Top Things to Do in University Park Mall with Your Family

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University Park Mall is a super-regional mall with more than 130 specialty shops in Mishawaka, Indiana.

It offers many exiting items for men, women, and children including clothing, accessories, home decor, gift items, and many more.

Anchored by Macy's, JCPenney, and Barnes & Noble, it is a year-round mall and holds special events, fashion shows, the Annual Tree Lighting, Santa's Arrival, and more.

Enjoy a relaxing, full-service dining experience at the mall’s popular restaurant Flat Top Grill.

With its charming architecture, University Park Mall is a good shopping destination for this holiday season.

Enjoy many fun and exciting products this mall has for you.



When you are in University Park Mall Mishawaka Indiana, you are surrounded by many good University Park Mall stores including the ever-popular Macy’s. There is no denying that Macy’s is one of the most popular stores in American. With its various quality products, Macy’s is a favorite shopping destination for this holiday season. Get ready to grab as many items as you want. Products sold here are including home furnishings, housewares, accessories, and of course brand-name clothing. After a successful shopping at Macy’s you can also try and visit Apple University Park Mall if you need any new update or information about your Apple gadget. With its elegant and sleek room, Apple University Park Mall is a popular store for any Apple product users.

Apple University Park Mall

It's an Apple store.

Management is a joy and the atmosphere is always fun.

The people here are pretty knowledgeable, and helpful.

There are some mitigating circumstances that disqualified the phone for repair.

Address : 6501 North, Grape Rd, Mishawaka, IN 46545, USA

Macy's University Mall Park

Would highly recommend to go see them for jewelry, cosmetic, and their housewares are easy to shop through.

Macy's has a huge selection and carries numerous styles in size.

Address : 6501 Grape Rd Ste 100, Mishawaka, IN 46545, USA


The excitement of this shopping experience is even higher with your next shopping activity. Hickory Farms is ready to be your grocery shopping destination. Since 1952, this store has been a favorite place for all local and fresh gourmet food. Everything in this store comes with its own specialty and freshness. This store makes every occasion special with its birthday items, thank you gifts, special occasion, and celebration related items.


University Park Mall hours operate from 11 am to 7 pm on Monday to Saturday and 12 pm to 6 pm on Sunday. University Park Mall parking lots are well maintained surrounding the mall. If you’re wondering about University Park Mall directory, University Park Mall map can be seen and accessed through your device. Or you can simply go to the mall’s official website to know more about University Park Mall map. But if you happen to visit the mall with bus, use bus route 15A and bus route 7. These buses have routes to pass near the mall.


While the mall doesn’t have a movie theater, your love towards movies can be continues to the nearby theater. Cinemark Movies 14 is a great recommendation to enjoy your favorite movies. Located less than 5 km from the mall, this popular movie theater comes with multiple screens, stadium seats, self-ticketing kiosks, and good restaurant.

Cinemark Movies 14

This is undoubtedly the best cinema in the area.

The bonus on this theater are the chairs, they recline and large, you don't feel like your on top of the person in front of you.

The screens look brand new and the sound quality is great.

Address : 910 W Edison Rd, Mishawaka, IN 46545, USA


Paying attention to the mall’s guide can be helpful to make this shopping experience better. University Park Mall is aware of the pandemic that the world is living in right now. So, practicing health protocols such as wearing mask, hand sanitizing, and social distancing is very important and helpful for everyone.


It feels incomplete visiting a mall without going to JCPenney University Park Mall. As popular as it is, JCPenney has been serving its visitors since years with good quality products like a wide selection of brand-name clothing, footwear, furniture, and many more. The staff are very-known as professionals and helpful. The comfortable room setting become your surrounding when you’re at University Park Mall Mishawaka. You definitely don’t want to miss going to Foot Locker University Park Mall. As a shoe lover, the important of having a good pair of shoes is very much needed. This store offers many athletic shoes as its main signature. It also comes with a good selection of clothing and related accessories for men, women, and kids.

JCPenney University Mall Park

Great department store to shop for every occasion.

Nice clothing selection, good deals on the clearance racks.

They always have great sales and bargains and a wide selection.

Address : 6501 N Grape Rd, Mishawaka, IN 46545, USA

Foot Locker University Mall Park

This is spot for shoes.

They have some nice shoes.

Address : 6501 N Grape Rd Space 208, Mishawaka, IN 46545, USA


To start your culinary trip in this mall, University Park Mall restaurants are ready to be your culinary stop. Flat Top Grill is one of the best one to relax and enjoy delicious food and drink after fun shopping. Apart from comfortable room and delicious, good-looking dishes, this restaurant is handled by professional hands which makes your visit even better. The stir-fry dishes and soups are known for its signatures. Chick-fil-A University Park Mall is also a good restaurant to stop by. Known as one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in America, this chain serves chicken sandwiches and strips & nuggets as its signature menus. Salads and side dishes are also available to choose from.

Flat Top Grill University Mall Park

Definitely worthy of the quality your food is.

Excellent selection of vegetables, spices and sauces.

Inside the restaurant is medium level music or you can sit quietly inside the mall area.

Address : 6501 Grape Rd #1130, Mishawaka, IN 46545, USA

Chick-fil-A University Mall Park

Excellent place to eat and quick bite.

The food is great and for a very long line the service is quick and easy.

Address : 6501 Grape Rd, Mishawaka, IN 46545, USA


If you haven’t had enough, Five Guys University Park Mall would be a good option. This popular eatery is a fast-food chain serving burgers, fries, and hot dogs. While you wait for your order, this restaurant will treat you with free peanuts. The restaurant is handled and managed by professional staff.

Five Guys University Mall Park

It's a great place to either dine in or carry out.

The fries are hand cut and cooked in peanut oil.

Quick and friendly, little wait time for the food.

Address : 6501 Grape Rd #1105, Mishawaka, IN 46545, USA


Cafe has always been a favorite place for hanging out with friends. University Park Mall has Gloria Jeans Coffees as one of its cafes to stop by. This specialty coffeehouse offers gourmet blends in a variety of flavors plus tea and pastries. If you love video games, you wouldn’t mind hang out at GameStop for a good cost. It offers many items and exciting things related to video games including new and used video games, consoles, controllers, and related gear. The staff working here are friendly and knowledgeable.

Gloria Jeans Coffees University Mall Park

If you drink any coffe products you should give toys place a try!

Alexis makes the best cold drinks.

Really settles and suits appetite when it comes to wanting something that is sweet.

Address : 6501 Grape Rd #314, Mishawaka, IN 46545, USA

GameStop University Mall Park

Good place to buy video games and consoles.

Large selection and helpful staff.

Address : 6501 Grape Rd #382, Mishawaka, IN 46545, USA