Amazing Things to Do in Punderson State Park this Holiday Season

Punderson State Park - Photo by Ray Hein III from

Punderson State Park is a 741-acre state park in Newbury, Ohio. It is popularly known for its beautiful 150-acre lake.

Before actually visiting the park, it would be a good idea for you to visit its interesting nearby places such as The West Woods and Century Village Museum.

The park has facilities for swimming, fishing, camping, golf, disc golf, and sledding in wintertime.

The great thing about Punderson State Park is nature gets classy and enjoyable. Getting memorable summer are definitely guaranteed here.

If you’re wondering about places to eat, Mangia Mangia and Warren's Spirited Kitchen are easily reachable near the park.

Don’t go home before bringing the goodies with you. Make a stop at Country Arts & Jewelry and get many interesting pieces at this gift shop.



Before actually going to Punderson State Park, it would be a good idea for you to visit many of its interesting nearby places. Century Village Museum is one the best places for you to visit. Located just 6.6 km from the park, this museum has been opened since 1942 and became and a source of information about the area’s related history. It allows you to experience history and beauty all in one place. Enjoy a free stroll through the grounds any day of the week from sunrise to sunset. You can also do a guided tour here if you’d like. For another great recommendation, you can also spend your time at The West Woods. It is a popular attraction with its large wildlife feeding area. A beautiful hike can be done here. With its stunning stones and tall trees, this trip makes a great experience for you as a nature lover. This place will only take 7-minute drive from the park.

Century Village Museum

Great place for family outings, sometimes the event admissions are free, and free parking.

Original buildings, history lessons abound and that awesome Baltimore and Ohio railroad caboose.

Worth a trip.

Address : 14653 E Park St, Burton, OH 44021, USA

The West Woods

Beautiful wooded trails, with lots of dramatic elevation change.

There are a few miles of enjoyable hiking paths with some scenic rock formations.

There is a nature center and plenty of pavilion and picnic table space.

Address : 9465 Kinsman Rd, Novelty, OH 44072, USA


One day trip can be enough here if you plan everything nicely. Not only blessed with beauty, the park also offers reachable places and destinations. Whether doing a sightseeing or equipment renting, Punderson State Park is ready to take you to amazing experience. If you want to do a sightseeing, you can visit Punderson Park Pier and walk the park with your loved ones. Or you can enjoy the park with the company of deliciousness at Sharon James Cellars. But if you want to challenge yourself by doing fun activities, you can do canoeing or kayaking. If you have the equipment yourself, bring it with you. But in case you need rental service, Breakaway Excursions is here to help you with the equipment. This trip will definitely be a good one.

Punderson Park Pier

If you are a person who loves fishing and camping, go to punderson.

The place is quite difficult to pass but it is suitable for those of you who like adventure.

Address : Newbury Township, OH 44065, USA

Sharon James Cellars

Friendly staff with a home nice selection plus beer and food.

They have a cute intimate indoors, a covered patio.

A patio with a stage for their bands, and a really beautiful outdoor area.

Address : 11303 Kinsman Rd, Newbury Township, OH 44065, USA

Breakaway Excursions

Amaizng trip to get professional quality kayaks.

Excellent service, top-rated equipment and friendly staff.

Super friendly staff going the extra mile to make your experience excellent.

Address : 17759 Valley Rd Unit B, Auburn Township, OH 44023, USA


Punderson Lake State Park Campground is set on the largest and deepest kettle lake in Ohio. It is situated on the site of a former Indian village. Enjoy facilities like 25 sites which up to 6 guests per site, toilet, campfires and pets are allowed, portable water, showers, and picnic tables are available and ready to accompany your camping.


To help make this park a safe place for everyone, please make sure to always follow the park’s rules. Leave no trash or fire behind. If you want to camping, book your spot in advance so you can enjoy this park to the fullest.


No matter when you decide to visit this park, Punderson State Park always has plenty to do. In summer you can enjoy and have fun with the stunning lake, play golf, and relax in all the lush nature. In winter, though, you can still find great activities here such as snow skiing, sledding, and many more. The possibilities are endless here at Punderson State Park.


One of the best things about traveling is enjoying its hotel life. There are some good hotels near Punderson State Park. Punderson Manor Resort & Conference Center is one them. With its classic building, this 3-star hotel comes with amenities like bright rooms with period styling, casual restaurant/bar, beach access, event space, a playground, indoor and outdoor pool, and more. Located just less than a mile from the park, this hotel overlooks the charming Punderson State Park. You can also stay at Red Maple Inn for another good living opportunity. Located just 4-minute walk from the Century Village Museum, this 3-star hotel has a good chance to make your trip better. It comes with homey rooms with casual setting, a cozy restaurant, a game room, a lounge with a fire place, a terrace, a gym, and table tennis.

Punderson Manor Resort & Conference Center

There are many really cool things about this place, nice pool with incredible views, great views of the lake with dinner(and mostly everywhere).

Cute rooms, superb foods and a wonderful unique and historic building.

Service is wonderful, very attentive.

Address : 11755 Kinsman Rd, Newbury Township, OH 44065, USA

Red Maple Inn

The Red Maple Inn is a beautiful, homey place -- a nice, warm feeling, a beautiful view.

Breakfast each morning (included) is tasty as well as the complimentary cheese and wine each night.

The room is a good size and has all amenities.

It is very clean and employees are so great and helpful

Address : 14707 S Cheshire St, Burton, OH 44021, USA


If you are a fan of Italian food, Mangia Mangia is definitely the restaurant for you. Known for its pizza and pasta, this Italian restaurant is offering comfort food with a good selection of beer and wine. All are served in down-to-earth surroundings. For another great option, you can consider Warren's Spirited Kitchen as your next choice. Since 2015, this has been a favorite place for dining. The amazing mix of contemporary cuisine have drawn its visitors to become loyal customers. The restaurant itself is visually comfortable and inviting. Brussel Sprouts and their craft beer would make a good pair for you.

Mangia Mangia

Solid home cooked Italian food.

Extensive menu from high quality Italian classics to burgers and wings.

Atmosphere is not too loud, and TV's are available for certain tables to watch.

Address : 11081 Kinsman Rd, Newbury Township, OH 44065, USA

Warren's Spirited Kitchen

Cute little restaurant with unique food and locally sourced.

They also have a nice little patio and a variety of mixed drinks and local wines.

Super friendly staff, the owner is always good for a joke and small talk.

Address : 14614 E Park St, Burton, OH 44021, USA


Located just 16-minute drive from the park, Country Arts & Jewelry is a good gift shop to stop by. This store is known as the best place to find beautiful Southwest home decor, accessories, and jewelry. With its unexpected pastoral quality, this place makes a good stop for lovely and unique additions to your home or wardrobe.

Country Arts & Jewelry

Really cool place for beads, crystals, Indian pieces and spiritual items.

Such an overwhelming amount of beautifully crafted items.

Address : 15864 Nauvoo Rd, Middlefield, OH 44062, USA