Top Things to Do in Craigville Beach

Craigville Beach - Photo by Daniel Palmer from Google Maps

Craigville Beach is one of the most popular beaches located in Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States.

With its massive and large beach area, Craigville Beach is a popular destination for all ages, from teens, college students, to adults.

The beach is a very popular destination for swimmers, sunbathers, and sunset chasers.

In the summer, fun activity like kite surfing is one of the most popular sports done on the beach.

Thanks to its good location, Craigville Beach offers some of the best nearby places to visit. Centerville Historical Museum is one of the best recommendations for you.

Craigville Beach is different from many private Cape beaches which only offer parking to residents. It is a public beach area that’s available to non-residents for a daily parking fee.



Thanks to its good location, Craigville Beach Mass offers some of the best nearby places for you to visit. These places are ready to bring you excitement. For your One Day Trip Idea, here are some of the best recommendations you might interested in visiting.

As a large sandy beach, Craigville Beach Mass is separated into two parts which are the public beach, Craigville Beach itself and the resident beach, Covell's Beach. Covell's Beach is where you can enjoy a stunning white beach with an unforgettable landscape.

For another idea, you can also visit this interesting museum named Centerville Historical Museum. Located conveniently near Craigville Beach Mass, this history museum offers an incredible collection of all thing history. From the period costumes, stunning paintings, to classic items. It also provides events, exhibitions, programs, rentals, and even shop. For an affordable ticket price, this museum would be a great destination for you.

Covell's Beach

Low-key beach with soft sand & a park offering picnic tables, BBQ grills, concessions & restrooms.

The shore are miles long for a beautiful walk on the beach.

Address : 859 Craigville Beach Rd, Centerville, MA 02632, USA

Centerville Historical Museum

This museum filled with fine collection of vintage clothing, styles and fashions of 19th century.

You are able to have a private tour with knowledgeable staff.

Address : 513 Main St, Centerville, MA 02632, USA


Once you are at Craigville Beach Mass, the stunning large sandy beach is ready to bring you the joy of beach life. The beach itself is a very popular destination for activities like swimming, kite surfing, enjoying the panoramic harbor views, sunbathing, and picnicking. Kite surfing, though, is extremely popular in the summer. When you are at the beach, you definitely should try this fun sport. This is the best way to blend in with the beach’s offers and it’ll definitely create an unforgettable moment for you and your travel buddy.

Craigville Beach Mass is different from many private Cape beaches which only offer parking to residents. This beach is a public beach area that’s available to non-residents for a daily parking fee.


One of the most important things one should do as a traveler is to make any destination a safe place to visit. It can be done by taking a good care of it, no littering, no damage to any facility, and no fire left behind. Always make sure to know and follow the beach’s rules before visiting.

If you’re planning on swimming, the water’s condition must be checked before heading into the water. Children must always be accompanied by adults.


Some of the best times to visit Craigville Beach Mass and other Cape Cod area are May, June, September, and October. These periods are known for having pleasant temperatures for outdoor pursuits, reasonable room rates, and fewer crowds than the busy summer.

But if you want to visit it in the summer, you can definitely do so, as summer is one of the most popular seasons to visit. And also, activities like kite surfing is popular in the summer.


As water sports equipment is not provided at Craigville Beach Mass, bringing your own equipment would be a good idea for you. The beach’s calm water is great to do a little snorkeling in the shallow area. The beach, though, provides umbrella and chair rentals for visitors. There is also a swimming lesson available.


If you’re looking for hotel, Craigville Beach Inn is one of the most popular hotels located on the beach’s area. Craigville Beach Inn is a 2-star hotel offering perfect location, casual and comfortable rooms, full equipment, parking and breakfast, an indoor pool, a lawn with picnic tables, and more.

For another recommendation, The Ocean View is available to accommodate your stay near Craigville Beach Mass. Located perfectly near the beach, it comes with a classic building, sophisticated setting spaces, well-appointed rooms, stunning coastline views, parking, and more.

Craigville Beach Inn

Relaxed hotel with a heated indoor pool & a picnic area, plus free breakfast & beach shuttle.

Address : 369 S Main St, Centerville, MA 02632, USA

The Ocean View

Nautical-themed rooms with excellent facilities in a simple motel overlooking the beach.

Address : 966 Craigville Beach Rd, Centerville, MA 02632, USA


Restaurants are conveniently located just across the street from Craigville Beach Mass. To start your culinary trip, make sure to stop by at Craigville Pizza & Mexican for a good dining opportunity. This restaurant is known for serving pizzas, grinders, and Tex-Mex favorites as its signature menus. It is a perfect destination for you and your buddy for unique and delicious dishes. From appetizer, salads, pizzas, grinders, Mexican specials, pasta, to dinner menus, this restaurant is ready to spoil your taste.

For another great option, you can head to Brazilian Grill and see it yourself why this restaurant is among the best ones. As an all-you-can-eat restaurant, it offers slow-cooked meats, a salad bar, and buffet. The restaurant itself is stunningly styled and has a great atmosphere about it. The live music is also added as a good entertainment to it.

Craigville Pizza & Mexican

Enduring local institution offering pizzas, grinders & Tex-Mex favorites.

The portions are generous at friendly prices.

Address : 618 Craigville Beach Rd, Centerville, MA 02632, USA

Brazilian Grill Hyannis

All-you-can-eat churrascaria serves slow-cooked meats carved tableside, with a salad bar & buffet.

They have outdoor seating that is surrounded by awesome glass walls.

Address : 680 Main St, Hyannis, MA 02601, USA


To complete your day at the beach, there is a bar located right at the beach’s area named Barnacle Snack Bar. It is a great little outdoor snack place with quick service and fantastic food option. From chips, burger, seafood, to tacos, it is where you can enjoy comfort food with the company of gorgeous landscapes.

Barnacle Snack Bar

Known for the best egg sandwiches in town, lobster salad, seafood offerings with a relaxing atmosphere.

Address : 988 Craigville Beach Rd, Centerville, MA 02632, USA


Before leaving the beach, having a drink is a must. DJ's Family Sports Pub would be a good option for you. It is a very popular bar/restaurant known as a veteran Boston-themed sports bar offering comfort food and drink with entertainment like TVs and hearty pub grub.

Seaside Pub On Main would also be a good recommendation for your next stop. It is an easygoing tavern offering pub fare, beers, and cocktails in a low-key space with outdoor seats. The bar is colorfully styled, adding liveliness to your visit. Not to mention its good-looking dishes.

DJ's Family Sports Pub

Veteran Boston-themed sports bar boasts TVs in the booths & bathrooms, plus wings & hearty pub grub.

Plenty of other things on the menu with well priced drinks.

Address : 165 Yarmouth Rd, Hyannis, MA 02601, USA

Seaside Pub On Main

Easygoing tavern turning out pub fare, beer & cocktails in a low-key space with outdoor seats.

Address : 615 Main St, Hyannis, MA 02601, USA