first presidential library is also in this presidential home.

The guide is very knowledgeable and the site rich in history.

People are dressed in clothing of the era and would act and roleplay as such.

Recommend this place to all that enjoy history.

Address : 8095 Mentor Ave, Mentor, OH 44060, United States

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

If you're either a Rock and Roll fan or an artist looking for fashion inspiration, this is the place for you.

There are a lot of fascinating history tidbits as well, and a pretty impressive modern pop section.

There are lots of amazing guitars and other instruments.

Everything from stage outfits to instruments to songs written on motel notes,it is all here.

Highly recommend to all music fans even if rock 'n' roll isn't your main choice.

Address : 1100 E 9th St, Cleveland, OH 44114, USA


Drury Plaza Hotel Cleveland Downtown helps you to draw your happy traveling moments. They will take some of your worries along with their service and amenities, so that you can focus on good stuff. Enjoy an ultimate stay alongside with cozy sheets and linens. Situated in the heart of downtown Cleveland, Hilton Cleveland Downtown offers spacious rooms with stunning views of the city and the lake. Don’t forget to enjoy on-site dining choices including their sky bar.

Drury Plaza Hotel Cleveland Downtown

This is a truly luxurious hotel with lots of space making it perfect for business meetings or simply staying overnight.

Starting from the lobby, dining room, swimming pool, to the front garden of the hotel, everything is modern and beautiful.

All rooms are spacious and comfortable and fully furnished.

The breakfast provided is also very varied and very tasty.

All staffs are very professional in serving guests.

Address : 1380 E 6th St, Cleveland, OH 44114, USA

Hilton Cleveland Downtown

This is a truly magnificent hotel with all the amenities and has a very cool view.

Starting from the lobby, lift, hallway, swimming pool, and rooftop restaurant which is very modern and charming.

Rooms with very modern designs add to the comfort of your stay.

The rooftop restaurant provides a wide variety of food, all delicious and healthy, and served to perfection.

All of the staff are very welcoming and accommodating in serving guests.

Address : 100 Lakeside Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44114, USA


Have a meal at Saigon Restaurant & Bar to enjoy delicious Vietnamese cuisines. this restaurant is a high-end Vietnamese restaurant offering flavorful Vietnamese dishes, appealing Asian cocktails and attentive service. Gain a truly special dining experience here along with an elegant atmosphere and delectable foods.
Those of you who are seafood lovers should visit Blue Point Grille. They offer the freshest seafood at the highest quality. With incredible service as well as an award-winning wine list, this restaurant is really a great destination for upscale dining.

Saigon Restaurant & Bar

Enjoyable food and very good service in an interesting restaurant area.

Dish is flavorful, squid is tender not chewy, and shrimp is fresh.

Grilled chicken and vegetables sauteed perfectly in mild Curry rice noodles.

Very reasonable prices considering the quantity of the portions.

The owner of the restaurant is there to greet you and the service is very fast.

Address : 2061 E 4th St, Cleveland, OH 44115, USA

Blue Point Grille

This is a restaurant that is perfect for seafood enthusiasts.

Flavors well executed, portions are perfect and mimosas are great.

Sausage, bacon, chorizo, peppers, onion, cheddar, topped with sausage gravy.

The mussels and grouper are amazing and cooked to perfection and the ice cream is great as well.

Address : 700 W St Clair Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113, USA


Something Different Gallery is a great place to discover beautiful and unique gifts. You will see a decent showcase for artistic products for gifts. You will definitely have a pleasant shopping as you will be helped by their friendly employees.
Visiting Cleveland Metroparks Zoo isn’t complete without bringing some souvenirs. Hence, you can head to Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Gift Shop to buy some gifts. It’s a cool place to escape and enjoy the displays. Also, you will see a great variety of products to choose from. They always have something for everyone.

Something Different Gallery

Something Different is one of the best places to buy beautiful, quality gifts.

They have really unique items, and the displays are really well done.

A great showcase for artistic products for gifts and for yourself.

The owners are very wonderful people and have been in business a very long time.

Address : 1899 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44113, USA

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Gift Shop

This is a very fun store that offers an awesome selection of merchandise.

There are stuffed animals, clothes, jewelery, stick and toy games, cooking, smart toys, books, mugs.

The staff is so nice, and the lanterns with the ambiance of the music made for an amazing evening.

There is a live show inspired by Asian customs, such as a foot juggler and a contortionist.

If you want to shop, recommend the zoo gift shop!

Address : 3900 Wildlife Way, Cleveland, OH 44109, USA