Best Things to do in Connecticut

Connecticut - Photo by Foxwoods Resort Casino from Google Maps

Connecticut is the southernmost state in the New England region of the northeastern United States.

The state is known for owning the title of “firsts.” From the first color television, first Polaroid camera, first nuclear-powered submarine, to first helicopter.

Not only that, Connecticut offers some of the most beautiful places in the world. Gillette Castle State Park and The Mark Twain House & Museum just to name a few.

Enjoy beach life in the state at Ocean Beach Park or explore the interesting facts in the Mystic Seaport Museum.

To complete your travel in the state, shop and grab the state’s cool souvenirs. Hartford Prints! and Ten Thousand Villages are ready to be your shopping destinations.

Have a look at this page and know more what else is there to do in Connecticut.



To visit Connecticut is to have great fun exploring many of its interesting attractions and to blend in with its diversity.

To start your journey in the state, Gillette Castle State Park is one of the best recommendations for you. This stone mansion has a unique decor and a medieval-style facade belonged to actor William Gillette. All the uniqueness of this place has drawn many tourists to explore what it is all about. From the architecture, the interesting history, the amazing properties, to its location high above the Connecticut River. For a minimum fee entrance, you can enjoy and explore this place with much fun.

For another reference, Mystic Aquarium would be a perfect place for you. This attraction is known as one of the only two U.S. facilities holding Shelter sea lions and it has the only beluga whales in New England. Other top attractions in this aquarium are sharks and African penguins. When you are here, you can enjoy many offers including many exhibits, shows, and 4D movies.

Mystic Aquarium

This is a huge aquarium with great atmosphere and sea animals.

Here, you will meet beluga whales, African penguins, sea lions, and sharks.

Address : 55 Coogan Blvd, Mystic, CT 06355, USA

Gillette Castle State Park

Stone mansion with unique decor & a medieval-style facade belonged to actor William Gillette.

This place has a lot of walking trails with fantastic view from the rock to a river.

Address : 67 River Rd, East Haddam, CT 06423, USA


Connecticut owns the title of “firsts.” The state is home to many “firsts” including the first color television, hamburger, phone book, Polaroid camera, nuclear-powered submarine, and helicopter. The first speed limit laws for cars were also in Connecticut in 1901.

The majority of Connecticut is Christian with Protestant is the largest group in the state. For the language, the state largely speaks English. Though the state doesn’t have official language, the population also speaks Spanish.


One of the best seasons to travel to Connecticut is in fall season between October and November. The trees show brilliant colors all over the state and the daytime temperatures are comfortable.


When you plan a trip to Connecticut, one of the best things you can do is know the Dos and Don’ts. This way you’ll be able to explore the state with no or less problem, and also, you’ll have fun unbothered.

Dos: (1) You must try the popular Escape Room. It is a fun game and plenty of places are available in the state. (2) Experience and discover the serenity of Fly Fishing. (3) Learn and try soaring through the air. Many destinations provide this attraction. It’ll bring you so much fun. (4) If you want to do stress relief, try the state’s spa treatment. The sensation is great for your body and mind. (5) If you happen to get an information about cooking class, you might as well want to try it. You can learn to cook like a chef. (6) Connecticut is blessed with Balloon Ride. You must try this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Don’ts: (1) If you have time, more explorations will do you good. Don’t save your time even for a rainy day. Even if you can’t do big trips, small trips will be a good idea for you. (2) Don’t forget to try the popular sky diving.


One of the best places you can spend your time with is the amazing and famous The Mark Twain House & Museum. This place was the home of the author Mark Twain and his family from 1874 to 1891. This historical landmark is the place where the author created many of its famous characters and creations. Known as a living history, this house offers tour guides, gift shops, stunning surroundings, old and beautiful architecture, and much more. With a very affordable ticket price, you can enjoy this place and be a part of it.

Another great recommendation for you is the popular Mystic Seaport Museum. This museum has been a popular destination for tourists across the world. It features a 19th-century village, historic ships, the museum itself, and much more. The staffs working here are knowledgeable and informative. If you’re visiting it for the first time, this place would definitely do you good.

The Mark Twain House & Museum

This is a must place to visit if you are interested in culture, history and famous writers.

Inside the museum is spacious.

The surrounding area is a good place to walk around.

Highly recommend a living history tour.

Address : 385 Farmington Ave, Hartford, CT 06105, USA

Mystic Seaport Museum

This is the Museum of America and the Sea in Mystic.

Besides enjoying the Mystic River's view, you can see the exhibits of a 19th century village, historic ships, boats, and other cool things.

Address : 75 Greenmanville Ave, Mystic, CT 06355, USA


Beach life is not to be forgotten. The state has Ocean Beach Park as one of its most popular beach attractions. Known for its stunning white sand beach, it is a ½-mile beach boardwalk featuring an Olympic-size pool, miniature golf course, playground, and a cafe.

To further your journey, you might as well want to check out what Connecticut Science Center has for you. This science center is a nine-story museum with a total 154,000 square feet. It offers more than 100 exhibits, a 3D theater, educational labs, and many more. As one of the most popular attractions in the state, this place would definitely be a great reference for you.

Ocean Beach Park

Beach boardwalk features an Olympic-size pool, miniature golf course, playgrounds & a cafe.

There are life guards on duty until evening so people can swim with no worries.

Address : 98 Neptune Ave, New London, CT 06320, USA

Connecticut Science Center

Science center aimed at kids & teens with more than 100 exhibits, a 3D theater & educational labs.

Science center aimed at kids & teens with more than 100 exhibits, a 3D theater & educational labs.

Address : 250 Columbus Blvd, Hartford, CT 06103, USA


Some of the best hotels in Connecticut are the 5-star Goodwin Hotel and the 3-star Residence Inn by Marriott Hartford Downtown. The hotels come with the most good-looking building and beautiful architecture. After fun explorations, hotels like these are the kind of place you can count your tired body for. The comfortable beds and rooms, the attentive staff, the elegant designs, the memorable restaurants and bars, the exotic pools, and so much more.

Goodwin Hotel

Boutique hotel in an 1800s building with stylish quarters, a trendy restaurant & an elegant bar.

Address : 1 Haynes St, Hartford, CT 06103, USA

Residence Inn by Marriott Hartford Downtown

Warm suites in an informal hotel offering free breakfast & evening socials, plus a cafe/bar.

Address : 942 Main St, Hartford, CT 06103, USA


Bear's Smokehouse Barbecue has to be one of the best restaurants when it comes to dining. Known for its BBQ menus, this local restaurant serves smoked-meat entrees, sandwiches, comfort side dishes, and other American specials. The room is beautifully set with its warm and comfortable lighting and arrangement.

You can also try this other popular restaurant named Salute. This Italian restaurant is a trendy place with an upscale menu of pasta and grilled dishes are its signatures. Gluten-free meals are also available to choose from.

Bear's Smokehouse Barbecue

Local BBQ chain serving smoked-meat entrees & sandwiches, plus comfort sides, in a casual setting.

Their menu is fantastic with a great portion.

Address : 470 James St, New Haven, CT 06513, USA


Trendy Italian restaurant with an upscale menu of pastas (gluten-free available) & grilled dishes.

The staffs are very friendly and almost always there to say greetings.

Address : 100 Trumbull St, Hartford, CT 06103, USA


To complete your trip in the state, shop its souvenir items and see their specialties. Hartford Prints! is a good recommendation for you to go to. With its modern building and set, this store provides items like clothing, accessories, home and room decoration, and much more.

You can also give Ten Thousand Villages a try. When it comes to diversity, this store is definitely that place. You can find many cool items coming from Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Items like crafts and housewares are available in this store. You’ll totally walk out with a handful of goodies from here.

Hartford Prints!

Selling custom gifts and have such a nice variety of Hartford and CT based handmade gifts

Address : 42 1/2 Pratt St, Hartford, CT 06103, USA

Ten Thousand Villages

Retailer selling fair-trade crafts & housewares from Asia, Africa, Latin America & the Middle East.

Address : 1054 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06510, USA