Eagle Ridge Mall

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Eagle Ridge Mall is a famous shopping mall in Lake Wales, Florida, United States.

It has two anchor stores: JCPenney and Dillard's.

For people who love shopping, you can also visit Aéropostale or Victoria's Secret stores.

Try the delicious foo in Pholicious Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup or Chili's Grill & Bar.

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Visiting Lake Wales is not complete without shopping at Eagle Ridge Mall. Since it's the biggest shopping mall in the area, it features some sophisticated department stores worth visiting. We all probably agree that Dillard's is one of the most favorite shopping destinations among Americans. Dillard's has been a famous department store of local people for many years for the high-quality clothing sold here. Prices are somewhat higher than average; however, buying classic styles, these outfits or separates will stay in excellent condition over time. After shopping at Dillard's, you can also try to shop at JCPenney. This legendary department store always has something that everyone needs.

Dillard's Eagle Ridge Mall

Dillards has become a favorite department store selling high-quality clothing.

Great service and attention in the shoe department.

Their sale day prices are fantastic.

Address : 100 Eagle Ridge Mall Ent, Lake Wales, FL 33859, USA

JCPenney Eagle Ridge Mall

This is the best shop with a wide variety of clothes that are stylish and come in all sizes.

Lots of beautiful merchandise at discounted clearance prices.

Great prices and quality on bedding items and curtains.

Friendly staff and always find nice work clothes for a good price.

Address : 501 Eagle, Ridge Way, Lake Wales, FL 33859, USA


Lots of parking available. This mall has lots of covered parking. High holiday sales are going on right now. Good assortment of stores and a large food court.


Eagle Ridge Mall is available at Regal Eagle Ridge Mall. Convenient location with quick service and amiable staff. There are plenty of clean theater screening rooms with lots of comfortable seating and spotless bathrooms. Most importantly, it is in the mall and located directly across from a vast arcade and next door to a bowling alley and countless other stores and restaurants within a short walking or driving distance.

Regal Eagle Ridge Mall

This is the best spot to watch the latest and interesting movies.

There are plenty of clean theater screening rooms with lots of comfortable seating.

The best part is the arcade room, huge selection of games.

They have plenty of snack options and games for the kids to play while you wait.

Address : 955 Eagle Ridge Drive &, US-27, Lake Wales, FL 33859, USA


To make your shopping experience safe and better, please keep physical distancing and wearing a mask. Don't forget to wash your hands or sanitize them regularly. Let's support each other by practicing health protocols.


If you're looking for a good clothing store, Eagle Ridge Mall has Aéropostale as one of its best stores. It comes with a large selection of brandy clothing, shoes, and accessories. Just like its name, one of the best things about this store is its prices. Victoria's Secret & PINK is another recommended store in Eagle Ridge Mall. Victoria's Secret stores are always very well-stocked and have everything you need inline with bras or panties. They also carry a great line of lotions and perfumes and ever a great price on everything! And the employees are still amiable and very educated on their products!

Aéropostale Eagle Ridge Mall

This is a nice shop with all the quality items.

Young or old, they have the fashion to make you look bold.

Address : 451 Eagle Ridge Mall Entrance Drive, Lake Wales, FL 33859, USA

Victoria's Secret & PINK Eagle Ridge Mall

Victoria's Secret & Pink is a favorite place for women to shop for their personal underwear.

Victoria's Secret stores are always very well-stocked and have everything you need in line of bras or panties.

Excellent customer service, friendly employees and great bargains.

Address : 706 Eagle Ridge Drive #403, Lake Wales, FL 33859, USA


Shopping at Eagle Ridge Mall is not complete without having a culinary trip too. There is a list of great restaurants that can be your culinary stop. One of them is Pholicious Vietnamse Rice Noodle Soup. A great little place in the mall food court with Vietnamese food and an excellent Boba tea selection! The pho is lovely. The sprouts are homegrown and fresh. The basil is also homegrown and fresh. A great restaurant in a food court--who knew this excellent food could be found there. The price is reasonable too. Chili's Grill & Bar can be your destination to take a break and grab something delicious. Great menu selection! The food was good, servings large, El Presidente Margarita was perfect & delicious cheesecake topped off the whole experience!

Chili's Grill & Bar Eagle Ridge Mall

A perfect place to come eat on any weeknight and especially the weekend.

Great chips & salsa.

The service is outstanding and the prices are perfect for the amount of food given.

Address : 23535 US-27, Lake Wales, FL 33859, USA

Pholicious Vietnamse Rice Noodle Soup

Excellent little place in the mall food court with Vietnamese food and a nice Boba tea selection.

From their smoothies to the food is superb.

They also serve a nice selection of bubble teas and other drinks.

Address : 451 Eagle Ridge Mall Entrance, Lake Wales, FL 33859, USA


Most people love the Amusement center since it's one of the coolest places for hanging out. While you are in Eagle Ridge Mall, you can go to First Frame Bowl. Here, you can do bowl activity. Enjoy this activity with your family or friends.

First Frame Bowl

It is the perfect place to kill a few hours.

There is even a huge sit down version of space invaders.

Another cool feature of the page is that all you're tickets are electronic as well so no need to hold on to them.

Address : 950 Eagle Ridge Dr, North, East Mall Entrance, Lake Wales, FL 33898, USA